Why Chicago is Leading in Business Development and Real Estate Industry

The development of real estate firms in the world have contributed to the enhancement of economic growth. United States of America is one country that has invested a lot of resources in the real estate sector. As such, many companies have emerged offering competitive services that are geared towards satisfying the needs of the citizens. Chicago is one state in USA that has continued to grow and emerge as a leading economic hub to be emulated. It has a robust real estate and housing facilities that have continued to grow and ride on the economic limelight. However, the firms have been experiencing difficulties in the capital market due to changing economic times. The southern and western part of Chicago is still booming in the housing sector while the areas in the downtown and the northern parts tend to maintain poor housing records. This has left the city in experiencing difficulties in ensuring customer satisfaction towards service delivery.

This unclear pattern in the real estate development in Chicago has left many questions unanswered. The city is considered to be developing in different parts while other parts have continued to remain behind in the housing sector. As a result, the general housing and real estate development in the entire city has continued to deteriorate in the recent years living the housing cost to rise up significantly.

Chicago has a lot of potential when comes to entrepreneurship and business development. This has led to the emergence many business personalities who have scaled the heights to ensure Chicago continues to prosper economically. Majeed Ekbal is a notable business and entrepreneur who has invested heavily in the grocery store industry. He is the president of Expresso which is a grocery company that has improved the lives of citizens in Chicago. He is mandated with supplying the supermarkets and other chain stores with quality grocery materials for consumption. This is through sourcing for the goods from every part of the country including overseas thus ensuring customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

After graduating from American University in Washington, Majeed Ekbal developed a computer data system that has over one thousand food items that are always on high demand by citizens. This is what gave him the initiative of becoming a world class grocery supplier. His services are very cheap ranging from 5 dollars to 10 dollars depending on the distance. He also offers door to door delivery of goods at your convenience. In addition, he does office delivery on request and delivers the products to customer vehicle for easy transportation.