New Jersey Looking to Improve State Finances


New Jersey is one of the fastest growing states in the country. Over the past couple of years, the state has invested billions of dollars in infrastructure to sustain its growth. There are a lot of people who are unhappy about the cost on these upgrades. For example, road repair throughout the state has put an additional $20 billion of debt on the balance sheet. Many residents are not pleased with the fiscal management of the state government. This will be an interesting point to watch over the next couple of years.

Paying Back Debt

Many state governments do not manage their fiscal policy wisely. Over the long term, debt restricts the cash flow of the state. Although infrastructure is important, there are many people who believe that the repairs are not necessary right now. Instead of spending billions of roads, many people contend that the state could have used the money to stimulate the economy. Over the past couple of years, many residents have voiced their concern with how the money is being handled.

Future Plans

New Jersey is a progressive state that is trying to change its ways. It became one of the first states to legalize gambling online, and this is expected to provide a boost to tax revenue in the state. This will help to offset the cost of the new road repairs, but it does not mean that the decision to repair the roads was a good one.

No Room for Oil

One thing that the United States gets from other countries is oil, even though there are pipelines in various areas where oil could be retrieved. However, it looks like the United States is running out of room to store the oil that it has on hand. There are over 500 million barrels of oil in stockpiles, which is the largest amount that has been on hand in decades. Thanks to Jon Urbana for pointing out this out on Twitter. You should follow him for more updates.

This is probably why gas prices are so low, but if there isn’t anywhere to keep the oil, then why does it matter about pricing. If the oil is going to go to waste or sold to another country because there aren’t enough places to keep the barrels, then the low gas prices don’t come into play as they will simply increase in the future if the oil is sold. Instead of stockpiling oil, one idea is to tap into the lines that are available.

Some Economists Think The U.S. Economy Is Not Growing Fast Enough

Economists around the country think the U.S. economy isn’t going to be brought down by China’s economic woes. Economists like Christian Broda say the Washington political gridlock should be our major concern. Broda knows what he is talking about. He is a brilliant economics professor and the managing director of Duquesne Capital Management. Christian Broda looks at the whole economic picture and he says the United States must overhaul the tax code, and develop better trade agreements with other countries.

The current trade agreements are one-sided, and they must be reevaluated, according to Mr. Broda. He also said the American economy is growing, and we are creating new jobs, but most of the growth and the jobs are oil related, and that means the numbers are not an accurate picture of total growth. Broda also thinks the income disparity will become more of a factor in economic growth next year even though states and cities are raising the minimum wage.

The truth, according to Broda and other economists, is the American economy is in a stagnation period. Too many people are saving and not spending, and that limits growth potential. Plus the U.S. is not investing enough in its infrastructure, and that plays into the country’s growth pattern as well. The biggest issue with the lack of initiative concerning investing in the infrastructure of the country is the political gridlock, and that has the country in a state of uncertainty, according to many economists.

That uncertainty is playing out in the primary election process. Candidates with political backgrounds are being overlooked, and candidates with proven track records in business and other fields look more appealing to the American public. And that is a step forward in eliminating the silly backstabbing that goes on in Washington. Most economists think that the U.S. economy will not recover until the political gridlock is unlocked. That may not happen in 2016, but most people that focus on politics and the economy think the American political system will change within the next ten years.

When that happens, and the income disparity and the trade issues are corrected, the U.S. will begin to look and act like a thriving democracy again.

3 Reasons to Stay Calm As Stock Market Shakes

For many investors this is definitely not the best way to end the summer. Historically, the markets do not move much in the month of August. This year the markets decided to take a different path, as the S&P 500 index plunged 9% for the month and 8% for the year.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking the end is near and the country is fast approaching another recession. It is true that a falling market damages consumer confidence while the media is sprinkled with scary headlines, but in actuality the market does not always reflect what’s really going down in the economy.

Here are three reasons not to freak out and call your broker about the latest market quakes.

1. U.S. Economy Is In good Shape

Production does not exactly match that of decades past, but as a whole the economy is still growing. Almost 1.5 million new jobs have been created this year, and over 11.5 million jobs have been created over the past five years. In addition, the housing market is improving, auto sales are on track for a memorable year, and consumers are spending more. Experts believe there to be a mere 8% chance for another recession, and it’s important to remember that market declines usually just reflect worries of the economy.

2. The Fed Can Intervene

Many believe the current market slump, a manifestation of China’s recent market decisions, mean a global recession or something similarly ominous is coming. In the unlikely event that this idea comes true, the Federal Reserve has a few weapons they can use to minimize any damage. The Federal Reserve has been hinting at hiking up interest rates for some time, but in the event they need to, they could reverse their decision and create a tightening cycle. The Fed could also resume quantitative easing, a policy it cut last year.

3. Bargain Time

Small traders and heavy hitting investors are already on the hunt for stocks and assets that have fallen in a way inconsistent with their fundamentals, and which are likely to recover. Japanese and European stocks will regain ground quickly because their central banks are more likely to employ aggressive stimulus tactics, as opposed to the U.S. U.S. stocks are notorious for being heavily valued, and while it might not be time to buy the dip just yet, that time will eventually come.

One financial expert on wallstreetjournal, Christian Broda, strongly believes the U.S. dollar, along with U.S. stocks and assets will bounce back above any lost ground. Christian Broda is a University of Chicago academic and later became a professor for the university for many years. The optimistic hedge fund manager is currently a researcher at the National Bureau of Economic Research and is the associate editor for the Journal of Development Economics.

Several Economists Say The U.S. Economy Is In Serious Trouble

Most people in the United States don’t realize it, but we are slowly breaking down our own economy. In the past 30 years, more than 16,600 American companies have been sold to foreign investors. Christian Broda, the managing director of Duquesne Capital Management says Japan and China would never sell their companies to foreign investors. Selling American companies to foreign investors means the technology developed by those companies on as well as the profits made by those companies go overseas. The U.S. economy is feeling the impact of these transactions, according to Broda, and some economists that think like Broda say the selling of America has to stop. Another interesting point about selling American companies to foreign investors is most of those investors have no problem moving those companies to other countries so they can take advantage of third world labor wages.

What’s happening, and most Americans don’t know it is, Americans work for foreign-owned companies that set up operations in the United States, so Americans don’t work for Americans anymore. They work for foreign investors. The U.S. Constitution was designed to protect Americans from trade and other related issues involving foreign powers when it was first designed, but that is not the case any longer. America has given the World Trade Organization the power to pass rules that govern corporate issues.

According to several economists, the U.S. doesn’t produce the products needed to sustain life, and debt has taken over the country. The government is in debt, and China holds most of the notes on that debt. The government borrows money just to pay back the loans they already owe. Our economy has become a service economy filled with low-paying jobs. Our manufacturing base is a wreck, and our democracy has become an oligarchy.

But economists like Broda think we can reverse the situation. We can increase taxes on imports. We can develop better regulation when it comes to foreign commerce, and we should stay out of costly wars that don’t concern us. But the biggest thing Americans can do to rebuild the country is, bring American back to the people. Economists say get rid of government waste, and lazy, complacent politicians. Put a stop to lobbying groups, and bring the people not fast-track money into the decision-making process. Some economists think 2016 will be a year of political change, and if Trump has anything to do with it, it will be.

James Dondero has led Highland to new heights

The economy has been in a several recession for several years. This recession has had a major impact on all sectors of the economy, but it had an especially large impact on the banking sector. The banking sector collapsed at the start of this recession, and until recently the sector has struggled to recover, but now this wonderful sector has now recovered. Investment Banking in particular has recovered quite well. People are really starting to get interested in Investment banking, and the time to look into investment banking is now. One of the major pioneers in the investment banking community is James Dondero.
James Dondero is the leader at Highland Capital Management, and he is one of the most experienced members of the financial community. He has been working in the financial community for more than thirty years. He has worked mostly in Credit and Equity markets, and the primary focus during this time has been on high yield and distressed investing. This strategy primarily focuses on taking in products that are extremely undervalued. This allows for the investor to make a considerable amount, but it also requires that the person know a great deal about what they are investing in. Fortunately, James was a quick learner, and he quickly rose to the top of the industry. He gained experience in a wide variety of different areas, but in the early nineties he decided to settle down at Highland Capital Management.
The partnership between James Dondero and Highland Capital Management has been extremely successful. With James in the leadership, Highland has pioneered many different new financial strategies. One of the biggest new developments has been the Collatorized Loan Obligation. This particular strategy allowed Highland capital to make a great amount of money off of the emergence of credit. Over the years Highland has grown considerably because of James’ commitment to the growth of the compnay.
While James helped to develop several different programs for Highland Capital Management, the company is known for their wide diversity of financial products. Highland has received numerous awards for their offerings including their hedge funds, private equities, mutual funds, ETF’s, and other products. All of these products are extremely well managed and have made their customers a great deal of money.
While Investment Banking is a rapidly growing industry it is still extremely important that customers seek out well managed investment banking companies before they begin investing. A well managed company can earn you thousands of dollars quickly, while a poorly managed investment bank will end up costing you money in the long run. Fortunately, there are many extremely well funded investment companies available today, with one of the biggest being Highland Capital Management.
As the market continues to recover, people are sure to start looking for a way to invest the money they are now earning. One of the best options for those that are looking to invest their money is Highland Capital Management. This wonderful company has high quality leadership that allows people the possibility of earning a great deal of money. James Dondero has dedicated his life and his time to ensuring that people get the money they deserve, so check out his company today.

Economists and its Impact.

An economist is a person who is really knowledgeable in the discipline of economics. These people study, develop theories and concepts about the world of economics and sometimes even apply their own theories. They work in various fields including government, the private sector and also academics. They study data and statistics and develop trends of the world’s economic status and attitudes of the consumers. They develop this information using their gained skills of statistical analysis and computer programming. By the end of the exercise, they give reports on their findings and give recommendations on how to make improvements and capitalize on the latest trends.

Christian Broda is one such economist. Currently, Duquesne Capital management is run by him as the managing director. Earlier on, he worked in one of the best schools of business as an economics lecturer at University of Chicago. He is also a writer and has published many books on finance and trade. His publications have also been published on numerous journals. Currently, he is working as a hedge fund manager. He is a member of the National Bureau of Economics and an editor at the Journal of Development Economics. He has been awarded two grants by the National Science Foundation to support his research and he has also been named as the James s. Kemperer Scholar of the Year.
Mr. Broda on worldstreetjournal believes that the US Dollar will still remain the world’s currency of choice despite many people saying that the Dollar is on the verge of losing its status as the “super currency”. He has gone to encourage investors to continue making investments on the dollar saying that the currency will get through the rough patch. He has also supported the bank of Japan despite the fiscal collapse.
Most economists usually work alone as the views of one economist are not necessarily the views of another. However, from time to time the work with other economists and statisticians. Economists normally dictate the path their careers will take. They choose between taking a focus on mathematical techniques and a more layman way of explaining to people the economic impact of certain activities. Their profession is not dictated upon and there is no need for having a license to become an economist. What is mostly required is the academic qualification of a degree or masters in economics from a recognized university.
Economists have a great impact in the society as they give direction on the path which should be taken if an economy is to thrive.

There is a huge Shortage of Qualified Workers in the Home Construction Business

Construction companies like the ones Kenneth Griffin owned are beginning to really fall behind in meeting the home construction demands primarily due to the lack of skilled workers that are available. Home construction fell as low as it has ever been recently in June, and June is typically the busiest month for home building. The Building Companies state that they have a serious lack of workers that are qualified in this field of work. This statement has been verified by many financial sources saying that the shortage of skilled workers in the home construction business has effected companies throughout the entire country.
The unemployment rate in the construction business has continued to rise due to the fact that companies are having difficulty hiring qualified workers to aid in building the rising demand for homes. Despite the fact that high schools across the country have been offering students training programs to get them certified in home construction; these programs have not been putting enough qualified workers into the companies. Primarily construction companies in the South are suffering more than companies in states such as Maryland due to the fact that the home demand is not continuing to rise. However, in southern states such as Texas where the home demand is rising, the companies are seeing major shortages in skilled workers to meet these demands. This is greatly effecting their home construction business, and causing the companies to take losses financially this year.

The Amazing and Powerful New Beneful Ads

For many years, Beneful has been known as the leader in the pet food industry. They have been providing animal owners with a premium and healthy choice of pet food that stands up above the rest. Beneful has been known as well for their effective ads that move and inspire pet owners all over the world. The latest ad campaign Beneful has rolled out is that of pride. Pet owners all around the world are proud to feed their pets Beneful. These high-quality video ads show Beneful employees feeding their dogs Beneful dog food. These ads are centered around the fact that these employees really do stand behind what they produce.

This “I Stand Behind Beneful” campaign is a very powerful message to deliver pet owners all over the world. Digital and print advertising is also a large part of this campaign. The message needs to get out that these products are fully endorsed by the wonderful individuals who are employed at the Atlanta processing plant. This is a great way to share with individuals all over the United States that Beneful is willing to take the extra step in order to ensure that their dog food is safe and healthy for every dog.

You can read the press release from Beneful here.

John Oliver Takes Wal-Mart, Gap And H&M To Task For Slave Labor Conditions In Factories

Yesterday, John Oliver used his show Last Week Tonight to remind CEO’s of fashion companies like Gap, Walmart, and H&M that paying workers at Bangladesh factories sub-par wages is bad.

Gap has come under fire every couple of years because of its business practices blogs Sultan Alhokair. News has come to light showing child-labor and deplorable work conditions, and while Gap has pledged to fix the problem every single time, the promises are usually forgotten within weeks with very little progress.

In the last couple of years after factory disasters have made the news, retailers have denied any involvement or knowledge of the sub-par conditions, going as far as claiming that their approved factories have outsourced the work to non-approved ones.

John Oliver took these retailers to task by offering to send them gifts of food to their offices, but claiming he had no idea how the food had been handled, as he outsourced the task to someone else.

But there’s one part Oliver didn’t focus on. While clothes are being made in sub-par conditions, these retailers are raking in record-breaking profits. Meaning factory improvements are possible if retailers simply adjust their profit margins slightly.

Last Week Tonight airs every Sunday on HBO at 11 PM.