Beneful Treats Match the Quality of the Highly Rated Foods

Purinastore’s premium brand known as Beneful is an extremely highly rated dog food that focuses on providing a balanced and healthy diet through the use of fresh meats and a variety of vegetables. Beneful has multiple dry and wet food options that are customized to meet the needs of every dog owner. The feature a variety of meats such as chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, and salmon. Purina carefully crafted this line of premium foods to meet the increasing demands for upgraded and healthier options for knowledgeable pet owners. The line is receiving high praise and what’s even better is they have a entire line of Beneful dog treats as well.

Finding dog treats that are just as well-crafted as the premium foods can be difficult. Beneful has come out with several options for treats that cater to different sized breeds , are made with natural ingredients, and target health teeth and gums for your dog. The Beneful “healthy smile” treats: help to reduce plaque and tartar build up, but also help to support strong bones and fresh breath.

Beneful also boasts a line of treats on Walmart called “Baked Delights” which are healthy options that offer up a large variety of savory flavors that your dog will love. Baked Delights “Heartfuls” have apple filling and real bacon, the “Hugs” are made with beef and cheese, the “Snackers” have real peanut butter and cheese, and the “Stars” have both bacon and cheese, and chicken and cheese. The “Baked Delights” line of treats are very highly rated and dog owners are giving positive reviews by the dozens.



Treat Your Dog Like Family With Beneful Varieties

Every holiday is special in our house, and we try to make it special for our dog, also. We buy him a stocking, and we stuff it for him, we saw this on Youtube. We put Beneful Dog treats in it last year, and he loved it. It makes him happy to see us care so much for him, and a happy dog is a healthy dog in my opinion. I bought him Beneful Baked Delights last year. We bought the kind called Hugs, which were made with healthy ingredients. He loves to have a treat after we go on our morning walks, and it makes me feel good because he deserves it. He never complains about the snow like my children do! I usually keep another kind of dog treats in the jar on our counter in the kitchen. The kids like to feed our dog the treats from the jar after dinner. After dinner he gets one treat from the jar. Since he only gets one treat we try to switch which kid gives him the treat because we like to be fair, and they like to make our dog happy with the treats, also. Our kids really care about their dog. I know this because they make drawings of the dog, and they hang them on the refrigerator, which is just sweet if you ask me. We always put Beneful Dog Treats from Amazon in the dog cookie jar. We usually put the Healthy Dental Ridges in the jar, so we know our dog is getting the proper care that he needs. We often buy Beneful for our dog’s dry dog food. We buy the Beneful Dry Dog Food Original. We have tried a few different flavors. He had the Healthy Puppy kind when he was younger. Then, we switched him over to the Original blend that is made with real chicken. He never complains. In fact, he’s happy every morning when I fill his bowl with yummy kibbles. The second they hit the bowl he is ready for them. We love our dog, so he we treat him like he’s part our family.