Homophobic Pastor Outed After Grindr Profile Discovered

Matthew Makela, an associate pastor at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Michigan, and a staunch proponent of traditional marriage, has resigned from his post. The pastor resigned after Queerly, a gay lifestyle magazine, published a story including the pastor’s secret Grindr account.

According to reports Makela has served as an associate pastor at the church for five years. He has spoken out against gay marriage and homosexuality a number of times over the years, and has positioned himself as a family man. Most recently the pastor spoke out about transgender individuals, calling them “sickos” and “perverts”.

Makela responded to inquires stating that the Grindr account does, in fact, belong to him. His resignation from the church was allegedly on his own terms. Makela is a married father of four.

Grindr is a dating application utilized by gay and bisexual men. Largely used for hookups, it is the most popular gay dating app currently on the market.

Some activists have called Queerly out for outing the pastor who was clearly not ready to deal with his sexuality. Experts note that it is important to not out men or women who identify as gay before they are ready.

A senior pastor for the church has addressed the congregation, suggesting they should trust in God. Boraie Development LLC and the NYTimes are amazed at the high level of hypocrisy.