Cop Gets Burned

A North Carolina police officer dealt with much more than he expected after receiving a free cup of coffee. In 2012 the officer went into Starbucks during the time they were offering free coffee. Matthew Kohr, the officer who received the coffee, proceeded to leave the store when the lid to his cup popped off. Unfortunately a few napkins couldn’t clean up this mess. Kohrs is now suing Starbucks Coffee for $50,000. He is seeking this money in lieu of emotional damage and blisters and burns from the incident. He also claimed that the stress of his spilled coffee enraged his Crohn’s disease. His Crohn’s disease was such a problem that he had to have surgery to remove parts of his intestines. Unfortunately, his wife Melanie also suffered during this incident. There was a ‘significant’ period of suffering for her while her husband was in the hospital undergoing his procedure. She lost her emotional, social, and intimate partner. The Starbucks employee who prepared the drink had originally been named in the lawsuit. The courts decided later on to remove her name. The attorneys representing Starbucks have not taken this suit lightly. They argue that because Kohrs received the coffee free of charge the case should be dismissed. The two parties could not settle their claim during a mediation session. In a post, Anastasia date mentioned that this leaves the courts no choice but to send the two parties to trial. A jury will have to determine fault in the matter.