According to George Soros, the 2016 Global Economy Resembles the Economy of 2008

Billionaire George Soros spoke in front of an economic forum recently in Sri Lanka and what he had to say was not as positive as one might have hoped. Mr. Soros is a financial and economic entrepreneur who began his career in 1979. He earned his place in the investment market when, in 1992, he made one million dollars in a very risky venture. He has advanced and earned a brilliant reputation in the field of investments and finances.

Mr. Soros is an expert with immense knowledge concerning international economics on Politico. reports that at this seminar, Soros spoke about the present financial circumstances surrounding the globe and compared them to the conditions of the economy right before the crisis of 2008. He focused on global currency, stocks and bonds and the commodity market, saying they were way out of balance.

George Soros spoke about China being in the midst of a tremendous shift in their economy. “The entire country is shifting from investment and manufacturing to consumption and services,” says Mr. Soros.

Asian countries, including China, are experiencing changes with the decreasing value of the yen also contributing to the problems. China has lost $2.5 trillion as the country has been forced to close down trade exchange for two days.

More predictions from Mr. Soros are creating a worldwide economy structure that looks frighteningly like that of 2008. Here are five additional points that he made.

1) Gold is at all-time high prices that are soaring over $1,100 per ounce. American is no longer based on the gold standard.
2) There is an index that assesses the level of fear in society, and it is called the Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index; it is now up 13 percent.
3) Treasury Bonds show projected price changes through a Merrill Lynch index, and this index has risen over six percent in 2015. Merrill Lynch is one of the largest and trusted investment firms in the country.
4) Interest rates through the People’s Bank of China have been cut to record lows in order to attempt to restore the Chinese market.
5) The authorities have already added billions of dollars to equalize their economy during the transition of their economy.

Mr. Soros considers himself an active liberal on, and he participates in politics by contributing millions of dollars to the leaders he believes can effectively lead America. Recently, he contributed the largest amount on record, which was an $8 million donation for pro- Hillary campaigns. This is the largest amount Mr. Soros has ever contributed to a single candidate since 2000.

These economic predictions have stirred controversy in the financial community so that measures might be taken to turn the market around before another crash occurs.

Economists And Their Impact

The world will be lacking if it existed without the output of economists. Businesses will crumble one after the other without economists. Their contribution especially to the world of business is so full of impact such that countries will do anything just to enjoy their services. They work involve analyzing the costs and benefits of engaging in a business of providing certain goods or services. They can also tell the fate of a certain investment by conducting research, collecting and analyzing data as well as monitoring of the economic trend. They thereafter give a report which includes the research which includes the results found and at the end they give the recommendations. With such, an organization or a country can take a bold step with the knowledge that somebody has already visited the future and they can easily foretell the outcome of the investment. If the recommendations were to proceed they will do that and if they required something before proceeding, they will do that.

Economists are therefore required in various sectors of economy for their services such as agriculture, finance, real estate, natural resources, transport and health. They put the economic policy of that area into practical application while using their knowledge and understanding in the field of economics to advise various stakeholders in this area. They can also be sourced to come up with the policies themselves and using their knowledge in the field they will develop a policy that is friendly and practical for that field. There are those who work for various agencies such as the banks, insurance companies among other organizations where their work mainly involves writing reports and researching which they later present for assessment. Their work is usually tiresome and they have to meet deadlines which most of the time requires them to work overtime.

One of the world best economists is Christian Broda who is currently the managing partner at Dunuesne Capital Management which he joined in 2009. He previously worked as a professor of economics at the University of Chicago where he trained young students on the subject. He also wrote many articles on the subject and they have been of help to students and other scholars. He also worked as a chief international economist for Barclays Bank a position which he held for one year prior to which he was the head of international research at Lehman Brothers. His areas of expertise include emerging markets, investments, capital markets, equity research and trading among others. His career in as an economists dates way back in 1994 when he joined Universidad de San Andres for his bachelor of arts in economics. He also holds a PhD on economics.

Newark CEDC: A Brief Overview

These days, many people are interested in doing business in Newark or learning more about how their city’s economic development is being realized. To get a better understanding of how business policies and procedures are exacted in Newark, it’s important to note that the city’s Community Economic Development Corporation handles these processes. Learn more about this dynamic organization by reading the brief outline that appears below:

Kevin Seawright: Newark CEDC’s CFO

Kevin Seawright is the Chief Financial Officer of Newark’s CEDC. Seawright has extensive education and experience in the financial and administrative sectors. He is known for utilizing strategic management principles coupled with team inclusion techniques to facilitate optimal results in the business world. Over the course of his career, Seawright has developed business strategies on Flickr and other resources, that consistently yield tangible results. In many cases, Seawright’s efforts have involved the alignment of technological initiatives with current economic goals and organizational objectives.

What Does The CEDC Do?

The CEDC has a plethora of responsibilities within the city of Newark. Some of them include:

Business Attraction

One of the CEDC’s objectives is to work with businesses that are interested in relocating or expanding into Newark. The CEDC enjoys introducing companies to the city of Newark and explaining the assets and economic opportunities it offers. The company also provides business owners with an analysis of workforce information, economic indicators, demographics, and available buildings.

Industry Focus

The CEDC undergoes that a diverse economy fuels the city’s growth and expansion. In recognizing this simple business principle, the CEDC crew is pleased to focus in on specific industries that play a key role in facilitating city prosperity. The CEDC’s primary industries of concern include the arts, entertainment, manufacturing, information technology, health and health services, higher education and research, and port and port related services.

Small Business Development

The CEDC realizes that small business development can play a profound, powerful role in city growth. For this reason, the company places primacy on helping small businesses in Newark.

Neighborhood Development

The CEDC recognizes that city development is immensely important. For this reason, the company’s economic development directors offer project management services to make sure that the economic development initiatives for the city’s neighborhoods entail the greatest ROI possible.


As a community of business development experts, the professionals of Newark’s CEDC work with passion and persistence to ensure that the city’s economy continues to grow and expand. In so doing, the CEDC plays an integral role in facilitating the livelihood of the city and its citizens.