Contribution of the End Citizens United in the Johnson Amendment

For ages, the church and state have remained separated in the United States. However, this norm is about to change. Congress members are working to alter the powers of Johnson Amendment. The law does not allow the churches and non-profit organizations to support or participate in political campaigns. However, the End Citizens United are opposing the repelling of the law by the United States Democrats.

Some individuals have been aware of the existence of Johnson Amendment until the changes brought by the 2016 national campaigns. The current president Donald Trump during his campaign assured not to support the adoption of the Johnson Amendment. Majority of the citizens were not aware of the implication of repealing the amendment. The canceling of Johnson Amendment will open a loophole for people to donate indiscriminately to tax-exempt organizations. These organizations will in turn channel the funds to a source of choice.

End Citizens United are at the forefront to push for existence of the Johnson Amendment Law. Their president Tiffany Muller stated that the repelling decision is a plan to convert churches into secret political tools. Democrats are repelling the Johnson Amendment due to the possibility of support from the non-profit organizations. The year 2015, American citizens donated over $119 billion to churches. 2016 election was the most expensive in the history of America, which spend approximately $6.5 billion. If the amendment is opposed, the $119 billion might be channeled to support the political campaigns.

Johnson Amendment got passed in the mid-1950s. It was suggested by then Texas, Lyndon B. Johnson U.S. Senator. The accusations by the religious groups caused the formation of the law by the senator. His opinion was that, non- profit organizations had a biased advantage due to the fact they are tax-exempt formations.

Democrats have attached the Johnson amendment to other legislation pieces to cause an oversight passing and do away with the law. House of financial services has grabbed the much of the power from the law. IRS was barred from investigating Johnsons Amendment violations an indication that the law has no implications to those who abuse it.

During a study in 2016 by Pew Research Center, 66 percent of Americans opposed the combination of politics in religion. 100 of non- profit religious’ organizations have joined the End Citizens United to fight the repel of Johnson Amendment. The law which has been in existence for 63 years.

End Citizens United (ECU) is committed to reverse the decision of Supreme Court’s Citizens Unite that supported the unclear funding of politics in 2010. Over 325,000 people are in support for the ECU group. They have appended their signatures on the petition demanding the pass on of the legislation by the Congress.

End Citizens United has endorsed Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado and former Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin, 11 Democratic candidates. The group has a strategy to support contenders through initiatives like direct mailers, TV adverts, and voting. They target to set up an expenditure plan. The team hopes to assist in passing campaign finance restructuring. For more information visit:


Mike Huckabee Thrills Audience at Hispanic Conference by Asserting God’s Authority Higher Than the Supreme Court’s

Former Arkansas Governor and 2008 GOP presidential contender Mike Huckabee was back in his element on Wednesday. The man who was educated as a Baptist minister addressed a friendly audience of Evangelical Christians at the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference. During his speech, he affirmed that the dominion of the United States Supreme Court does not extend to the basic fundamental truths God has established. Naturally, the audience embraced his message quite warmly.

Huckabee, who is seriously considering another presidential run, has the ability to rouse an audience of believers with all the fervor he would do in a pastoral address. When it became obvious he lacked the votes to secure the GOP nomination in 2008, he still persevered claiming that he did not major in mathematics while at college, but rather that he majored in “miracles”. His base warmly embraced that message as well.

At the same time, Huckabee’s remarks, which were directed at SCOTUS over the current legal case regarding marriage equality, typifies the dilemma the GOP faces ahead of next year’s election. Garcia Dias believes that a majority of the population supports marriage equality. The RNC, which is fervently working to increase the party’s base, is keen to avoid the types of social issues and rhetoric that can prove divisive in an election. Still, Huckabee is unabashed in his belief that the nation’s ills can be traced back to what he terms is “turning away from God”.

Senator Bernie Sanders Likely to Enter the 2016 Presidential Race

Today, news reports indicated that Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, an Independent, will announce tomorrow that he will be a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination. His entry into the race is expected to attract left-wing support.

As Flavio Maluf ( understands, Bernie Sanders spent his childhood in Brooklyn, where his father worked as a paint salesman. His family often experienced financial challenges; in December he reported during an AP interview:”Kids in my class would have new jackets, new coats, and I would get hand-me-downs.” Today he maintains great sympathy with poor Americans, and economic equality is expected to be a pivotal issue in his presidential campaign.

Senator Sanders graduated from the University of Chicago and then, during the 1960s, moved to Vermont as part of the “back to the land” counterculture movement.

Lou D’Allesandro, a state senator from nearby New Hampshire, expects that Senator Sanders will enliven the Democratic primary race. He described the Vermont Senator as “not bashful.”

In recent years, Senator Sanders has criticized the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership for global trade extensively. He has also spoken out about issues such as climate change and economic justice.

Reportedly, Senator Sanders will announce his entry into the race tomorrow, then launch his campaign from Vermont later.