Meet Ricardo Tosto, the Best Business Lawyer in Brazil

To become a lawyer in Brazil, you must complete the undergraduate law degree and pass the bar exam. The country has the third largest number of lawyers in the world. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, Ricardo Tosto, is an influential attorney in Brazil. He is a co-founder and Partner at Leite, Tosto& Barros Advocates, one of the biggest law firms in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto focuses on business law.Leite, Tosto& Barros Advocates has a staff of more than four hundred people. The firm is located in Sao Paulo with satellite offices in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia. Ricardo Tosto is in charge of guiding the overall business strategy including mentoring junior partners by helping them build winning case strategies and reviewing their progress handling ongoing litigation and advisory. The practice handles cases regarding business law, commercial law, corporate litigation, and banking and finance advisory among other services.

Ricardo Tosto is credited with establishing the widely popular mass litigation segment of the firm. He is broadly recognized as an innovative industry leader. The firm has a strong grip on finance and law in the country and boasts of big corporate and institutional clients in its portfolio.Ricardo Tosto and his associates have a dynamic approach. They have extensive experience serving the Brazilian market. They are adept at analyzing cases and providing valuable legal guidance on business opportunities and credit recovery.Ricardo specializes in business restructuring, credit recovery, banking, mergers and acquisitions, and administrative, election and commercial law among others.

Ricardo Tosto has previously served as on the Brazilian Bar Association in Sao Paulo as President of the Judicial Reform Committee. He is associated with the International Bar Association. He is a founding member of the Brazilian Institute for Political Party and Election Law Studies. He was recently recognized by Who’s Who Legal as one of the best commercial litigation lawyers.Ricardo Tosto is vocal about business law. He has written numerous journals on the subject and given lectures in universities around the country. He has co-authored the book titled, “The Process of Tiradentes” which was published in 2007 in Portuguese. Follow him on twitter :

Ricardo Tosto on Brazil’s Civil Law Tradition

The Brazilian legal system is commonly referred to as a civil law system, meaning that it traces its roots to the Napoleonic Code and the Canon Law of the Catholic Church, and even further back to the Roman Code of Justinian. Many scholars contrast civil law systems to common law systems, which emphasize precedent and unwritten judge-made law over codified law.However, globalization and transnational influences have blurred these traditional lines. Mixed systems such as the legal systems of Scotland and Louisiana have long blended the two traditions, and even England, the birthplace of common law, previously used civil law in its royal courts in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period. As national and regional boundaries become more fluid, these distinctions are expected to become increasingly less relevant.

Over the course of the last 50 years, a number of factors have lessened these distinctions for Brazilian jurisprudence. One of the most important of these factors has been to the influence of the American legal tradition, especially on the Brazilian constitution and Brazilian constitutional law. The 1988 Constitution, which marked the end of military rule and the return of democracy to Brazil, was deeply influenced by American constitutionalism. This influence extends to other aspects of the law as well. One salient example is the fact that Brazil is one of the only civil law jurisdictions to use juries in extremely serious cases. Precedent and jurisprudence have also become increasingly important in the day-to-day practice of law and the administration of justice in Brazil.

Ricardo Tosto is one of Brazil’s most well-regarded jurists. In fact, during his long and prestigious career, Ricardo Tosto has spent a lifetime redefining the practice of law in the country. The founder one of Sao Paulo’s most respected firms, Ricardo Tosto & Associates, he revolutionized the practice of dispute resolution in Brazil.Ricardo Tosto earned his Bachelor of Laws degree from Mackenzie Presbyterian University, one of Sao Paulo’s top law schools. In addition to being a sought-after member of the Sao Paulo Bar, Ricardo Tosto is also well-known as a scholar. He believes that research helps make a lawyer a more effective practitioner and has penned countless articles and monographs.

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Ricardo Tosto: Business Lawyer in Brazil

If you are a business person or organization manager, you need to know that business disputes are a common occurrence. That is why it is imperative to retain lawyer as you operate or begin a business.

Lawyer have the knowledge and resources to guide and advise you, especially when it comes to litigation.

Business litigation focuses on legal misunderstandings related to business and commercial issues, including those related to but not limited to partnerships, fiduciary duties, and contracts.

Business litigation may entail working in various sectors and with a great number of individuals and agencies, and it may include federal courts, state courts, arbitrators, mediators, arbitrators, attorneys, and administrative agencies.

A lawyer who is trained and experienced in this area of law will be able to analyze what is at stake, create a strategy and plan for solving the dilemma, and implement that plan.

When a case involving business litigation ends up in court it may be heard in federal district courts or state circuit courts. Commercial or business litigation does not entail workers’ compensation, marital and family law, basic collection matters or personal injury.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is dedicated to ascertaining that his clients and their firm receive the best legal representation possible in all issues concerning their business litigation. His goal is to work closely with his clients each step of the way to settle their legal issue as quickly as possible and accomplish the results that are in their best interest.

Ricardo Tosto offers business litigation solutions to business of all sizes located in Brazil. He renders services in various issues, including those concerning employment, partnerships, consulting, and stockholders. Furthermore, Ricardo Tosto renders legal services concerning business formation, legal structure, corporate dissolution, breach of contract, and corporate disagreements.

Bruno Fagali: A Brazilian Attorney With a Vision

Bruno Fagali is one of the leading attorneys from Brazil with in-depth expertise in Administrative Law. He has been practicing law as an independent lawyer through his own law firm Fagali Advocacy since 2016 and helping clients with different legal issues on Administrative Law, Regulatory Law, Electoral Law, Anti-corruption Law and so on. He also serves as the Corporate Integrity Manager at Nova/SB, once the largest advertising agencies in Brazil. Throughout his professional life, Bruno Fagali has proved himself as legal visionary through his professional wit and expertise. Before this, he also served as a Lawyer in Radi, Calil and Associados Advocacia between 2012 and 2014. He also served as an Intern in three prominent law firms in Sao Paulo.

Bruno Fagali is the first lawyer to develop a “Code of Conduct” policy in compliance with national legislation and anti-corruption law for an advertising agency. Such a pioneering initiative has motivated local firms to develop a fully complied legal framework within their organizations as well. Bruno Fagali has also represented a number of well-known individuals with a few high-profile court cases. With his excellent analytical and communication skills, has proved his professional excellence on a number of occasions.

Bruno Fagali has completed his Master Degree from the University of Sao Paulo in State, Administrative and Anti-Corruption Law. He also completed his Bachelor degree in Law from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo in 2009. Also, Bruno Fagali has also attended a number of short courses and training on different legal issue and laws as well. He can fluently speak in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese language. He was a recipient of the scholarship from the University of Sao Paulo where he played a crucial role in its Program on Improvement of Teaching. Bruno Fagali is based in Sao Paulo and loves to spend time in outdoor activities and social causes.

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