Equities First (London) Limited – Your Trusted Financial and Investment Partner

Equities First Limited has over time proven to be your most reliable partner when it comes to providing stock-based loans. With a number of subsidiaries, Equities First Holdings Limited has branches in most popular cities around the world including London, UK. Initially, the company was commonly known as Meridian Equity Partners Limited before its acquisition on September 5th, 2014.

Like other Equities First Holdings subsidiaries, the London, UK branch also offers its customer’s alternative sources of capital. The following are two of Equities First loan products you should consider.

Stock-based loans. Getting a loan either personal or for business purposes is very difficult, more so in a developed economy like London. Established businesses and personalities with good credit records can attest to this fact too. This, however, does not have to be the case any more, thanks to Equity First’s stock-based loans. These are loans that are quite easy to get as you only require stock equities to access them. Equities First Holding allows you to exchange at least three-year loan product as collateral for the loan and learn more about Equities First.

Margin loans. These are the second type of loans found in Equity First holdings. Similarly, to stock-based loans, you will need equity stocks to access these loans; however, there is a minor distinction between the two. For you to qualify for a marginal loan, you at least need to have a good bank credit record to back you up. Additionally, this type of loan is not secured. The lender, Equity First Holdings will without notice liquidate your loans immediately it notices your equities are coming down in order to save its cash. It is at this point that it is known as a margin call and more information click here.

Margin loans and stock-based loans both work perfectly for individuals or business looking for a loan. However, before choosing either of the options make sure you have your facts right regarding the loan product you are getting and resume its.

Equities First Holdings Proved to be Great Lender of Stock-based Loans

Toward the starting of the year, Equities First referred to an expanded interest for stock-based and margin loans. The company experienced the condition at a period when the larger part of financial associations continued fixing their loaning criteria. The loaning options given by Equities First continue picking up fame among the borrowers who look for speedy capital and with the bigger percentage represented by people and new businesses associations who don’t fit the minimum requirements of standard or customary loans and read full article.

With the extended loaning restrictions that are used by banking associations, that has prompted the rise of interest by borrowers looking for alternatives, especially for the loans secured by stocks. Stock loans take pride of the non-recourse highlight, which permits borrowers to leave their loans at their own pleasure and that particularly takes place when stock value falls. The advantages of these sorts of loans are that the borrower may in any case retain the borrowed cash with no additional responsibilities to the company. For a long time, stock loans were abundantly slighted and individuals never took them as an alternative from unfaithful moneylenders who fled with borrowers’ stock. Unlike such unscrupulous loan specialists, Equities First has kept a strong foundation of straightforwardness and dependability with all its clients.

Equities First is an independent, non-purpose and head full-service lender offering financial help to firms and individuals. The organization practices with items that are intended to successfully supply liquidity at engaging terms through a safe and straightforward process. The excellent approach of the organization towards non-reason funding has prompted yielded thousands of exchanges to date. Equities First Holdings was commenced in year 2002 after which it extended its system and operations into world boondocks. With respect to that, it works an arrangement of workplaces in Hong Kong, London, Sydney, Perth, Bangkok,Singapore and contact it.


Polar Halts Beer Production

There have been a ton of problems in the country of Venezuela recently, as the economy is going through extreme problems, there flat out is not enough water and food, no internet and facebook and medicine can hardly be accessed. There is a lot of concern that the country is not going to be able to survive a hyperinflation state that appears to be on the way in the near future, and to make matters worse, some of the major businesses in Venezuela are stopping production. Venezuela’s biggest producer of beer, Cervecería Polar, is stopping making beer for the time being. This is due to the fact that they are stating they do not have the ingredients to actually make their beer, which really shows how devastating of a time the country is currently in. If one of the biggest companies can’t even get proper access to ingredients to make their products, one can only imagine what is happening to every day people like Norka that are looking to buy groceries. There have been a ton of food and water trucks that have been taken over and robbed as of recent, with people stating that they have no other choice but to do what they have to do in order to feed their families. Polar has shut for the meantime because they can’t get access to ingredients that they need imported, but there is no determining time table in terms of when they will be back yet.