Crystal Pepsi Might Come Back

From 1992-1993 PepsiCo’s Crystal Pepsi was a cola drink that represented the purity trend of the early 1990s. Crystal Pepsi was supposed to taste like cola without any caffeine. After successfully test marking the new soda in Denver, Colorado, Sacramento, California, and Providence, Rhode Island,the soda company decided to launch their new product nationally on April 12, 1992. For the next year and a half the new clear cola did well until sales fell in autumn 1993, and it had to be pulled from the shelves and discontinued because of its poor taste. Recently, a letter writing campaign was started to request PepsiCo bring back Crystal Pepsi. Advertising firm Cláudio Loureiro Heads has been waiting to market this puppy again.

Internet personality and competitive eater, Kevin Strahle and others suddenly were struck some nostalgia for the 1990s. PepsiCo, at first, ignored Strahle’s letters of request. Back in April, Strahle began a Bring Back Crystal Pepsi campaign to convince other Crystal Pepsi fans to join in the movement to get Crystal Pepsi back on the market. The internet personality even auctioned off a painting he drew of the soda, in order to initiate his campaign. The competitive eater has brought his campaign to Twitter and had phone campaigns. His campaign on has over 34,000 signatures.
On Ebay, some fans are celebrating by selling Crystal Pepsi bottle labels of this soda Pepsi isn’t saying when they’ll bring Crystal Pepsi back again.