What It’s Like To Work For USHEALTH Advisors

USHEALTH Advisors is a wholly-owned subsidiary of USHEALTH Group Inc. which is based in Fort Worth Texas. USHEALTH Advisors is a company that hires insurance agents who work out of their own offices in locations across the United States. They sell USHEALTH Group’s insurance policies which primarily consists of specialized healthcare policies. They also sell term and permanent life insurance policies as well as well as annuities including variable annuities and index annuities.

USHEALTH Advisors supports their network of commissioned insurance agents in a number of ways. They provide their insurance agents with qualified leads. These leads come from targeted and pre-qualified people who have shown an interest in the insurance policies that this company sells. Currently, USHEALTH Advisors has a database comprising over four million leads which means that there is always another prospect for one of their insurance agents to contact.

AS USHEALTH Group offers a range of insurance products, the insurance agents working for USHEALTH Advisors have plenty of cross-selling opportunities in order to increase the number of policies they sell to each client. This gives the insurance agents a way to improve customer retention and meet more of their insurance needs.

Working for USHEALTH Advisors can be a great financial decision. The average insurance agent working for them earns about $68,000 a year while account managers can expect to earn about $52,000 a year. In order to support their insurance agents, USHEALTH Advisors also employs field training managers. These individuals earn somewhere in the range of $58,000 to $94,000 a year depending on their territory and how many insurance agents they have in their district.

Once working for USHEALTH Advisors, there are plenty of opportunities for advancing your career. One of the best parts of being an agent is that you receive a commission when writing a new policy and then receive a commission each time it is renewed by the customer. This can lead to a large amount of passive income coming in while you are able to focus on writing new policies with some customer service. USHEALTH Advisors also offers a stock ownership program so that you share in the overall growth of the company.

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US Health Group Leads in Customer Service in the Health Insurance Sector

US Health Group Inc. was founded more than 50 years ago. The company deals in insurance services in the healthcare industry. Through two subsidiary companies, the company offers insurance to individuals and businesses alike. The first subsidiary company is National Foundation Life Insurance while the second one is Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. Together, the two offer clients life, accident, specified sickness, and disability insurance policies. The company has its headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas. To cater to client needs, US Health Group Inc. provides customized insurance covers to families, those who are self-employed, and small business owners and their employees.

Customer Service

Knowing how important affordable insurance covers are in helping individuals meet their healthcare needs, US Health Group Inc. understands that every client is unique and there is no one size fits all cover in insurance. To also ensure that all customer needs are met, the company has invested in an award-winning customer service team duly trained to meet clients at their point of need. Through the firm’s subsidiary US Health Advisors, agents are tasked with meeting customer needs on the ground. Each agent has to meet certification standards and undergo specific product training before being released to attend to clients. Consequently, personal attention is crucial to US Health Group’s business growth, customer care, and innovation. To learn more about the company’s services, you can check out its LinkedIn page. You can also connect with its agents to help you meet your needs in whichever part of the country you are in.

PPO Plan

To further meet customer needs, US Health Group runs a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan. You can, therefore, choose to see a doctor or specialist without going through the hands of a primary care physician (PCP). You may also get the services of a doctor or hospital not on the network and still have your medical expenses covered. However, to get better benefits, go for those on the network. The premiums for this service are higher, but you are guaranteed better service. You can use the service by visiting the company’s website to choose which doctor or hospital best serves your needs. Learn more:https://www.indeed.com/cmp/US-Health-Group

USHEALTH Group & Its Revolutionary Stance

The healthcare industry can be very fickle at times and most insurance companies only provide a limited amount of coverage. If you were to read the fine print of the terms and conditions, most insurance coverages can’t handle most of the desired benefits of service. On the other hand, there is one organization that is redefining the industry through innovative healthcare plans. USHEALTH Group just so happens to be that organization, and it is single-handedly revolutionizing the healthcare industry thanks to its brilliant approach.

With up to 50 years of collective knowledge, this organization has the expertise to handle the most intricate details of health insurance. The organization is based in Fort Worth, Texas, but it’s actually a combination of multiple insurance companies. This network of insurance companies has served well-over 15 million customers. This exclusive subsidiary action comes through the National Foundation Life Insurance as well as from Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. The magnitude of this program can’t be put into words, but the magnitude will be displayed by actions. The acronym (HOPE) stands for helping other people everyday. This acronym truly represents this organization to the highest degree, and it does this on a consistent basis. Thanks to its brilliant product portfolio, USHEALTH Group gives you peace of mind because it can cover everyday medical expenses.

Who can benefit from service? Well, if you’re self-employed, if you’re a small business owner, if you’re an employee of a small business, or if you’re part of a family, you can certainly benefit here. The tailored-solutions can be applied once you become a member of the program. Being a member gives you the many benefits of prescription drug treatment options, home delivery options, the use of online tools as well as the viewing of your personal history and plans. USHEALTH Group has simplified the entire process, but the ball is in your court. Are you willing to take the last shot? Visit:https://www.indeed.com/cmp/US-Health-Group


Choosing FreedomLife Insurance: First Time Buyer Advice

Selecting just the right type of life insurance is surrounded with mystery for the average person. Certainly, life insurance is mandatory for a working spouse that earns the money that financially supports the family. They might spend a tremendous amount of time worrying over their choice with major insurance company’s like Freedom Life insurance or their Insurance Broker. This information should help to narrow down the choices and select the right life insurance.

Should You Select Term Life Insurance?

First, when an individual buys term life insurance with a major insurance company like Freedom Life Insurance, they should realize that term life insurance does not increase in cash value. It is a benefit that is paid to survivors upon the policy holder’s death, if they die within the specified term of the policy. Term insurance is the right insurance for a single adult or married individual that is on a tight budget because the premium payments are lower than whole life or permanent insurance. Consult a Freedom Life Insurance agent about term insurance. It should be noted that some term insurance policies are renewable at a slightly higher premium.

Should You Select Permanent Life Insurance

First, it is important to realize that Permanent life insurance covers the policy holder for life. A permanent life insurance builds in cash value over the course of the policy. Part of the cash value could be borrowed during the course of the policy too. However, it is also a fact that permanent insurance premiums are much higher than term life insurance premiums. Those with a large family and bigger budget, should select this type of insurance plan.

Select The Right Insurance Company

Still, there is a lot of mystery and confusion concerning selecting just the right insurance company too. A dedicated insurance company like Freedom Life Insurance will sit down with their client and help them evaluate their situation and select the right type of insurance for their lifestyle, determining if term life insurance or permanent life insurance is the best option for them. They are dedicated to providing the right advice that will also save their client’s money in the long run. Visit:http://healthdepotassociation.com/carriers/flica-national-foundation-life-insurance-company/


US Health Advisors Provide Innovative Health Plans

US Health Advisors have displayed a knack for the development of innovative, personalized health-care plans that reflect the reality of today’s complex market. Their unique products enable families, individuals, and small-business owners to acquire health insurance that meets their needs and their budget. They have a wide range of experience in working with these groups and have served more than 15 million customers.

The Better Business Bureau is a venerable institution that many individuals turn to for knowledge and advice when seeking services or other products. US Health Advisors have secured their highest rating of A+ with their products and quality customer service. Another compelling reason for the veracity of this rating is the fact that it was achieved by customer input. This rating has been in place since 2013 which indicates a successful track record.

US Health Advisors is also an excellent place to work as they offer substantial compensation for top performers. Their innovative compensation plans can lead to a six-figure income for those who have the talent and initiative. They also offer an attainable bonus program that isn’t based on wild expectations. Agents who are able to regularly submit business can enjoy a bonus over and above their regular compensation.

Agents can also be assured of high-quality corporate support which helps them provide timely information to customers or prospective customers. Quick responses to questions regarding policies and claims are important and US Health Advisors have the resources in place to admirably accomplish these ends. Timely communications keep every agent in the loop and up to date with all new developments and make their jobs easier.

US Health Advisors is a growing company for many good reasons and their Sales Agents are a big part of this. Their quality of service and extensive experience that they draw upon set them apart in this industry and gives great assurance to their customers.

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The Success Path of Paul Mampilly in his Career

Paul Mampilly is a well-known entrepreneur who currently resides in Durham, North Carolina. Alongside being a businessman, he is a renowned author who primarily focuses on helping individuals on issues that entail stock exchange. Paul offers advisory services to American citizens through several media channels including Bloomberg TV and CNBC among others. Mampilly depends on his business ventures that act as his primary source of income for his endeavors. Publications produced by the entrepreneur are purposely written to offer its readers with education on the importance of investing. Paul ensures that individuals are always updated on issues within the stock exchange sector, through newsletters given out weekly and monthly. Paul Mampilly is a renowned financial expert who earns an incredible reputation for his experience in managing accounts. Over the years, the businessman worked on financial records that were worth millions of dollars, and read full article.

The ‘unlucky shmuck’ era of medicine is ending . . . #Healthcare #medicine #PrecisionMedicine https://t.co/D9W7ZaifFi

— Paul Mampilly(@Paul_M_Guru) July 6, 2017

The entrepreneur’s career path as a hedge fund manager began way back in 1992 at Wall Street. Paul Mampilly got his first employment opportunity at Deutsche Bank. He later prospered and joined the Royal Bank of Scotland and IGN, where he had duties and responsibilities of a finance manager. His experience in the field of finance saw him being absorbed by Kinetics International Fund. Paul was privileged to be the hedge fund manager of the firm, which was approximated to have a monetary value of over six billion dollars. His stewardship enabled the company to expand its business as well as a rise in its production yield, and Paul’s lacrosse camp.


The entrepreneur gained interest in the stock exchange market, which spearheaded him to buy shares from Netflix in 2008. As an investor, Paul Mampilly later sold the shares at a higher price, earning him a considerable profit. The financial expert acquired some of his savings succeeding on to become a stakeholder of Sarepta Therapeutics. Paul further traded the shares, which earned him a profit with a margin of two thousand percent. After serving several institutions in the corporate sector, the businessman retired from the Wall Street to have time with his family. He is currently under a contract with the Banyan Hill Publishing, where he produces his several publications including Profits Unlimited, Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum. Paul Mampilly is a recipient of several awards including the Templeton Foundation competition award. He is currently advising individuals to invest in electric car stocks. The entrepreneur foresees that the shares will offer exciting investment opportunities shortly for those who will buy the stocks, and http://releasefact.com/2017/09/how-paul-mampilly-created-the-fastest-growing-investment-newsletter/.

Innovative Health Insurance Coverage The Right Way

Either you have it, or you don’t. This notion can be applied to a number of situations, but there aren’t too many other situations that are more important than insurance coverage. Lets just address the elephant in the room on a first-hand basis. Life is all about ups and downs. Life is also about redemption and tragedy. Sickness and accidents are all a part of life and we as a people can’t escape it. One of the best solutions for backing yourself up is by possessing health insurance/health coverage. This solution gives you peace of mind because it can help you during the rebuilding process. Honestly, health coverage isn’t too hard to get, but it can be more than enough to obtain.

This is the problem with society, but there is a better solution to give consumers some reassurance. That reassurance comes in the form of USHealth Group, and it is changing the game via insurance subsidiaries. USHealth Group is actually a network of insurance companies who are willing to find as well as to provide healthcare coverage that fits your needs. This company is dedicated in this type of work, and it has made a name for itself within the industry. The Fort Worth-based company has over 50 years of experience under its belt. Whether you’re in need of a single plan to help you with your healthcare needs, or you need a group plan, which can take care of the entire family, this company is the best route to take. It’s fairly easy to get a quote and all you have to do head over to the official website and type in your zip code. The system will automatically pull-up the best prices and services. The same thing goes with its PPO Network. Type in your zip code and a number of healthcare providers will be displayed on the screen.

It doesn’t get much modern than this. For those who will become members, the benefits included are tailored coverages, benefits, RX services, cost estimates, treatments and pharmacy estimates. This only scratches the surface of what’s available, but the only way to receive these benefits is by signing up. USHealth Group is truly the ultimate in diverse healthcare coverages.

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USHEALTH Advisors, the Providers of an All Inclusive Insurance Package

USHEALTH Advisors is a subsidiary of USHEALTH Group, a company that provides medical cover insurance. The group, whose CEO and President is Troy McQuagge, is based in Texas. USHEALTH Advisors mainly focuses on marketing and offering customized cover for startup businesses and their employees. USHEALTH Group has stayed in the industry for over three decades, and thus they have the experience and the expertise in this particular field. The Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, which is also owned by USHEALTH Group, underwrites the insurance products.

The firm has established its position as a top provider of insurance services since its conception in 2010. Its ability to understand the needs of different clients and the flexibility to adapt to changes in the industry has enabled it to broaden its clientele base, estimated to have reached over 20 million. USHEALTH Advisors employs several agents to help in the sale and distribution of its services.

They have designed innovative remuneration techniques to ensure their agents get substantial income. Besides, the firm gives its agents generous bonuses after a specific period to motivate their agents. The reward only comes after the achievement of specific realistic goals.

The organizations exceedingly value its communication system. This has ensured that sharing of ideas, and any queries answered. Consequently, the sales team has achieved unprecedented levels of success. Another department that is performing well is customer care. There is a team of dedicated employees ready to offer solutions and answer questions from clients. Customers can also raise issues with the organization through their portal. The online portal is easy to use and is guaranteed to provide solutions and quality service.

USHEALTH Advisors’ employees are thoroughly trained and certified. They are therefore able to study the needs of a client and help them realize their goals. The advisor uses his experience to counsel and advise a client. USHEALTH Advisors has stood out as one of the best and is distinguished for excellent customer service and innovative insurance packages. The firm also won the Corporate Social Responsibility Award in the Gold Stevie Awards. Mr. Troy also won CEO of the year.

Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/company/us-health-group

Are You Purchasing the Right Kind of Life Insurance?

Your life insurance estate can be one of the most important facets of your entire financial planning scheme. Life insurance is a wonderful product as you can establish a legal and binding estate for a pittance compared to the overall amount of death benefit that can be established.

The Freedom Life Insurance Company is just such an organization that can be of great help in your life insurance planning. It is important for you to understand how life insurance works and what the options are for you in this process.

There are two different kinds of life insurance that consumers need to know about. Term life insurance is temporary coverage, although the temporary part can last as long as 30 years. Term means that the coverage lasts as long as the term in the life insurance contract and then the coverage ceases and the policy expires.

Consequently, term life insurance is the least expensive kind and a very large amount of death benefit can be purchased for a very modest price. This is ideal for a young family with children as the most protection can be purchased for the dollar spent.

Permanent life insurance is more expensive because it lasts until age 100, the mathematical life expectancy decreed by most actuaries. The premium is also level over the life of the policy as opposed to term life coverage which can increase as an insured person ages. There is a cash value that accumulates inside of the permanent life insurance policy, which is a reserve against the increasing mortality costs as a person gets older each year.

The cash value can be borrowed by the policy owner and use for whatever purpose is desired. If the insured dies while there is an outstanding policy loan, the death benefit is the face amount of the policy less the balance of the loan.

The Freedom Life insurance company offers both kinds of life insurance, the term and the permanent kinds of policies.

When life insurance planning takes place the plan usually incorporates both kinds of life insurance in order to design a plan that fills the need and which will fulfill budget requirements. The Freedom Life Insurance Company has agents who are experts in this planning process. Visit Freedom Life Insurance at facebook.


Review of Troy McQuagge Career Success and His Winning of One Planet Award

Troy McQuagge is an avid investor and corporate executive. He has an expansive career in managing and marketing of health insurance. His exceptional leadership and management skills have seen him excel in a competitive environment in the health industry. Furthermore, Troy McQuagge has won several prestigious awards for his dedication and commitment to his work. Currently, Troy McQuagge is the president and the CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc.


Troy McQuagge joined USHEALTH Group in 2010. He embarked on an ambitious plan of turning around and improving the company’s sales agency USHEALTH Advisor. Troy’s responsibility included the growth and profitability of the branch that existed in the health insurance market of “under 65” category. He built the agency into one of the largest individual health insurance sales organization.

His excellent performance at the advisor branch saw Troy McQuagge appointed the CEO and president of USHEALTH Group in 2010. As the CEO, Mr. McQuagge for the last three years has overseen the company growth and success in a very competitive insurance market. The Texas-based company has turned into one of the leading provider of health insurance for individuals who are self-employed and small business entrepreneurs.

The One Planet Award

As an exceptional CEO, Troy McQuagge was awarded the Gold Winner CEO of the Year award in 2016. The prestigious One Planet Award is a program that honors the excellence in professional and business career all over the world. The award recognizes performance excellence in all global organizations in every industry. All enterprise whether large, small, start-ups, private, public, profit and non-profit organizations are eligible for the award. The awarding regards the firm’s executives, teams, public relation, marketing, and innovations. Other categories include the provision of goods and services, as well as corporate customer relations.

Troy McQuagge attended the University of Central Florida for bachelor’s degree in arts, legal studies. Troy has also has served as the President of the agency marketing group at HealthMarket for over eleven years. Over the years Troy has involved himself in volunteering and charitable work. Some of the organizations he has supported include HopeKids Dallas, HopeKids Phoenix, Crisis Nursery Phoenix and Semper Fi Fund among others. Read more on Central Jersey Working Moms at https://insurancenewsnet.com/oarticle/Troy-McQuagge-is-Slated-to-Head-USHEALTH-Group-Inc-a-489547