Orange Coast College New Recycling Center Strengthens Commitment to Environment

In an event to start the academic year off on a positive note, Orange Coast College debuted a new recycling center in September 2017. The college takes pride in its over 45 year-old recycling program. This new facility is an upgrade from its predecessor, now covering five acres instead of one.


Orange Coast College is a public community college located in Costa Mesa, California. It was founded in 1947 after a vote among the local community. Over 25,000 students attend per semester. Students at OCC enroll in technical and career programs and many go on to transfer to universities around the United States. The college is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.


Students at OCC can participate in a wide variety of men and women’s sports while engaging in their academic pursuits. Athletes compete under the pirate mascot, which is quite an appropriate representative for the Southern California campus.


The new recycling facility at OCC’s campus accepts traditional recycling products such as paper and aluminum cans. The program will also take electronic waste and recyclable materials that are trickier to find facilities for. Demonstrating its commitment to do what is beneficial for the environment, the center uses renewable energy and eco-friendly materials.


The mayor of Costa Mesa praised the facility and pointed out its economic importance to the city. Local business CR&R Environmental Services was just one of the financial supporters of the new center. Learn more:


Sustainability and the impact of our actions on the environment are of great concern. OCC’s new recycling facility will provide an opportunity for students to learn about and embrace the importance of reusing materials and finding sustainable ways to maintain the current American lifestyle. Orange County College has solidified its commitment to its recycling program and the future. Learn more:


The Impact of Betsy DeVos’ Charity Work to the United States

Betsy DeVos is a woman who has earned an outstanding reputation due to her involvement in charity activities. She has been striving to help people across the U.S through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, which is a family charity that she started with her husband in 1989. The organization has been focused on dealing with issues such as education, leadership, art, and various Christian missions. Mr. and Mrs. DeVos donated a total of $139 million in 2015, and this enabled them to be honored among the top 30 most generous families in the United States.


The DeVos family is committed to supporting organizations that can have a positive impact on the community. In 2015, the couple gave $150,000 million to ensure that the Success Academy Charter Schools run their activities well. They also gave the Potter’s House School $200,000. The learning institution is Christian-based, and it is devoted to offering a decent education to children from low-income families. The Dick and Betsy Family Foundation’s donations have supported hospitals, schools, Christian missions, art centers, and many other institutions. It has offered money to organizations such as Michigan’s Pregnancy Resource Center, Center for Individual Rights, and Baptists for Life.


Apart from being a renowned philanthropist, Betsy works in President Donald Trumps’ cabinet as the secretary of education. She was offered the position due to her tremendous contributions to the education sector. Betsy believes that all children in the United States have the right to access the best education. She spent more than 15 years working as a volunteer at the Grand Rapids Public Schools, and this enabled her to know how much parents from low-income neighborhoods struggled to put their children in good schools. This significantly inspired her to start conducting campaigns supporting education reforms in over 25 states across the United States.


Before Betsy started working for the government, she served as the Windquest Group’s head of financial services. The firm is owned by Dick DeVos, who is one of Michigan’s most successful businessmen. Mrs. DeVos was also one of the administrators at the Mars Hill Bible Church, Kids Hope USA, and Kendall College of Art and Design. She completed her undergraduate degree in art from the Calvin College.


Mrs. DeVos has been vocal in the political field for about three decades. As from 1982, she was part of the Michigan Republican Party. In 1986, Betsy was made a delegate to the party and served it for 16 consecutive terms that lasted for two years each. She was also the chairperson of the Michigan Republican Party for four years. The philanthropist believes in the values of the Republican Party and has been supporting its candidates by donating towards their campaigns.


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Betsy DeVos’ Futuristic Approach to Education

The DeVos family is a very conservative family. It is well known for its firm Christian faith and values. Richard DeVos pioneered the family’s wealth and fortune by co-founding and dominating the consumer marketing company Amway which now operates profitably as Quixstar. Richard bequeathed his son, Dick Devos, with the leadership of the company. Dick flourished the family business and also flourished himself by wedding and inspiring Betsy DeVos to be the loyal, innovative and committed wife that she is to him. Betsy DeVos, who herself came from a privileged family, embraced her new family and has always partnered with her husband to work for their family businesses as well as the people of the United States and even more specifically, the people of Michigan.

Betsy went to the Calvin College to study for her BA in Grand Rapids. She and her husband have operated the Windquest Group since 1989. The firm develops energy via clean means that do not pollute the environment and even purifies local water as a way to give back. The two are members of the Republican Party and are very committed to pushing the conservative agenda. As esteemed members who believe in the party, they have been reported to award the party, and especially senior politicians running for elective office, with ostentatious donations. They are some of the biggest donors to the party and Betsy has even played administrative roles at the party. She was the Michigan State party chairwoman once and even served the party in the national senatorial committee.

About a third of the DeVos’ charitable giving goes to educational causes. The family also spends considerably a lot of their money on funding art programs because Betsy’s son is an art enthusiast who uses art to enshrine conservative virtues such as patience, modesty and hard work. Betsy and Dick DeVos both chair the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation which has given away about 44 million dollars in Michigan State alone.

Betsy is always involved in the allocation and distribution of the DeVos’ charitable giving that it makes via numerous foundations and trusts. She has been particularly supportive of school vouchers; a course of action that she vehemently believes can forever change the American education system for the better. She has continuously supported the concept of school vouchers and charter schools, verbally and through financial mitigation.

The voucher system is meant to fund students who cannot afford to raise fees for private institutions. The funds are supposed to be released by the State to private institutions and religious schools to keep students there. She also proposes that charter schools should be increased and expanded to allow conservative communities and other communities with deep-set beliefs and preferences for education to set government approved content that best suits the community, and teach. The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation invest heavily in such programs philanthropically. Some of the philanthropic deeds that DeVos has facilitated financially towards charter schools include;

  • University of Maryland College Park Foundation was awarded 500,000 dollars
  • The School of Missionary Aviation Technology (charter school) was awarded 250,000 dollars
  • ArtPrize Grand Rapids was awarded 400,000 dollars
  • Grand Rapids Christian School Association was awarded 350,000 dollars
  • Ada Christian School Society was awarded 50,000 dollars
  • John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts was awarded 250,000 dollars
  • Xprize Foundation was awarded 1.8 million dollars
  • Boy Scouts of America was awarded 305,000 dollars

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Betsy DeVos And Her Impact In The Education Sector

Born in January 1958 as Elisabeth Prince, Betsy DeVos is the current Secretary of Education in the United States. She is also a businesswoman and an activist. She has been involved in politics for a long time as a member of the Republican Party. In 1992, she was named Michigan’s Republican National Committeewoman and also served as the chairwoman of Republican Party. Betsy has also worked as chairwoman of the board of the Alliance for School Choice and Acton Institute. She has made a mark in education by supporting the school voucher programs, school choice, and charter schools. In addition to her involvement in the education sector, DeVos has for the longest time been an advocate of the Detroit charter school system and also a member of the board of Foundation for Excellence. Read more about her philanthropy at

In 1989, Betsy together with her husband Dick DeVos founded Windquest Group, an operating company that deals with manufacturing, technology, and clean water. Together, they have also invested in Neurocore, where they are also board members. Neurocore is a group of brain performance centers that provide biofeedback therapy for depression, autism, anxiety, and attention deficit disorder.

The DeVoses charitable giving is evident especially the way that the family has spent their fortune in financing the Republican candidates. They have also donated through philanthropic foundations that they have formed and those around the country. Betsy has extended her donations to Christian education groups like the Ada Christian School Society, Christian Schools International, and the Grand Rapids Christian School Association. She has also played a role in nonprofit organizations, and this reflects their conservative political views and Christian beliefs.

Being a reformer, Betsy DeVos has been involved in political activities, campaigns, and attended political action committees. Another area that Betsy has pursued reform is Education, which landed her an interview with Philanthropy. She says that she is optimistic about the progress and future of educational-choice programs, as seen in the recent years that have registered a major growth in the number of students. Betsy discusses that making visits to Potter’s House Christian School inspired her decision to start supporting individual students whose parents could not afford to pay for tuition fees. Her family still supports the school up to date. She continued her interest in education and started offering scholarships to students from low-income households. Her service to the government has also influenced her to be more involved in the educational choice movement. Read her interview with Philanthropy Table

According to Betsy, Florida has been the best recipient of the educational choice, and the number of students keeps increasing. The students attend the schools of their choosing through the tax-credit scholarship program. Other states that have advanced are Lousiana and Indiana.

Education offers many choices like homeschooling, which parents have opted to choose for their kids if they do not like where they have been assigned. Charter schools are another valid option in the educational choice movement.

Understanding Life and the Universe Through the Ancient Wisdom of Kabbalah

Kabbalah, the spiritual philosophy of Jewish “received” oral traditions that span thousands of years, is a Jewish approach to spirituality bound to the Scriptures and teachings of the Jewish people, as well as to its customs.

According to the tradition of Kabbalah, God gave Moses at Sinai three Torahs, or three foundational narratives of Jewish peoplehood: a written Torah, an oral one, and a third “hidden” Torah, the Kabbalah. This latter form of Torah contains the essential wisdom of the Book of the Zohar, which provides a mystical commentary on the written Torah’s contents.

Kabbalah is a school of thought. It teaches that all of what our life entails stems from the same origin. It aims to impart an understanding of how the universe works at its core and has its roots in the Jewish religion. Nevertheless, it has been adapted and merged with other theologies and thought movements and learn more about Kabbalah.

One of the modern organizations that translate old Kabbalah teachings into a modern and universal message is Kabbalah Centre. Founded in the U.S. in 1965 as The National Research Institute of Kabbalah by Rabbi Philip Berg and Rabbi Yehuda TzviBrandwein, and re-established later by Berg and his wife Karen, the Kabbalah Centre teaches Kabbalah as a way of creating a better life and world. Its New Age style has attracted an extensive following, including many celebrities, and has a multi-ethnic, international staff of teachers.

The Kabbalah Centre has branches in more than 40 cities around the world, organises and hosts a wide range of events, spiritual retreats, tours to energy sites and volunteering opportunities. The Centre seeks to provide spiritual tools based on the principles of Kabbalah. Each student can then apply these tools to his or her own life in order to make a change for the better. The Centre teaches five principles: Sharing, Awareness and Balance of the Ego, Existence of Spiritual Laws, We Are All One and Leaving Our Comfort Zone Can Create Miracles. These principles are taught in courses and classes, through online lectures and with the aid of books audio products and more information click here.

The Success Academy That Gives Students Access to Better Education

Eva Moskowitz has created some really great schools for students that did not always have access to a good education system. Eva started with Success Academy in Harlem, and she made her way to other areas like the Bronx and Brooklyn to do the same thing. The great thing about Success Academy is that it benefits the kids that may have never had the opportunity to get the education that they could get if they lived in better neighborhoods. Eva took on the zoning issue and decided to give kids a better chance to improve upon their grades even if they could not improve upon their neighborhoods.

The Success Academy is a charter school that has a lot of parental involvement. This may be one of the reasons that this type of school has done so well. It has been thriving with students that have higher grades because the parents are concerned about the outcome of their children. They have been taking a very active role in helping their children. The end result has been a plethora of students that are excelling in their work and looking forward to going to going to college. Some students, before attending Success Academy, may have never assumed that they could go to college. Now that they have access to some 41 Success Academy Charter Schools in the state of New York everything is changed.

Eva Moskowitz became very excited about the concept of charter schools and she made it her mission to give students more opportunities. She grew up in New York, and she went through the school system there. Eva felt like she did not really learn anything when she was going through school. She did not want her students to be in a place where they were experiencing the same thing that she experienced in high school. Eva wants to provide an opportunity for anyone that wants a chance at higher education.

Success Academy is the school system that is helping students get prepared for the world. This has become the school system that is giving many African American students access to better education.

How Knowledge is Very Important to Beliefs

One thing that could be said about beliefs is that it is important for people to know about what they believe in. There are a ton of people that claim to believe in their religion. However, they don’t know what they believe in because they haven’t taken the time to read or study. As a result, there are a lot of teachings that go around that are false. At best, they are teachings that may sound good on they surface, but are ultimately just inaccurate. Then there are cases when people come up with dangerous teachings that cause a lot of issues in the community and society.

This is one of the reasons that the people of the Kabbalah have restricted the Kabbalah. Traditionally, the Kabbalah has been restricted to devout students that are over the age of 40. The reason behind this is that the teachings of the Kabbalah contains a lot of information that could be very dangerous if misused. Therefore, it is important for people to have some level of maturity and wisdom before they can be granted this type of knowledge. There are a lot of ideas in the Kabbalah that could really change the way people look at the world and learn more about Kabbalah.

However, there are a few people that feel that the restrictions may be a little too rigid. This has resulted in the founding and the opening of the Kabbalah Centre. This allows more people a chance to look at the teachings of the Kabbalah. One thing that could be said about the Kabbalah is that it intends to unite all faiths and religions that have been established. One way that they intend to do this is by recognizing each of them as a piece of universal knowledge and read full article.

One thing that could be said about the Kabbalah is that it does not come to divide religions. It instead seeks to find common ground among the religions so that people could be encouraged to learn from many different religions without any worry of hostility.

E-governe Makes the Trains Run on Time

E-governe is Brazil’s only widely deployed e-governance system with a proven track record of radically improving efficiency of government administration and value to the taxpayer. The ways in which e-governe saves government bodies resources are almost innumerable. Through the complete standardization of all processes and the total accessibility to government services via the internet, e-governe virtually replaces the administrative models of old, in some cases reducing the required manpower by 90 percent or more.


E-governe is more than just a software package. It is a new model of governance. The system is capable of the near total elimination of inefficiencies and errors in the majority of areas on which it’s focused. It also makes it easier than ever for constituents to access government services. And it allows for 100 percent transparency of all government services, including acceptance and rejection of government subsidies and other areas where, in the past, there may have been accusations of bias or favoritism. In short, e-governe makes government efficient, transparent and fair.


It also allows for the extremely rapid administration of government services that used to be notoriously slow. In many cases, things like issuing building permits or driving licenses can be carried out in a few minutes. This is all done through the internet, so there is the near complete elimination of unnecessary paperwork.


One of the most value-creating units that e-governe offers is its Tributos line of products. These are designed specifically for the municipal tax management field. E-governe Tributos is a complete solution for municipal tax collection, record keeping, property assessment and employee management. With the ability to nearly eliminate forms, e-governe can electronically handle vast amounts of work that would have otherwise fallen on the shoulders of municipal employees, creating mountains of unnecessary paperwork and expending hundreds of man-hours per employee, per year.


But there are even greater benefits than the creation of paperless governance. E-governe’s Tributos system is capable of virtually eliminating all errors and creating a totally transparent system of tax assessment. Especially throughout Latin America, preferential tax treatment has been one of the main vehicles by which corrupt officials use to dispense favors to those with whom they have shady dealings. E-governe can be set up in a secure fashion to completely eliminate all opportunities for corrupt dealings within a municipal tax system.


This extends even beyond where one might think its limits would lie. For example, it would always be possible for a tax assessor to intentionally undervalue a property if they were paid off by the property’s owner. However, e-governe can combat such transgressions, through the use of sophisticated algorithms that check property types and all of the relevant parameters against other similar properties within its database. If it finds something suspicious, e-governe can notify the relevant manager to look into the situation.


In this way, when e-governe talks about security, it isn’t merely referring to its ability to repel cyber attacks. E-governe has a robust capability to detect and correct errors, both accidental and intentional, created by the employees who administer the tax apparatus themselves.

Betsy DeVos Contributes to Better Education Systems amidst the United States Presidential Elections

For years, Betsy DeVos has been the lead campaigner of quality education systems in the United States of America. Through her family foundation, she has capitalized on developing an education system that features what would be termed as the American dream. Betsy has been a significant participant in programs like the ED, in the department of United States.

ED Program

The mission of ED is to promote student achievement by enhancing preparation for incubating educational excellence. The program focuses on providing equal access to education to all students. It was created in 1980 through the combination of various federal offices. ED has an employee base of 4, 400 having been constructed at a budget of $68 billion. The program’s mission cannot be ignored. Its core objective is to:

  • Generate policies based on federal financial help for education programs. Additionally, it distributes the funds to schools and monitors their use to ensure proper distribution and utilization.
  • Data collection and distribution on research
  • Promoting the concentration of national attention over important educational issues
  • Prohibiting discrimination by promoting equal access to resources to education

Betsy’s relentless commitment to bettering the education system in America saw her appointed the secretary for education in 2017. Since then, students, teachers, and administrators have been elated about the future of education. With her prowess in developing successful programs tailored in advancing education, the juniors and seniors of GBHS were excited because unlike their standard programs, Betsy’s reign was geared towards providing comfort and success. DeVos is aiming to offer education grants to families who have the dream of sending their children to private schools. For most of the low-income earners, the best option for education has been Christian schools. Read more on


Beyond the millions Betsy Devos has contributed in politics, her significant contribution has been to charity organizations. The organization that she co-founded in 1989 has massively dished out millions towards charity. Most of her contributions to charity and Christianity significantly explain her intentions in the chair she currently holds. In 2015, she doled out over $10 million to charity organizations. She additionally pledged $ 3.2 million in the same year of which she oversaw her contribution made by the end of 2015. In 2016, Betsy contributed $ 400,000 towards a loudspeaker media company through her family foundation. The movement was to support the CCN reporter Campbell Brown in launching her education platform. Brown Campbell praised Betsy for her continued support towards education. In 2015, Betsy contributed $ 150, 000 towards Success Charter Schools. She also pledged an additional $ 150, 000 to be approved within the year. Eva Moskowitz founded the group of schools. She was among the nominees for secretary of education post in Trump’s cabinet.

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Bathroom Bill: Betsy DeVos Opposed the Overturning Decision

When President Trump ordered to revoke the guidance for the protection of transgender children in public schools, it was Betsy DeVos who opposed the decision. However, Donald Trump continued with his decision to revoke what Obama administration issued earlier this year. It was February 23, 2017, when new guidance was issued and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was a part of the decision. In a statement from her, Betsy said that government is responsible for the protection of every student in the US. There should be freedom to learn and thrive in a safe environment. It is a moral obligation and not just the mandate of the federal government. She was called by President Trump in his office before the signing took place. There she said that the move is against the promises which were made publicly during the elections. In reply to that, she was asked to make some adjustments in the letter, so the students continue to feel protected. This information was confirmed by many sources. As Education Secretary, Betsy is bound to follow the order of the US President.

On Wednesday, Donald Trump decided to revoke the Obama administration’s guidelines for transgender students’ protection. According to the revoked guidance, transgender students were able to use bathrooms based on their identity. Despite opposition from his Education Secretary, Trump continued with his decision to revoke them. Justice Department and Education Department prepared the letter together. The debate of bathroom has now become a rift between Betsy DeVos and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Betsy DeVos was against signing the new guidelines giving the excuse that it would create problems for transgender students in schools. Jeff Sessions is also against the expansion of LGBT rights. The Attorney General requires the consent of Education Secretary to proceed with it. Meanwhile, supporters of LGBT rights showed their displeasure by protesting outside the White House. They chanted slogans in the favor transgender students. The amended guidance revokes the transgender students’ protection, but it instructs schools to do everything to protect them from bullying.

Betsy DeVos has a great record of philanthropic activities. Most of her donations are given through Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. Betsy donated a huge amount of ten million dollars in just 2015. The funds were given to different organizations, especially educational institutions. She donated four-hundred thousand dollars to Loudspeaker Media Inc. Success Academy Charter Schools received one-hundred-and-fifty thousand dollars. Betsy promised to provide an equal amount in the future. Five thousand dollars were given GREAAT Schools Incorporation. Michigan-based Christian school, The Potter’s House, was donated two-hundred thousand dollars. A nonprofit group named Alliance for School Choice got hundred thousand dollars. American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy received seven-hundred-and-fifty thousand dollars. Ten thousand dollars were given to the Institute for Justice. Visit to know more.

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