Eating Healthy in Bright Lights

If you’ve ever been in a restaurant with bright lights, then you might have considered getting something a little healthier on the menu. There is a study that has revealed that if the lights are brighter in restaurants, then people tend to order the healthy options instead of those that are higher in calories and carbohydrates. When you’re in a dark environment, you don’t want everyone to know what you’re eating and you probably don’t care what you eat, so you can go ahead and order the large steak and baked potato. When there are bright lights everywhere, then others can see the food on your table. You want to have a presentation that is healthy, such as a salad or a sandwich. This is a method of getting people to eat healthy that restaurants are starting to do a little more of instead of dimming the lights while people are inside. Natural lighting also works, such as skylights on the ceiling or large picture windows. A bright environment can make people feel better by putting them in a better mood, which can also lead to making healthier food choices. As long as people are eating healthy and making healthy choices for the body, then restaurants should be able to have the environment that they desire regardless of what others think about the interior design.