Being Proactive On Customer Service Issues

We’ve all heard the saying that the customer is always right. However, sometimes it can be difficult to deal with some customers. Nonetheless, when a customer has an issue it must be dealt with appropriately. We cannot put off their needs based on company policy. It only takes one disgruntled customer to spread the world of poor customer service and or products. The problem is like the old telephone game. They will tell someone who will tell someone and on down the line. To avoid any issues like this, it is important to respond to customers’ complaints. Let their voice be heard and try not to discredit or push their issues under the rug.

In customer service, you may not always be able to give a customer the answer they want. There ae policies in place and the policies are set in stone. However, a manager has the ability to try to make it right. Whether it’s a gift card or some other method to make up for their issue, it’s easier than cleaning up a national mess. Some companies are ruined by people and their word-of-mouth advertising. When I was growing up, there was as small ice cream store that we frequented. One night an unforeseen event happened there and a lady lost her life in the freezer. When word got out that the store never changed out the ice cream in the cooler, the place closed down in less than 2 months. The story probably wasn’t true, but they never responded or addressed the complaints. Issuing a formal statement could have saved the business.

Hats off to companies like Shark White Media who take the time to address their customers complaints. This company has a whole page dedicated to their customers about the issues that bother them the most. The FAQ page is now dedicated to customer concerns and they answer them one by one. Sometimes they don’t always have the best answers, but other times they are able to put the customers mind at ease.

This Google AdWords management company strives for superior customer service. However, you simply cannot please all of the people all of the time. So with that in mind, they do want to address their concerns. They have a page listed on their blog that has all of the most commonly heard complaints. If people take enough time to write or call in about an issue, White Shark Media takes the time to respond effectively. More companies should be proactive instead of reactive with customer issues. It could mean a world of difference in the outcome.