An Overview of Yeonmi Park New Book

‘In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom’ narrates Yeonmi Park‘s story of a struggle to live in one of the most repressive and darkest countries on Earth, North Korea. She describes her heartbreaking escape to South Korea via the underworld of human and drug traffickers of China and her victorious emergence as the leading, yet youngest human activist in the world.

The Release of the Book

The book is written together with Maryanne Vollers, who is a leading bestselling writer. The books share the extraordinary life experiences of that Park went through with an aim of telling the North Korean story to a wider audience. It will be released on September 29, 2015.

The Storyline

It describes a young woman, Yeonmi Park, who hails from a civil servants’ family in Hyesan city along the Chinese border. She grew up in a country where the ruling regime controlled every aspect of the life of the subjects, from what they learn, say, go, do, and even what think! In such wrapped kind of life, famine was their way of life. When found doing minor offences like watching a foreign clip, the consequences were fatal. However, none of the citizens dared to question the authority in fear of execution.

At the end of the book, Park tells of her resilient spirit and the transcendent passion to defeat the most hopeless moments and ghastly horrors in life. According to her, she learnt how to love people, the worth of life, and freedom, and now she is willing to die for the virtue of justices.

Escape, Slavery and Journey to Freedom

Yeonmi Park and her family escaped from North Korea in search of liberty and justice. At that time, Yeonmi did not know what freedom meant. However, one thing was clear to her; her life was in danger and running away of the only solution at that time. If she and her family remained in North Korea, they would die of starvation, execution or diseases. His father who was an entrepreneur was imprisoned by the ruling North Korean regime. The drastic turn of events, send Parks family into abject poverty. Shortly after fleeing to China, park and her mother were sold into slavery,and their misery worsened. Luckily, they escaped the jaw of slavery by walking through the freezing Gobi desert to reach to freedom in South Korea.

Freedom at Last

As soon as they reached in South Korea, Park she started to make a name for herself by being an outspoken critic of the dictatorship and dictators in North Korea. At only 20 years old, Parks is an avid activist of youngvoicesadvocates and has won the title of the best spokesperson for the human rights of North Korea. Currently, she is the most influential leader who represents the younger generation of the dissidents of Korea.