NutriMost Supports Healing not Stealing

NurtiMost Wellness and Weight Loss Company has brought a lawsuit against a competitor. A company called Healthy Living is accused of adding NutriMost’s advertising and testimonial video to their own website. They only replaced all references to the company NutriMost, with the words “Can’t Lose Diet.”

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

Their small, undercover move may have gone undetected for a period of time, however, they kept the part of the video showing the founder and creator of NutriMost, Dr. Ray Wisniewski, explaining his NutriMost system.

Dr Ray, has a chiropractic practice located in Penn Hills, just outside of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Dr. Ray has been in his chiropractic business for more than 30 years and practices what is called “pastoral medicine.” This type of medicine combines scriptural health wisdom and leading edge science, and is not to be confused with state regulated services.

The NutriMost company believes that there are 5 essentials to all healing and that God put inside all of us the power to heal any condition we may possess. Dr. Ray refers to himself as an instrument of God and he has been tasked to deliver this powerful, pastoral medicine message to as many as he can, while he is still alive. His motivation to create a website promoting his method was to reach people globally and not just locally.

Dr. Ray has followed the legal procedures to stop Healthy Living from using his video. Healthy Living was served a cease and desist letter warning them to take the video off of their website. Instead of removing the video, they simply replaced it with a shorter version.

Dr. Ray continues to fight this process and seeks to be awarded $300,000 for the theft of the video and the damage to the reputation of his company NutriMost.

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