Helping Your Central New Jersey Teen Lose Weight

Raising teenagers is not easy. Most of the time, they won’t even talk to you. You might ask them how their day at school was, and in response, you’ll get an annoyed eye roll before they walk out of the room. This is not easy to live with, but they’re your children. Moreover, they’ll eventually grow out of this phase, which is good because no one can live with a person like this forever.


Even though it’s difficult to live with a teenager who always seems annoyed and perturbed at something or other, you’re the parent, and it’s your job to help your child when they need something. Being overweight in middle school or high school is extremely difficult for teenagers. This is actually a large problem facing these young adults. They may be made fun of by their peers or bullies at school, or they may simply feel self-conscious about their weight. As a parent, you can help your child lose weight in a healthy way.


Before doing this, it’s important to know that not all teenagers need to lose weight even if they say they want to. Many teenagers think that they are overweight, but they really have body dysmorphia and think that they are larger than they really are. Again, as the parent, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your child actually needs to lose weight if they tell you that they want to go on a diet.


To help your teenager lose weight, you’ll need to do two things. First, you’ll need to teach them some things about counting calories and taking care of their nutrition, and second, you’ll need to help them integrate exercise into their daily routine.


Losing weight is a fairly easy concept. Your teenager will need to expend more calories than they take in. They can do this by choosing an optimal daily caloric intake and tracking their calories on a regular basis. They should be eating lots of fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. Similarly, help your teenager make sure that they’re getting some form of exercise every day. Aim for 20 minutes a day at least five times a week.


These Are the Top Traits of Healthy Families in Central New Jersey

Staying healthy yourself is hard enough, but helping your family be healthy is something different altogether. It can be extremely difficult to make sure that you put healthy food on the table every day and engage your family in physical activity on a regular basis as well. If you would like to improve these things about your family and help yourselves become healthier, check out the following list. These are the top traits that healthy families consistently have.


  1. They exercise together.


The healthiest families find ways to exercise together. They may go on walks, bike rides or hike together.


  1. They don’t watch too much TV.


Families that are healthy don’t tend to congregate around the TV too much. They may watch a few shows, but they don’t leave it on constantly.


  1. They limit screen time altogether.


In addition to limiting TV time, screen time on tablet devices, computers and smart phones is also limited.


  1. They eat at the table.


Healthy families always eat dinner at the table when they can. If they’re home for breakfast or lunch, they might also eat these meals at the table. This is a great time to talk and chat, and it also helps everyone focus more on the meal.


  1. They help prepare meals together.


Food preparation can be one of the biggest challenges of taking care of the family, and it’s especially hard if you are trying to include healthy recipes into your eating schedule. Healthy recipes usually involve lots of chopping, spiralizing, sautéing and baking. Preparing meals as a family can help greatly in this.


Here is one last thing to remember. Following the guidelines listed above to keep your family fit and healthy is a great idea, but no one’s perfect. If you splurge on some ice cream every once in a while or decide to watch a movie instead of going for your daily walk when it’s pouring rain outside, that’s okay. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t fit absolutely everything into your healthy schedule. Simply spending time together and spending time focusing on health well improve the wellbeing of your family overall.


Nintendo Switch Made with Families in Mind

It’s been popping up in newsfeeds and getting quite a bit of attention on tech news sites, and it might be one of the hottest selling electronic items in 2017 that actually gets a family to spend more time together. The Nintendo Switch is finally coming to online and retail stores and fans of the longtime gaming company are eager for its launch March 3.

The Nintendo Switch is designed to be big with busy families, allowing users to play a large number of age-appropriate games anywhere they want, in the home or on the road. You can plug the Switch into your TV and also take the portable, handheld gaming device out the backdoor with a quick flick of the console. Switch allows you to get those kids out of the living room and into the great outdoors without missing a level or expending a virtual life. This game changer is retailing for $299.99.

The Nintendo Switch is loaded with family-friendly games that will get everybody lounging on the couch fired up and playing together. Confirmed games for the March 3 launch include “Dragon Quest Heroes 1 & 2”, “Just Dance 2017,” “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” and “Super Bomberman R” among others. Lego and other well-known game brands are gearing up for later launches on Switch.

This new home gaming system boasts the ability to give gamers more freedom for fun and families more ways to have a blast together on many different levels. Grandparents, kids and cousins of all ages will want to get in on the Switch action.

Clowns Chasing Children In New Jersey Terrifies Parents

Across the country, we have seen a ridiculous trend of people dressing up like clowns to scare strangers. The stories are endless. Some are harmless, while others are terrifying. Joggers on a run are confronted with a creepy clown on their path. A man spots a clown standing in his yard. These stories are scary, but when you add children into the mix, things get even scarier. It seems as New Jersey parents now have one more thing to worry about. The local media reported at least four clown sightings and explained a possible threat to children.

At least two children from central New Jersey have reported being confronted by a person dressed as a clown. And, it gets worse. These clowns were carrying weapons. One of these children’s stories is truly horrifying. Tyler Carpenter explains that he was walking home through an alley when he spotted a person dressed as a clown. The clown begin walking towards him and that’s when he noticed the person was carrying a sword. The child alleges that the clown muttered a threat before chasing him. Fortunately, Carpenter was able to get home safely and call authorities.

In the same town of Phillipsburg, another child came forth with their own clown encounter. The child alleges that he and two other children were walking home from school when a group of clowns emerged from the woods and began to chase them,

So far, authorities have made no arrests in these cases and do not have any suspects, As clown sightings around the country have began to wind down, parents are hoping this means incidents like this will stop happening, Fortunately, in all of these situations, the children were able to get to safety and were not harmed in any way.

Spying On Teens On The Computer

Most teenagers get on the computer or on a phone at some point during the day to go on social media sites or to look at other sites that are online. There are also more parents who are paying close attention to what their teens are doing when they are on the internet. This is something every parent of a teen should do until the child turns 18. The parent is responsible for what the teen does, and if the teen does something to get in trouble online, then the parent should be responsible for not making sure better choices were made. There is such a thing as blocking a website so that teens are not allowed to visit it until they are older or show that they are mature enough to handle the content that is presented. If teens are unable to follow the rules set forth by the parent, then the device should be taken away.

There are many parents who might feel guilty about spying on their children, but if it means making sure the children are safe, then it’s worth spying. Over 60% of parents have admitted to spying on their teens while they are online. They will go to social media sites to look at pictures and read posts or look through the history on the device to see what websites have been visited. Some parents have grounded their children from a cellphone or computer after finding inappropriate content. About 40% of parents know the password to their child’s phone or computer. This is an important safety aspect as parents need to know how to unlock the device to make sure there is nothing hidden.

If more parents take the time to check in on their children while they are online, then a lot of the activity that takes place might not happen. There might not be as many kidnappings or teen pregnancies. Parents might not see an increase in violence among teens or bullying that occurs with some teens if parents would pay attention to what teens do online.

Imposing Vegan Diet on Children Could Mean a Jail Term For Italian Parents

A new draft legislation proposed by Italian parliamentarian Elvira Savino could mean trouble for parents who force their children to stick to a vegetarian diet. The bill proposes that parents responsible for children under the age of 16 years who show signs of malnutrition as a result of a restrictive diet should serve up to four years in Italian jails.

Savino, a member of Silvio Berlusconi’s conservative Froza party said that her decision to introduce the draft was provoked by an increase in high-profile cases of subjective diets that have resulted to long-term illnesses in children in the country. In 2015, doctors in Milan reported a case of a one-year-old boy who was taken to the hospital with a weight of a three-month baby. Further inquiries revealed that the boy was fed on a vegan diet only. In the same year, a mother of a 12-year-old boy was ordered by an Italian court to stop feeding her child on a raw vegetable diet after his father filed a case that the diet was affecting the boy’s normal growth.

According to Savino, many parents without proper scientific or medical knowledge have a strong believe that vegan diet can help prevent health problems. They depend on the diet to an extent of denying their children crucial nutritional elements for healthy growth, which are absent in vegetables.

A vegan diet is devoid of meat, fish and poultry. People who adhere to this diet do not eat meat, eggs, milk or any other product that comes from animals. While the diet is good for many, it can be detrimental to children who need a balanced nutrient supply to grow and enjoy a healthy life. Vegetables contain vitamins as the main nutrients with limited essential nutrients like minerals and high-quality proteins. Depending exclusively on a diet characterized by vegetables could increase the level of toxicity in the body because the diet tends to impair the detoxification pathways of the liver and decrease the amount of digestive juices in the gut. Nutritionists encourage parents to counterbalance between vegetables and other foods for their kids.

If enacted into law, parents found guilty will serve jail sentences starting from one year up to four years. The jail term will be extended to seven years if a child dies because of the strict vegan diet.

New Treatment in New Jersey Involves Cracking a Baby’s Back

When babies are born they require a lot of attention and care as they are more fragile than grown humans. The way we touch other adults humans or wrestle around with older brothers could really damage a baby. In order for them to grow up properly, they need healthy foods and milk to reach full growth and strong bones. It is also important for them to get plenty of sleep and exercise.


The spinal cord is a very important body part to protect. It is vital to movement and balance. Severe damage to the spinal cord can be life-threatening. A baby is going to have to be nurtured in that area.


As we grow older and our backbones becomes crooked or damaged, a doctor or chiropractor will be someone to turn to. They can usually help straighten out a human spinal cord and help patients feel comfortable moving around again.


A baby should not be getting the same kind of treatments as an adult. Methods that would be used on an adult can damage the baby’s spinal cord and maybe hurt their growth.


Recently there have been more American parents taking their young babies paediatric chiropractors to get their backs adjusted. Drs. Stuart and Theresa Warner have a lot of experience treating patients with back problems in the New Jersey area and claim that adjusting a newly born babies back will help cure colic, asthma, fever and ear infections. However, the NHS has not approved of these treatment methods and can not confirm that these problems with be cured.


Dr. Warner is pushing for all babies to get a readjusted back, but not all parents are on board. Especially because there is no evidence of good coming out of their treatments. It is almost a punishment. It can not possibly be pleasant for these young babies. There is also no assurance that it is safe. What if it is damaging the baby’s future growth or ability to walk?


In these procedures young kids will be laid down on their stomachs and a chiropractor will push down on the young child’s lower back. The age and length of the baby will determine the force used. Sometimes they will twist a child’s neck just slightly to loosen up a stiff back.




Trump is in Line to Adjust the Roe v. Wade Vote with Republican Policy

Donald Trump is being blamed for the escalation of donations and the demand for long-acting contraceptives. With no opinion, planned parenthood programs are conjoined with abortion concerns. According to sources, the Trump plan influenced certain official with “Planned Parenthood” to be ‘worried’ about still having access to abortion programs and birth control. And after Tuesday’s win, President Trump and the Republicans maintain control over the funding for outgoing President Barack Obama’s “Affordable Care Act” aka Obamacare, which includes a wide coverage for contraceptives. Now, President Trump and the Republican party promise to dissect that particular medicare agenda.


Reports are saying abortion rights advocates are highlighting Trump as the American President who could appoint “conservative justices” to the U.S. Supreme Court and have the “big dealed” 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling overturn – the previous decision stamped to legalize abortion worldwide. The Court issued its decision on January 22, 1973, with a 7-to-2 majority vote in favor of Roe.


The Advocate of Women’s Thirteenth Amendment Right

As some look back in time, the advocates of Ros talk and label that particular moment as an act to preserve women’s rights, their domestic freedoms that include personal health and the deterrence of invaders into their windows of privacy. Simply put, having access to safe methods of abortion while being able to conceive as a free citizen is considered a fundamental attribute of a female’s character. *Moreover, scholars agree that the American Thirteenth Amendment states enough argument and persuasion that represents protecting [her] equal rights within America’s borders. In their terms, no one or party should have the power to stop a woman from carrying and bearing children; conversely, the woman is not to be subjected to ‘involuntary servitude’ by having the child.


*In 1976, Congress passed the Hyde Amendment, barring federal funding of abortions.


Chiefly, Trump has voiced his views on Obamacare and certain provision may be spared under the new policy for the poor or less fortunate Americans. In reflection, when Obamacare is repealed, approximately 55-million women would lose the co-pay prevention services that include birth control, Pap test, cancer screenings, and sexually transmitted infections.


Twelve year old Zachary Rink Sells Hot Chocolate to Support Veterans

Zachary Rink, at 12 years old, sells hot chocolate mix in the shape of reindeer to support homeless veterans. He and his parents run a hot chocolate stand in New Jersey and ended up raising 250 dollars for homeless veterans. Vicki, Zachary’s mom, came up with the reindeer decorated mix idea while on Pinterest. Zachary’s dad, Chris, set up the donation through NHS Fresh Start.


Zachary’s neighbor, who was a veteran from World War II, passed away. Around the same time, Zach was doing his 2015 school project about veterans. In class, he had learned about veterans who have trouble adjusting after they return home to the United States and end up being homeless. This is what inspired him to do something.


Since last year, a lot of people have joined Zachary in his efforts. The reindeer hot chocolate mix was decorated and packaged by 30 volunteers. Zach’s teachers and fellow students, as well as a local troop of Girl Scouts, have joined the project. In the previous year, the number of requests for hot chocolate mixes was so great that they couldn’t meet the demand. Getting so many people involved really helped to make the stand more productive than ever.


The response to Zachary’s hot chocolate stand was an invitation for him and his family to an NHS Fresh Start breakfast and ceremony where Zach would speak and get to see the people that his fundraising helped. While larger donations are usually favored, the veteran’s response was so positive that Zach and his family were chosen.


Given the great response from the veterans and the guest speaker at the ceremony, Sgt. Joseph Rullo, they asked Zach if he was planning on doing this again next year. Zach’s answer was a definite yes and that he thinks it is a good thing to do. This story speaks volumes about the type of community that Zach and the people around him have created; a place where people take care of each other’s needs and support each other in their endeavors.