Whitney Wolfe Taking Over the Social Media Dating Platform

Bumble which was founded by Whitney Wolfe is moving from a dating app to a professional social network. Whitney Wolfe was born in Salt Lake City in the United States in 1989. She went to Southern Methodist University and recently got married to her husband Michael Herd. Her relationship with Michael Herd who is an entrepreneur began with her taking the lead in the relationship. The two met in December 2013 during a vacation in Aspen.

Whitney Wolfe says that she wants to make the social media site to be more positive and for it to become an equal social network. Bumble was founded in 2014 and by 2016, it had attracted more than eighteen million users. The application allows women to make the first move in matchmaking. According to Whitney Wolfe, something amazing started happening as women felt safe and began to have positive interactions. It provided a space where women could make the first move without being solicited.

According to her, there is a problem across the board regardless of which industry one is in and Bumble is planning to change this by making it mainstream. Whitney Wolfe has big ambitions for Bumble and believes that the digital platform has three main verticals, professional space, friendship, and love.

Bumble is well known for its feminist approach in matchmaking. The company has since expanded its reach since the launch of Bumble BFF in March 2016. It is one of the fastest growing mobile apps in the world and it has grown with an estimate of ten million users within the short period of two years. This is really impressive. The main goal of Bumble was to bring to an end the abuse and bullying of women online due to the existing gender norms relating to social interaction between opposite sexes.

The success story of Whitney Wolfe is that of an intelligent young woman who took the risk of investing in a completely new and different venture in the online platform and so far, it has brought big returns to her as the investment has been a great success. Whitney Wolfe was motivated to create something different and healthy that would create meaningful connections between people and she did just that. Bumble recently held a celebration for achieving the 100,000,000th first move made by a woman. According to Times, Bubble has a net worth of $500 million. Whitney Wolfe has been named as one of the thirty most important women under thirty in Tech in 2014 and was further named as one of Elle’s Women in Tech in 2016.

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Finding Love Overseas

The act of romancing and dating has been around for centuries, the act itself older than theater but it has still managed to consistently change with the way of the world. As inventors and brilliant minds continued to enhance the daily lives of society, dating has kept up with the pace and molded towards the ever changing way of daily life. Once cars where made readily available for the public it became easier for young adults to spend quality alone time with their beloved by taking a Sunday afternoon drive or parking somewhere secluded in the dead of night. With the creation of phones came the luxury of consistent communication if you where at home until mobile phones where created, and then came the invention that connected the world, the internet.

When the internet became a nearly consistent existence in the average household, dating was introduced into a whole other spectrum. Online dating spun off the usual face-to-face meeting for people interested in looking for a partner, and became its own subculture for people who didn’t have the time or interest in searching bars and the like for their soulmate. Online dating has branched off into many sub categories, sites and apps where created solely to focus on connecting people with similar religious beliefs, lifestyle, sexual orientation and certain racial preferences.

Anastasia Date is an online dating website that caters to people who have a preference for women from Russia and the Ukraine. Its modified and high quality search engine finds the perfect match for these ladies searching for a partner by matching things like age,location, smoking preference and children, just to name a few. Anastasia has been around for over two decades and was founded by a Russian woman who moved to the U.S. and married an American, so her understanding of interracial love comes from a place close to home. When the company started up it took a groups of American men to Moscow and St. Petersburg after the wall fell, and helped these men meet Russian single Russian women.

Anastasia Date went online in 2003 and grew exponentially, resulting in the launch of three more sites AmoLatina.com, AsianBeauties.com, and AfricaBeauties.com. Anastasia Date is a company the mixes international love and modern romance by introducing single men and women with the same interest in starting a connection with someone from a separate country. They organize events oversees, huge meet and greets in multiple countries and their members span over 110 different countries. Anastasia Date regularly organizes romantic tours and social activities yearly. With over 8,000 profiles on Anastasia Date, all you have to do is register, create a profile and start looking for your perfect match