How White Shark Media Is Using Customer Complaints To Improve Its World-Class Services?

White Shark Media is one of the most recognized brands in digital marketing. Since its inception, the company has delivered exceptional performance when it comes to managing PPC and Adwords campaigns for small and medium-sized businesses. In fact, the success of the company is attributed to one-to-one interaction with its clients. In order to further improve its customer service, White Shark Media has released a press report to generate awareness of how it will remain a customer-oriented firm by improving its services based on the active feedback received from its customers.


Acknowledging that the company need to improve further, the co-founder and CMO Andrew Lolk indicated that they are making sure that each of its customer, who lost touch with the Adwords campaign is explained the ins and outs of the Adwords campaign from scratch. In fact, the company has made sure that each of its customer gets a briefing on the results, every month. In the futuere, every client and SEM Strategist will go over the result using the latest GoToMeeting technology allowing customers to go through the report in detail.


In fact, new customers will experience dedicated support as soon as they sign up with the company. Now, every client will have a contact number of a dedicated SEM Strategist and their supervisors. Phone systems with direct extensions will also ensure that anyone can access their contact person in real-time and resolve complains, quickly.


To achieve better results, customers are not forced to update to a new platform. According to White Shark Media, transition from one platform to another platform requires a learning curve, which may not be suitable for everyone. As a result, the transition from old platform to a newer and updates platform is only done after consultation and analysis of the existing performance. If the customer is satisfied with the existing setup, there is no immediate need to transfer the campaign to a new environment.


It is also notable that each client is also teamed up with a supervisor. To manage the workload effectively, a supervisor oversees only 3 to 5 SEM Strategist. Doing so, allows the team to address critical issues by relying on detailed feedback of the management team. Similarly, Shark Media is only one of the few companies in the industry, which actively helps its customers deal with SEO issues. Despite the fact that the company does not offer SEO services, clients get a free evaluation of their SEO projects.


Recently, the company has also enhanced its offerings by providing call tracking technology by Marchex. The technology allows customers to track conversion rates of their own clients who use phone services to make contact. The phone tracking complements other services such as conversion tracking, call tracking, and in some cases Google Analytics.