One on One with Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna is a renowned Medical Doctor who is licensed in Medicine and Surgery. The Georgia based doctor has always expressed his passion in advocating for community service. This led him to open the Shape Medical Center, Atlanta GA. Through this, he has been able to reach out to thousands of patients and has provided to them the best medical weight loss solutions and numerous other innovative Non-Surgical Aesthetic procedures. The graduate of Tulane University Medical School has gathered years of experience beginning with the practice he had working alongside his father right after completing his medical training.

The doctor has managed to juggle between medicine and other businesses. He launched the McKenna Venture Investments, which was a boutique real estate development company. He additionally started the Universal Mortgage Lending as well as Uptown Title Inc. These companies have grown to up to 50 employees and have now been offering real estate closing services, design building and financing services. Recently, the doctor co-founded OVME, a company dedicated to providing technology-enabled aesthetics to its consumers.

Due to his numerous achievements, Dr. Mark was recently interviewed by Ideamensch and revealed some highlights about his life as well as tips for those who wish to follow a similar path. He explained that the idea of creating OVME was born during his practice in the medical aesthetics industry when he noted gaps that he could use to effect changes in the industry. Through what he described as clear goal setting and proper practice visualization, the two attributes that help him bring ideas to life, he was able to start the company. McKenna also credited his accomplishments and productivity in entrepreneurship to his habit of being a voracious reader. It puts him well above his competitors through the vast array of information he gathers.

To make him grow, Dr. Mark revealed that he always tries to surround himself with smarter people. When asked about a book he would recommend to the community, he said that “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill would help to understand the power of visualization. He also pointed out Barack Obama, Michael Bloomberg and Elon Musk as some of the major characters to have influenced him in life.


Amazing PodcastOne Features that are Set to Improve Your Listening Experience

PodcastOne, the leading podcast network distribution, is seeking to improve its listeners experience in a huge way if the recent news by its founder is anything to go by. Norman Pattiz late last month introduced the 360-degree video recording feature and other interactive social functions to this app. Ideally, PodcastOne users will benefit from this addition as it will ease their communications and interactions with the program hosts and other listeners. Here are some of the recent features that PodcastOne users can get to enjoy the from the app that is readily available on its website, Google Play store, and Apple’s App Store.


Numerous Features

The revolutionized PodcastOne app now comes with a number of amazing features that allow users to watch and listen to a wide variety of shows. Not only this, users can freely share their views on the different topics being aired out. To attract more listeners to the podcast, Norman Pattiz has also integrated a reward system into the app that allows users accumulate points and redeem them for bonus features and services.


Virtual Reality

The introduction of virtual reality feature by Norman Pattiz can arguably be termed as a stroke of genius. Through this, the podcast network has been able to produce high-quality videos both in 360-degrees format and in virtual reality. To help actualize this dream, PodcatOne partnered with Mandt VR, a California based firm reputable for creating videos in different formats including virtual reality, mixed, and augmented reality formats. So far, these two companies have been able to create more than 1,000 videos with the video footage being available almost immediately after production.


Despite running different businesses, the two companies have been able to make this partnership work by Mandt VR setting up their equipment in all PodcastOne recording studios. These equipment are further linked up with mobile equipment that enables the hosts to record their content even when they are far away from their workstations.


About Norman Pattiz

Mr. Norman Pattiz is one of the most celebrated individuals when it comes to the broadcast industry. Norman is both a profession and a business executive as he has helped create policies and companies that have led to the growth of the broadcast industry in an imaginable speed. Currently, Pattiz is the founder and CEO of PodcastOne a leading podcast provider of both content and advertisement needs ( He is also the founder of Westwood One the leading network supplier of entertainment, sport, News and talk show in America.


The Prosperity of the National Steel Car with Gregory Aziz

Arguably, Gregory J. Aziz is a reckoning force in the business and entrepreneurial circles. Currently, he is the president, chair, and chief executive officer of National Steel Car which is based in Hamilton, Ontario. The National Steel Car under the leadership of Greg Aziz has successfully placed itself as a premier railroad car engineering and manufacturing company in North America.


Notably, the firm is the only one in the vast North America to have an ISO certification numbered ISO 9001:2008, and has been consistently winning the TTX SECO annual award for over a decade now. Gregory James Aziz was born in Ontario and is among the very educated individuals in the region. Greg J. Aziz went to the Ridley College where he subsequently joined the famed University of Western Ontario where he took on an Economics major. After his studies, Greg Aziz made his career debut in 1971 at Affiliated Foods, which is his family’s wholesale food firm. Visit This Page to learn more.


As such, the enterprise experienced unprecedented growth for more than one and a half decades. Intrinsically, the business became among the leading importers of fresh foods all over the globe including Europe and South America. The company additionally became the top distributor to the popular fresh food wholesale markets all over the United States and Eastern Canada. Besides working with his family enterprise, Greg J. Aziz has served on numerous investment banking opportunities in the New York.


Through his wealth of experience in investment banking, Greg Aziz facilitated a smooth, successful acquisition of the National Steel Car from the then Dofasco in 1994. His prime aim of the acquisition was to turn the entity into a great, well-reputed and successful Canadian entity in the railroad freight car manufacturing sector in North America. Through championing for team building in the firm, as well as significant engineering capabilities, considerable human and capital investments Greg Aziz managed to increase National Steel Car’s manufacturing capacity from only 3500 cars to 12000 cars.


Under Greg James Aziz’s leadership, the National Steel Car has unrelentingly been striving to achieve engineering and manufacturing excellence. As the only ISO 9001 certified firm in its sector of participation in North America, the company has consistently held the honor through excellent performance for over 18 years through numerous rounds of recertification. Aside from its business call, the National Steel Car features an inherent, profound commitment to the Hamilton society through sponsoring and financing various charitable causes and entities including; Salvation Army, Theatre Aquarius, the United Way and the Hamilton Opera.


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Gregory J. Aziz, Successful Businessman and Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz serves as the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of National Steel Car, a leading railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering company in the world. National Steel Car is based in Hamilton, Ontario.


About Gregory Aziz

Greg studied at Ridley College then later attended the University of Western Ontario and majored in Economics. In 1971, James Aziz joined the family’s wholesale food business, Affiliated Foods, which had a successful growth rate and became one of the leading importers of fresh foods in the world from Europe, Central, and South America. As a result, the company distributed all the fresh foods to wholesale markets across Eastern Canada and America.


Gregory J Aziz worked on a number of banking investments in New York in the late 1980s and early 1990s. In 1994, Greg Aziz managed to organize National Steel Car’s purchase from Dofasco with a primary goal of transforming the Canadian corporation into a leading railroad freight car manufacturer in North America. By 1999, the company’s manufacturing capability increased from 3,500 cars to 12,000 cars per year. During that same period, the employment rate grew from 600 to approximately 3,000. Currently, Greg James Aziz and his wife are sponsors of the most prominent agricultural fair in Canada known as the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.


National Steel Car

Since 1912, National Steel Car has been leading the manufacturing and engineering industry in the innovation of new railroad freight cars every year. The company is the only railroad freight car company in North America that is ISO certified for the past 18 years. Since 1996, the company has received the TTX SECO Award, a high-quality award. National Steel Car ensures that the freight cars designed and manufactured exceed the needs of the customers in the railroad industry.


National Steel Car’s strongest contribution to the community is offering thousands of well-paying jobs that assist the families in Southern Ontario. Apart from that, the company sponsors other charitable events like the Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius, the Salvation Army, and the United Way. Every year, National Steel Car holds a Christmas party where people also participate in food drives in a bid to support local food banks.  More Reads Here.


It is important to note that National Steel Car does not rely on past achievements. The company continues to be committed to listening to the needs of customers to ensure that they continue to be North America’s leading railcar manufacturing company. The company builds the highest quality railcars with a consistent delivery performance.


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Why Gregory Aziz Is a Force to Reckon With In the Railcar Industry

National Steel Car’s reputation as a leading railroad freight car manufacturer in North America remains unmatched. With over ten decades’ worth of experience, the company has successfully pursued excellence in manufacturing, engineering and commitment to quality to every freight car assembled. However, such a stellar reputation wouldn’t have existed without the insightful leadership and keen business acumen of the company’s President and CEO, Gregory James Aziz. As the CEO, Mr. Greg Aziz is credited with constantly raising the bar for excellence while also lending adequate attention to the company’s diverse customer base.


Rather than focusing on past achievements, Gregory J Aziz has immensely capitalized on human leverage while focusing on strengths and regularly improving on weak areas. With such a deep sense of purpose, Gregory J Aziz has remarkably forged formidable partnerships between National Steel Car and its suppliers and customers. See Here for more information.


Services Offered


As a leading entity in the industry, National Steel Car is adept at providing railcar components and parts, irrespective of the vehicle you drive. From fulcrum brackets to brake piping, you can rest assured that each component is uniquely intended to provide you with a smooth driving experience.


Railcars on Offer


As a pioneer in the industry, National Steel Car is proud to possess freight cars that exceedingly meet the evolving needs and standards of the railroad industry. Thanks to a competent in-house team, each railcar has excelled in every engineering aspect and is ready to satisfy customers and tackle various types of terrain. As a token of their excellence, the company has described the following railcars as their flagship vehicles:

  • 25,500G Tank Car
  • 30,500G Tank Car
  • Auto Rack
  • Coal
  • Centerbeam
  • Covered Hopper
  • Coil
  • Flat

Alternatively, National Steel Car also possesses a state-of-the-art outage gauge that measures the volume of air or vapor for every distance covered.


Greg Aziz’s Background


Greg Aziz currently serves as the Chairman, CEO and President of National Steel Car, a leading manufacturer of freight cars. With over two decades’ worth of experience, Greg Aziz is credited with steering the company to unprecedented heights during his tenure. Mr. Aziz is credited with overseeing the implementation of various company policies that significantly elevated the company’s status as a top enterprise in the industry.


Located in Hamilton, Ontario, National Steel Car’s presence as a progressively growing entity has elevated its status as a beacon of transformation to its rivals. Greg Aziz is an alumnus of the University of Western Ontario with Master’s Degree in Economics.



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Knowledge Wisdom of Gregory James Aziz in the Success of National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is a renowned leader who is behind the transformations and success of National Steel Car. Currently, he is serving as the CEO and the president of the company. The company is a manufacturing plant dealing with railroad freight cars. It is one of the largest and recognized companies in the manufacture of railroad freight cars. The company is based in Hamilton, Ontario. James Aziz received good educational foundation from recognized institutions of higher learning. He pursued his education at Ridley College. He was enrolled at University of Western Ontario to specialize in economics.

The family of James Aziz had a wholesale stall dealing with food staff. The business was known as Affiliated Food, and it was being run by James Aziz. The operations of the firm grew within the 16 years in which he was the manager. The company started importing fresh foods from foreign countries such as Europe and South Africa. Some countries such as USA and Canada used to import food items from the company. The growth and expansion of the company are attributed to the management skills of Greg Aziz.

Greg Aziz acquired National Steel Car from Dofasco in 1994.He had an aim of leading the company to be the best dealer in railroad freight car manufacturing. He nurtured team work and maximized in building able human resource force in the company. Consequently, the company realized an increase in the number of cars being manufactured. The number increase from 3,500 to 12,000 vehicles per year. The increase in production led to the need to increase the number of employees from 600 to 3000.

The National Steel Car Company is in the forefront in technological advancement in car manufacturing industry. It is the only company in North America that has received ISO certification 9001:2008. The company has been leading in the number of certifications for the last 18 years. The company was recognized in 1996 for its quality products, and it was awarded TTX SECO. Hamilton community has benefited from the sponsorship that the company offers. The firm has contributed to the development of Theatre Aquarius and Salvation Army. It has also sponsored many charity groups in the community. The company sponsors a Christmas party for all the employees who have ever worked for the company each year.

The National Steel Car Company aims at providing quality products to its consumers worldwide. The company has built trust and loyalty with millions of consumers in various parts of the world. Greg Aziz ensures that the company satisfies all the needs of the consumers.


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Anthony Petrello Provides Leadership Inside of a Very Dynamic and Complex Industry

In order to understand, Anthony Petrello, CEO and President of Nabors Industries, Ltd., it is important to understand the business model of Nabors Industries Ltd. Nabors Industries Ltd., is a progressive international organization. It serves different world areas including that of the Middle East, the Far East, Africa and North America. It provides rigs for offshore oil platform workover. Generally-speaking, the work-over rig is equipped with that of a Diesel Engine and Transmission. It provides service from that of 8,000 feet to 30,000 feet.

Nabors Industries Ltd., provides equipment and service applicable to offshore drilling. The company provides supportive service for both on-shore and off-shore oil drilling and well-servicing operations.

The company has a charter fleet of twenty-nine marine vessels for its off-shore operations. It additionally produces top-drilling drives, directional drilling type of systems, equipment for rig instrumentation, and reporting collection and associative information; equipment for drill pipe service, and even software applications with respect to reporting.

Nabors Industries, Ltd., as of the year 2006, was owner of six-hundred ten land work-over and well-servicing type of rigs, inside of the United States; and one-hundred ninety rigs inside of Canada. It also possessed ownership of forty-eight oil platform rigs; nineteen jack up barge rigs and five barge rigs.

The company was originally established in 1968 as Anglo Energy, Ltd. It is an S&P 500 oil, natural gas and geo-thermal drilling contractor who operates on the land. As evidenced above, it also performs well servicing in the continent of North America. It provides various rigs to its client, appropriate for the required operation.

As such, it goes without saying, the type of organization Nabors Industries, Ltd., represents requires exceptional leadership: the type of leadership provided by Anthony G. Petrello. Mr. Petrello also is known as Tony amongst his peers. He has served the organization as the company’s CEO—a holding company of Nabors Exchangeco (Canada) Inc., since October 28, 2011. He has served as the organization’s President since 1992. He is currently serving as Nabors Industries, Inc. CEO. Mr. Petrelo, has served in the capacity of Nabors Industries Ltd., COO since 1991.

Anthony Petrello was with Baker & McKenzie, a well-known law firm, from 1979 to 1991. During his tenure, at Baker & McKenzie, Mr. Petrello became the firm’s Managing Partner. He held the preceding position, at the New York Office of the firm—from 1986 to 1991.

Mr. Petrello has been Chairman of the Board at Nabors Industries Ltd., since June 2012. He served as the corporation’s Deputy Chairman from 2003 to June 2012.

He has been Director of Stewart & Stevenson, a limited liability corporation, since February 28th 2011; and Nabors Industries, Ltd., since 1991. In addition he serves as a Director at Texas Children’s Hospital, Inc. He served as a Director, too, of

Mr. Petrello’s educational background is inclusive of a J.D. degree from Harvard Law School. He earned a B.S. and M.S. in Mathematics from Yale University.

Mr. Petrello’s profile suggests that he provides leadership inside of a very specialized, and complex field. He, further, has shown a history of progression, in way of achievement. He has an impressive educational background—much needed in the industry he involves himself. His historical progression, both in the field of law, and within the oil industry, shows he is a strong, and determined leader. The preceding is the type of exceptional leadership which proves as a good fit for highly complex industries; relative to Nabors Industries, Ltd. Not only does Mr. Petrello head a company that provides services on a domestic level—his leadership reach is far: wherein he engages his leadership role in the Far East, Middle East, and Africa.

Don Ressler And Rapid Expansion

Rapid Expansion is one of the signs of success in any given company. Another sign is forward thinking. Don Ressler has managed both. With his company, Fabletics, he has managed to help it grow in many different directions. Among the directions that Don Ressler has taken his company in is the opening of physical locations in the largest markets. This has wound up being one of the biggest moves for the company. For one thing, he understands that there are still a lot of people that love to shop on location. Also, Don Ressler sees some of the advantages that physical locations still have over shopping online.

Another thing that makes Fabletics such a successful brand is that it is owned by forward thinking individuals like Don Ressler. Don Ressler is always thinking about what he could do in order to make sure that he is serving people in a great way. Don Ressler also wanted to expand his customer base in every way possible. As a result, he agreed on making Fabletics an all inclusive brand. This is so people who are past the size limits are able to buy clothes that fit them as well. For one thing, there are a significant amount of people that are plus sized. However, many companies don’t sell products past a certain size. Therefore, a lot of people have to find companies that sell larger clothing.

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Don Ressler of Fabletics
For Intelligent Beauty’s Adam Goldenberg And Don Ressler, Early Departure From MySpace Paid Off

While larger people can find clothes that fit them, the type of clothes they could wear is limited. Therefore, they are less likely to experience the styles that people that are within the size limits could experience. However, Don Ressler has stated that everyone should be able to look as good as they want with their fashion clothing line. Therefore, he and Kate Hudson have decided to work on providing products for people that have not made the mark when it comes to size.

Don Ressler is always looking for some people that he could reach. For one thing, fashion is not reaching everyone in and of itself. Don Ressler is taking the time to reach more people so that he will be able bring joy to the industry.

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Jason Halpern: The Dynamic JMH Real Estate Developer

Jason Halpern is a real estate developer who owns JMH Development since 2010. Jason comes from a 3rd generation development company, with an outstanding record of over 50 years of construction and management of several properties in New York. His family has developed many residential apartments in New York City, and built top rated commercial spaces in Westchester, NY.


Principal – JMH Development

What distinguishes Jason from other real estate developers is his passion for constructing in unique properties. Jason’s commitment to charitable activities in his community is laudable. Closest to his heart is the Joel A. Halpern Trauma hub at Westchester Medical Center. The Trauma Center offers heart surgery, difficult emergency neurosurgeries, orthopedic surgery, and reconstruction of detached limbs among other severe treatment cases.


In 2015, JMH commenced a partnership with the global charity: donating $20,000 of each signed contract at the Three Hundred Collins residential development in Miami, to finance water projects in Nepal and Ethiopia. Jason remains dedicated to utilizing his skill in real estate development to help others.


Jason Halpern’s JMH Development Announces Topping Off At Aloft South Beach

JMH Development, under the leadership of Jason Halpern, announced in September 2014 the topping off of the 235-room Aloft South Beach hotel, scheduled for opening in early 2015 in Miami Beach. The project, developed by Madden Real Estate Ventures and JMH Development, is an adaptive re-use of the historic Motel Ankara with an eight-story newly constructed tower.


Jason was quoted saying “Topping off the building marked a significant milestone in the construction process’’. The Aloft South Beach, now The Gates Hotel South Beach, was sold by JMH Development to Rockpoint Group, a Boston-based real estate company.


With his exceptional construction expertise, vision and insight, Jason has led JMH in the acquisition and development of numerous ground-breaking, properties including some historically major landmark buildings. The company currently has $500 million New York state projects. JMH Development also has development on 184 Kent, 340 luxury apartments. JMH Development is also responsible for the Townhouses of Cobble Hill project, adding nine luxury townhouses to the Cobblehill Brooklyn area. JMH Development under Jason Halpern’s leadership is committed to developing innovative buildings.


Josh Verne: Someone Ambitious People Should Look To

One thing that is admirable is a person with ambition. Not only must a person have an ambition, he must also have a set of goals that lead towards what he is ambitious about. This will not only show that he is really serious about moving forward, but that he is also someone who knows what he wants and is not afraid to pursue it. This is also someone that other people should look to when they are looking for a role model. A person with ambition is going to take the necessary risks to make a name for himself.


Josh Verne is an example of someone who is ambitious. He is not only ambitious, but he also takes the time to learn the ways of the world so that he can better navigate them. This has resulted in Josh Verne not only being able to start and run a successful business, but also sell his business and start plenty of other successful businesses. One thing that that Josh has shown is that it gets easier each time it is done. People are able to build a business in a shorter amount of time than before. Josh has shown that he has figured out the formula for business success.


One thing that is admirable about Josh is that he is someone that goes after what he wants. This not only gains him the respect from others, but also the admiration for his spirit and wisdom. Another good thing about him starting businesses and changing it up every now and then is that he is aware of the changes he goes through. He understands the different seasons that people go through in their lives. This is why he has constantly started new businesses and brought them to prosperity.


While others may resign to just working a low paying job that they don’t necessarily like, Josh is someone who always strives for more. He is someone that wants to do more than just get by. One thing that he does not consider living is barely getting the amount of money needed to pay off his expenses.