Successful Entrepreneur Brian Bonar Continues To Make History

Brian Bonar is The Chairman and Chief Executive Office of Dalrada Financial Corporation. Bonar has a passion for the design process and attention to detail that fuels his approach. Bonar has experience in site and building design, design development, procurement, and contract administration. Read more: Brian Bonar: Executive Profile & Biography

Bonar has an established reputation as a leader who wants to help his clients, team members and project partners reach their goals. Bonar’s portfolio includes retail commercial, aviation, and multi family housing. Bonar also has experience helping with different education projects. Bonar has the experience and skills to be an asset on projects and teams while also establishing client relationships.  Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Brian Bonar was named The Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of The Year in Finance. This is a very significant honor, as only two males and females in each discipline are chosen. The Cambridge Who’s Who selection committee chooses honorees based on accomplishments, leadership abilities, and academic achievements.

Bonar has over three decades worth of professional management experience in the financial sector. As Dalrada Financial Corporation’s Company Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Bonar has been responsible for a large selection of employee and employer benefits and aftermarket products.

Dalrada Financial Corporation gives clients a unique variety of employee programs that help increase the efficiency of business. Some of these programs include employee benefits, risk management insurance, and business management services. Bonar is also The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Smart-Tek Automated Services Inc, as well as President of Allegiant Professional Business Service.

Brian Bonar is also The Chief Executive Officer of Imaging Technologies Corporation, a leading developer of color management software and digital imaging hardware. Bonar lists the target market of Imaging Technologies Corporation as small to medium sized businesses.

Bonar is excited about the acquisition of Source One Group, a professional employer organization that helps small to medium sized businesses with payroll and human resource assistance.

Brian Bonar – A Review of His Successful Leadership Roles

Currently, there are several professionals in the financial market who have served in various fundamental positions. Through such positions, these individuals have contributed to economic growth and development in various ways. One such individual is Brian Bonar—the 2010/2011 executive of the year.

Despite his many achievements, Bonar has continued to demonstrate impressive leadership qualities and exquisite character. He boasts of an exceptional set of skills and expertise in the financial industry. Over the years, the financial expert and investor has been able to establish successful businesses and serve in various leadership positions in the industry.

What Makes Him Successful?

Bonar has successfully served in various leadership positions, which may be attributed to his unique and diversified leadership skills. Bonar acquired such skills through education and years of experience in the industry. He attained his Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering at the University of Strathclyde.

He later advanced his education at the Staffordshire University, where he attained a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

He also has a doctorate degree from the Staffordshire University. Much of Omar’s success may be as a result of his passion and desire to achieve. He is currently one of the most popular professionals in the business and financial industry.

Bonar’s Achievements

Bonar is popularly known as a highly inspired leader who is always guided by the goals and aspirations of his clients. His portfolio includes retail, commercial, aviation, 12 education and multi-family housing projects. Brian Bonar is currently the president of Trucept Incorporated Company.

Previously, he was a Chief executive officer for Smart-Tek Automated Services, Inc and Dalrada Financial Corporation companies. Brian Bonar also served as a procurement manager for IBM, a sales manager at Adaptec and Director of Engineering for QM.

All these achievements were before he established his own company, Bezier Systems. As a distinguished professional in his field of specialization, Bonar is affiliated with the American Finance Association.

Similar to his achievements at his current position–president of Trucept, the professional contributed a lot towards the growth and development of the Dalrada Financial Corporation.

Some of his responsibilities at Dalrada Financial Corporation were to manage the aftermarket products and employer benefits divisions of the Corporation.

Owing to his more than 30 years of management experience in the industry, Bonar is charged with the responsibility of overseeing the company’s operations. He has worked with the Dalrada Corporation for more than 10 years now as the chairman and CEO.

When not working, Brian Bonar loves golfing, spending time with his family and taking boat trips.