Highland Capital Management Korea Ltd.

This is a private equity insurance company that doesn’t trade in public yet with $147 million in total capital commitments. South Korea’s National Pension service is the main investor for the fund, investing at 565 trillion or ($499.8 billion), and the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute states their corpus as $463.13 billion. Highland Capital has its first health-care oriented private equity funds in Asia. Investment targets of the firm will be middle-market health care companies in the United States and Asia, and from May 2017 Highland states their profit as $1.5 billion in healthcare assets under management (AUM), expanding multiple asset classes as well as fund structural arrangements. Read more about Highland Capital at prnewswire.com.

On the Nasdaq, Highland Capital Management has a stock quote of $72.94. Highland Capital Management was founded in 1993, by James Dondero, and Mark Okada, which became a widely-known global alternative credit management company. Highland is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Highland Capital manages $15.4 billion in funds. Highland Capital seeks to make investments in pipeline partnerships where investments contribute to the fund’s total return since last year. The Highland Capital Small Cap Equity Fund is broken down into categories such as real estate 9%, Health Care 25%, Financials 10%, Energy MLP 16%, and Consumer Discretionary, 11%.

View: https://www.bizjournals.com/dallas/news/2017/05/31/highland-capitals-nexpoint-fund-raises-269-million.html

Health care stocks a Highland Capital employee named Michael Gregory likes, include addressing the public health opioid epidemic which Collegium Pharmaceutical Inc. is trying to address. Also known for pain-relief research is Pacira Pharmaceuticals, a company that produces a drug called Experel, a non-opioid pain reliever which is giving them over $200 million in sales. NexPoint Residential Trust is a company out of the multifamily real estate industry, which is managed by Highland but that does not hold in the Highland Small Cap Equity fund.

Independence Realty Trust Inc, is a real estate firm that holds a similar strategy to NexPoint. Jernigan Capital Inc. invests in self-storage facilities for people who move around a lot, in cities like Dallas, San Antonio, Nashville and Austin. Other companies using Highland Capital Management include Western Gas Equity partners, yield at 4.08%, Andarko Petroleum Corp, and Tesoro Logistics whose yield is 6.36%. 2016 was a big year for small-cap stocks and Highland Capital Management was no exception. Visit highlandcap.com to know more.

Aloha Construction is the Best

Aloha Construction is a private local construction company that currently serves southern Wisconsin and several parts of Illinois. Just like all the other construction organization,the Construction has a team of employees who work as supervisors, installers, office team, inspectors and other professionals who have expertise in the development of quality housing. These individuals have been working as a team to make the private company successful in the local market. At the moment, Aloha is believed to have completed over seven thousand ventures in the country. The company is owned and at the same time operated by a family that is based in the country and Aloha’s lacrosse camp.

In the last decade, the private company has undergone several changes and a revolution to make it what it is at the moment. At first, the firm was only a small sized family business, and it is now a large establishment that is transforming billions of lives in the country. The achievements of the firm have played a primary role in the successful institution. The institution is respected for offering consumers unmatched safety, excellence and intelligence throughout the whole construction process and more information click here.

The founder of the company had several objectives when starting the firm. First of all, they wanted to offer the consumer top level of professionalism, something that has been lacking in the industry. The honesty, fairness and integrity shown by the experts working in the company is out of this world. The company owners have a great relationship with the contractors, suppliers, business associates and the customers. The customer satisfaction is one of the top requirements for the people who want to work in the private institution. The timelines and attention to the customers mean a lot, and this is why the institution has been doing so well. In all the levels of the company, there is a lot of transparency, and this motivates more people to seek the services and products from the Constructions. All the office staff, service teams and sales teams work as one unit, and their main goal is to impress the customer. The leaders of the company work round the clock to make sure that the company is operating smoothly and resume him.

More Visit: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/aloha-construction-2

Waiakea Water Takes Bottled Water to Another Dimension With Degradable Plastic Bottles

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water has become the top-selling bottled water in under five years for a number of reasons, but its sustainable message of preserving the environment is one of its original features. Waiakea Water has always been environmentally conscious using 100 percent recycled plastic or REPT to make their bottles, but recently, Ryan Emmons, the 27-year-old entrepreneur and CEO of Waiakea has an outstanding announcement: Waiakea Water has developed a fully degradable plastic bottle that they are releasing in 2018.

Emmons is leading the millennial generation as CEO of this successful company, which is becoming the sustainable bottled water for Millenials. They are being drawn to it by the millions as this group is responsible for purchasing over 85 percent of Waiakea Water. Pure clean water and sustainable packaging are two main features that have made this bottled water so popular.

Emmons discovered Waiakea Water when his family vacationed in Hawaii as a child. The source of this delicious, crystal-clear, mineral-filled water is the natural spring inside the active volcano. The water falls 1,400 feet through the porous rock, collecting incredible nutrients and electrolytes as it flows. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water does not filter out any of these nutrients, so the result is an amazing alkaline, crisp, natural water.

Founded in 2012, Drink Healthy, Drink Sustainably, and Drink Ethically has been the motto for the company. Emmons uses this as his motto and the principles that he used to build his successful company. From the company’s inception, Ryan donates 650 liters of clean water to nations that need it. The donations go through PumpAid.org, and millions of gallons are donated to people who need it.

Waiakea’s mission is to provide a natural volcanic water while fulfilling all three parts of the motto. Donating clean water is a philanthropic action that Emmons has felt called to since he started Waiakea.

When the 100 percent degradable plastic bottle appear on the shelves, they will be the first in the bottled water industry. This young entrepreneur has made amazing progress in five years, and the future holds incredible promise for Waiakea Water.https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/10-best-water-honors-waiakea-with-a-best-water-brand-award-300124390.html

Investment banker Igor Cornelsen says knowledge of the market is the key to excelling in investment banking

Updated August 8th, 2017:
Found a really interesting article about Igor Cornelsen and his advice for first time investors. Worth a read for anybody looking to improve their standing in the investing world. Everybody knows a strong foundation is what’s required if you want to get anywhere financially.

Igor Cornelsen on ireport.cnn is a retired top Brazilian manager and investment expert. His skills in investment banking are no doubt the reason he has excelled and continue to flourish in the finance world. Igor through PR Newswire last year in June gave some of the basics tips to successful investment banking; he said the reason Brazilian bankers in the private are shining is because they only give credit to borrowers who are worthy of credit. This means that people with less credibility will only borrow public sector banks. According to Igor Cornelsen, the key to great investment banking is knowledge of the market and experience he has gained over the years.

Mr. Igor Cornelsen went ahead to create a profile on basics about Brazilian investment; they include;

1. Brazilian banks have ten players
Brazil is the largest low-cost in South America with ten mega privately owned and commercial banks backing it. These banks like Banco Itau continues to grow every year immensely. These banks contribute to a great economy and in return smooth and successful investments.

2. A fresh face could turn things around
The newest appointment to finance ministry; Joaquim Levy, has brought hope to Brazilian banking world. He has a Ph.D. from Chicago University and his ideology on the private sector makes him an ally of the banking world .Mr. Joaquim has prepared necessary reforms that should bring Brazil’s economy back on track. According to Igor Cornelsen, this is hopeful.

3. Pay attention to China
According to Igor Cornelsen on brandyourself, China is the Brazil’s largest trading partner. Therefore, their economies are linked directly. He advised that when you are trading with another country also pay attention to them, learn from them. China is also the biggest export competitor Brazil has. When you learn from your competitors, you get more profits as a result and more success.

4. The value of the real
For many years, Brazil overestimated its currency value making its export lose the competition, in return creating a lot of account discrepancies. It is important to know the value of the currency to avoid bringing the economy down.

Igor Cornelsen is a retired banker and an investor .he retired from banking in 2010.Mr. Cornelsen currently works with Bainbridge international in and specializes in investment, commodity and foreign exchange investment. He mostly resides in South Florida, which is an excellent location for playing golf. Igor is a Brazilian Native. He quickly rose to prominence as an investment banker in his younger days. He managed some of Brazil’s greatest banks hence his skills in banking and investments. Sometimes he works as an investment consultant and advisor to investment institutions because of his vast knowledge in the field.

E-governe Changes the Way How the Brazilian Industrial and Social Sectors Worked

E-governe, an e-governance initiative by the collaboration of Consult, Sisteplan, and Minauro with the support of Instituto Curitiba de Informática (ICI), Brazil to improve the efficiency and effective governance in the industrial and social sectors of the country. Interestingly, ICI itself is an organization maintained by the government of Curitiba, and it is founded in 1998. The e-governe system is improving the services to the public and increases overall satisfaction to the government services. It has collaborated with a number of municipalities in the country and governmental departments on their mission to execute their tasks more efficiently and to drive transparency in their operations.

E-governe implements systems that are modular, modern, and assures integration between different public administration bodies. The systems developed by the initiative is ensuring best process and best technology which prevails the executives and government officials to obtain the highest level of knowledge and effective control over various projects. E-governe is focused on giving the state-of-the-art solutions in technology, support, safety, and data center. The technology systems offered by the initiative ensures intuitive, simplified, and agile navigation with right design and technology combination. Considering the transition of mobile technology in the recent years, these are made available on mobile devices and can be accessed from internet browsers.

While coming to support, E-governe has a dedicated team to ensure operational and technological support to all its services where the initiative provides offerings in public management on assespro.org.br. In the case of security, the systems offered by E-governe has special security modules which permit total command over the system per user, and they can get access encryption algorithm to the history of operations. The data center services of the initiative provide storage, processing, hosting, and monitoring services in its own environment. The different sections of the initiative work for functional and effective solutions from each of its components. The systems are capable of reducing the inefficient bureaucracy and mismanagement.

Additionally, E-governe offers solutions in health, education, better tax collection, supervision, financial, materials, trading floor, contracts, constructions, vehicles, patrimony, attendance, human resources, e-govern protocol, documents, and e-govern indicators at https://books.google.com.br/books?id=jC0PAQAAIAAJ&pg=RA1-PA81&lpg=RA1-PA81&dq=e-governe&source=bl&ots=V79LaxUh5I&sig=u7TA6jHJQqIhgYfGgA6fYQoUtuE&hl=pt-BR&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjOhdOIl7bTAhVFyoMKHfAwCtY4FBDoAQgyMAM. Each of these systems is vastly improving the performance of public systems and ensure better management, better data, and improved administration. Also, the systems are highly useful in strategic planning, finding critical parameters, and data analysis. Each of these systems provides specific results with respect to the stream it collaborates. For instance, e-governe education integrates entire municipal education into a single network, and that makes the education more agile, efficient, and safe. Also, the system from the initiative ensures better management and proper monitoring of various educational activities and process through the unique and centralized system.

Many large municipalities have implemented the E-governe system, and that includes Osasco, Teresina, and most of the areas of Sao Paulo. While few municipalities nod for limited sectors and services, a majority go for the comprehensive plans and systems that range from education to healthcare. Due to the wide range of benefits, more municipalities and governmental departments are wooing for the implementation of the E-governe system to make sure a radical change in its operations.

Reasons To Choose UKV PLC Wines

UKV is an independent wine company in UK which specializes in the acquisition and supply of luxury wine and champagne.

UKV PLC will be able to guide you in the right direction when it comes to wine and champagne. Their abundance of knowledge will be able to help you determine which wine or champagne is best for any occasion that you may have.

It’s a team of trained consultants and with their expert advice, customers are guaranteed best quality service. UKV PLC Wines not only service the individual customer but also does trade sale and extend their service of assisting in wine and champagne investments They offer a brokerage service who wish to sell in investment grade wine in UK.

UKV PLC connects with their customer as they very well understand that everyone has a different idea when it comes to taste and feel of their wine of champagne and they exactly cater to their customer requirement. UKV PLC consultants will be able to contact you personally and tell you about the many wine options that you can choose that will be able to suit your needs. Starting from offering a personal face to face meeting at a business place or opting for a most convenient and comfortable appointment at your home, UKV provides all of that.

UKV PLC has come from different minds from different backgrounds and have a huge fan followers through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. UKV PLC is at your reach should you need service for your own self or to do business.

Prominent Entrepreneur Mike Baur Boosting Startups in Switzerland

Mike Baur is the co-founder and Managing Partner of leading accelerator firm Swiss Startup Factory (SSFU). The company, which was founded in 2014, helps startups start strongly and grow quickly through a three-month program that SSUF call ‘the accelerator program.’ Investors are provided with financial facilities and taken through training and mentoring process to prepare them to make smart investment choices and run successful businesses. SSFU also links the new investors, who mostly comprise of the youth, with a vast network of other investor and entrepreneurs to give them exposure in the business industry. In case the startups need office space, Swiss Startup Factory provides it. This support aims at giving the startup the needed boost for the investment to take off and expand within a short time. Moreover, the firm wants to help startups become global institutions that approach business differently from existing models and rules. In a hugely competitive business environment, SSFU is meeting an urgent need. The popularity of the firm’s services is so high that in under three years since its establishment, SSUF has become the largest independently funded early stage ICT Startup Accelerator.

Baur’s passion for supporting startups has always been clear. During a career spanning over twenty years in the banking industry, he has founded companies to help startups or led institutions that support such programs. Besides his current position at Swiss Startup Factory, he serves as Deputy Managing Director of Swiss Startup Invest., another firm dedicated to assisting startups in Switzerland. The company targets entrepreneurs in the High-Tech industry and helps them to succeed by facilitating value-added events for them. His company, Swiss Startup Association, is actively involved in sensitizing the public and the government about the economic environment for startups in Switzerland. Besides creating awareness, Swiss Startup Association strives to build favorable business conditions by agitating for improved legal, regulatory conditions for new investments.

Before working in his firms, Baur held executive positions in leading financial organizations. He was Vice President of Innovation Lab Fribourg; a firm that specializes in empowering student investors to bring new technologies to the industry. Earlier, he had served in various leadership roles at UBS for over seventeen years.

Mike Baur is a graduate of The University of Rochester New York, where he attained a Master’s degree in Business Administration. The banking veteran also has an Executive MBA from the University of Bern.



Stephen Murray: Living a Full Life

For many people who reach the highest levels of their profession, their lives are often decidedly slanted toward their professional lives. However, for that rare executive, that is not always the case. Such was the life of Stephen Murray, who as a founding partner and CEO of CCMP Capital lived a full life dedicated to both his family and his career. Despite passing away from illness at age 52, Stephen nevertheless left behind numerous examples of how others should balance work and life.

Upon completing his education at Boston College and Columbia University, where he obtained an MBA, Stephen set out to make his mark in the financial industry. As a credit trainee with Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company, Murray quickly displayed a knack for investments that few others possessed. Quickly moving up the career ladder, he eventually found himself serving as Vice-President of the company, where he made one decision after another that positioned the company as one of the world’s best.

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Despite this success, Stephen knew he would at some point head his own firm. Thus, in 2006 he and his partners formed CCMP Capital, where he specialized in private equity deals. Often investing up to $500 million in equity per transaction, Stephen displayed a keen knowledge of how to make the perfect deal. Upon making one blockbuster deal after another, CCMP became recognized by those in the industry as one of the true movers and shakers that dictated success year after year.

However, Stephen Murray always made sure he kept a strong balance between his work life and his personal life. Because of this, he was widely known for contributing his time and money to numerous good causes in the New York area. Born and raised in Westchester County, he had seen firsthand the struggles many people faced on a daily basis. Therefore, he regularly worked with local food banks to ensure families would not go hungry, and he also partnered with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to help terminally ill children have their dreams come true.

Having shown that it is very possible to reach the pinnacle of your profession without sacrificing your personal life, Stephen Murray’s legacy is one of service and a commitment to excellence. Although he left this world far too soon, his family and friends can take comfort knowing that when others look for a positive role model, Stephen’s name will come up time and time again.

Fabletics Fitness Brand

Fabletics is a continuously growing brand, in just three years the brand grew to over a million subscribers. The company takes an uncommon approach at their e-commerce and retail marketing strategies, and has proven itself successful. The company uses online subscriptions on their website to help customers shop.

Fabletics offers a variety of stylish athletic clothing. They offer fashionable fitness wear for both males and females. The garments are made using the latest high performance fabrics. The activewear is of the latest trends and is made to be both flattering and comfortable for the wearer.

Fabletics was launched on October 1st of 2014, they added their men’s fitness wear line in June of 2015. Later that year Fabletics opened six brick and mortar stores in the United States. More store locations are in the works to be opened at a later date.

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Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg,and Don Ressler founded Fabletics when they felt the activewear marketplace needed more affordable high end variety. They saw plenty of luxury brands, but none at affordable prices. The company offers their Fabletics brand athletic gear at a high quality with affordable prices.

Memberships to How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is Taking on Amazon come in at $49.95 each month, with members having the option to skip a month without being charged. When a new member joins Fabletics they are asked to fill out a survey. This survey help the company put out personalized outfit selections each month, making them available to the members.

The memberships, surveys and online shopping data are all used for the company to decide what is popular in each region. They use this information on YouTube when opening and stocking their brick and mortar stores. Using this plan the company can create an experience for their customers, focusing on the needs and wants of each of their members. This business model has proven very successful for the brand and the company.

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/fabletics/

Stephen Murray’s Legacy

Stephen Murray ran one of the largest companies in the world, CCMP Capital. This company was a management agency that managed a large number of multi-million dollar organizations on Crunchbase. Not only was Stephen Murray the CEO of this company, but he actually helped to found it.

Stephen Murray began his career right after he got his undergraduate degree. He was initially employed as an intern with the company. At the time, it was called Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. This was a bank holding company that managed a number of well known financial institutions. After his internship and completion of his master’s in business administration, Murray became one of their employees.

The company changed a lot over the course of time and changed names, but he remained employed with this same organization. During his career, he began to gain notoriety on nypost.com. In 2006, he began to work with other employees to create CCMP Capital. Shortly after the creation of CCMP Capital, Stephen Murray became it’s chief executive officer. In this position, he helped CCMP Capital to manage a wide variety of companies ranging from hospitals to bargain outlets.

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In addition to being a successful CEO, Murray also gave to a number of well known philanthropic organizations. Two of these organizations were the Make-A-Wish Foundation and an organization that provides food to the needy. In addition to philanthropic organizations, he also donated to the Stamford Museum and his two alma matters of Columbia University and Boston College.

Unfortunately, Stephen Murray is no longer with us. Murray passed away a bit over a year ago during April of 2015. However, he had continued to serve an integral role in CCMP Capital up until around one month prior to his death. Many people with the company and outside of the company have fond memories of him. While it was difficult for the company to go on without him, CCMP Capital is still a thriving company. It can be expected that the company he worked to create will go on for many years to come.

Learn more about Stephen Murray: http://www.ccmpcapital.com/team/