Targeting SEO Keywords For Maximum Results

White Shark Media, a digital marketing agency, works for small and medium businesses to give online marketing strategies. They are one of the fastest growing online companies in the country and their growth came from using their own principals of search engine optimization.

Beginning as a small agency, they have now grown to help many companies around the country. Their proven tools such as reporting software, Google Analytics integration, and call tracking are what help companies grow and have an online presence. Recently, White Shark Media posted a blog post, found here: about one of their most used techniques, search engine optimization.

In the blog post, White Shark Media says that keywords are a vital element in any SEO strategy and search engine marketing campaign. They are used for business classification and target audience. Because search engines have evolved, so have the use of SEOs.

One old trick is keyword stuffing. Regardless if a title makes sense, companies put as many possible keywords into their online communications to attract search engine hits. This is a mistake because it can lead users to find results that are unreliable. So the question is, what is a good number of keywords to use?

A few good rules are to mention the keyword in the page title and the main headline. To target users and get a good click through rate, use a meta description. Repeat your keyword throughout the article two or three times as part of the page content. However, do not go overboard. An article shouldn’t sound unnatural. Piling random words in or throughout an article will not sell an idea or product.

Keyword research is important. Learning which words to use that are the most relevant will get the most targeted demographic. Some websites can be used to find popular search terms and keywords so they can be put in marketing materials. These websites include WordStream and Übersuggest. Using these websites for research will help learn how users think when they are using search engines.

It is important to use synonyms and variants of words to turn keywords into titles that make sense and are appealing to the reader. Search engines have now processed trillions of searches and they have learned what people are actually looking for.

In the end, companies should stop trying to find shortcuts in order to rank better. Companies need to understand what their audience is looking for and how they are trying to find it so they can provide them with what they need.

The Interesting Life Of Joseph Bismarck

First off, you should really follow the WordPress End of an Earring… it’s a fun and brilliant blog where you can find little gems like this one on Joseph Bismark. Here’s what I got from it…

As the managing director of QI Group, Joseph Bismarck is responsible for the livelihood of 1,500 employees spanning the thirty countries where the company has offices. At first, the stereotypical image of a world class CEO pops into mind, but after getting to know Mr. Bismarck, you find he is nothing like the brash, egotistical archetype. In fact, he is quite the opposite.

Bismarck entered into a Philippino ashram (monastery) at the young age of nine years old. There he learned the virtues of the monks and to this day practices his faith of The Absolute Truth. His daily life is centered around his deep spirituality which is reflected by his respect for his employees, simple lifestyle and humble demeanor. 

After leaving the ashram at seventeen, Bismarck co-founded the QI Group with Malaysian businessman, Vijay Eswaran in 1988. The company has interests in education, hospitality, direct selling, financial services and retail. Bismarck believes that each employee can and should go beyond the scope of their individual roles to contribute something greater to society. To achieve this, much of the company’s resources are spent in the personal development of their employees through an affiliate company called The V. The V conducts training boot camps, conventions and retreats to enhance employee’s skill sets. Bismarck prefers a consultative style of management and problem-solving. This approach is reflective of his humble nature and empowerment philosophy.

When not working on the complex issues a the multi-national conglomerate, Bismarck devotes a lot of his spare time to another affiliate named The RYTHM Foundation, which stands for Raise Yourself to Help Mankind. This social responsibility platform is a mechanism to provide opportunities to achieve personal success and service for people in the poor and marginalized parts of society. 

Bismarck also is a frequent contributor to his spiritual blog (, practices martial arts and is a yoga teacher, and Vedic philosopher.