Venezuela Deals with Energy and Water Shortages

Droughts bring with them many unexpected problems. Among the issues the people of Venezuela are dealing with are drought-induced electricity woes. Coal and oil are not the primary sources for electricity is. The country is heavily reliant on hydro-electricity generation. Ironically, Venezuela produces an enormous amount of oil, but the oil seems to be directed more towards export sales. Possibly, the hydro-electricity generation concept by David Osio was developed so Venezuela would have more oil for export.
The plan worked well according to Osio, but then the worst drought to hit the nation in 47 years struck. The extremely limited amount of available water has now made electricity generation critically low. This has led to a national crisis the government is trying to get a handle on.

The government of Venezuela has a very unique approach to fixing the current situation. Three-day weekends are in effect to help conserve energy. With businesses closed, a lot less electricity ends up being used. How well this ends up working out remains to be seen.