Equities First Holdings sees growing demand for stock loans as tight credit markets make borrowing Tougher

During a harsh economic environment, borrowing is always made tougher. For this reason, you must always have your ways prepared before the fall of the financial crisis. However much you might want to secure the credit-based loans during this time, you will always find difficulties. This is because banks and other institutions have tightened their lending capabilities. For this reason, very few people engage in acquiring a loan. For those who need the credit-based loans, they must work to determine the best ways to secure these loans. One of the most innovative ways of securing working capitals for companies and individuals with underway projects during this time is to seek the help of the stock-based loans.

Equities First Holdings has made a name through the issuance of credit-based loans through their numerous working criterions. For the company, nothing gives them much honor than to work for the best endeavors. As a matter of fact, there are many benefits of securing loans using stocks as collateral during an economic crisis. For instance, let’s look at the differences in the interest rates. During a harsh economic environment, the world sees a major trend among the credit-based loans trying to increase their interest rates to amounts that are scary. On the other hand, the stock based loans are characterized by the low-interest rates even when the economic crisis is at its highest effect. For this reason, a better mind will take the better option.

On the contrary, the credit-based loans can be affected and reached by the low-income individuals who are not wealthy enough to attain market shares with companies which can be used by Equities First Holdings to issue the stock-based loans. For this reason, they are always left out of the deal. According to Al Christy, many people don’t understand that there is a significant difference between the stock-based loans and margin loans. As a matter of fact, there are many differences between the two loans. For you to secure the fast working capital, you must work to develop high-end solutions to the company. Stock-based loans offer a higher loan-to-value ratio than the credit-based loans.

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The Services at Equity First Holdings

Equities First Holdings, LLC was established in 2002. It offers lending services based on security for individual investors and businesses. The company gives loans based on the risk and future performance evaluation associated with the bonds, stocks, and treasuries. Equities First Holdings, LLC has a satellite office in New York City. The company has its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. The leadership of Equities First Holdings includes Al Christy Jr. (who is the president), Jeff Smith (who is the Managing Director), and Joe McCarthy (who is the Head Trader). The company specializes in developing a product to offer liquidity efficiently at better terms via a transparent and secure process. The company has over 625 transactions with their unique funding method providing the majority of their clients a lower cost capital and better financing terms compared to the traditional financing methods. The company operates internationally. It has offices in Perth, London, Singapore, Sydney, Bangkok, and Hong Kong. Equities First Holdings is known for delivering financial arrangements specifically tailored to the needs of the individual borrower. Its specialties include financial services, capital allocation, and alternative finance solutions.

Equities First Holdings is privately held. It has approximately 50 employees. It is the best option for borrowers who require immediate capital or those who do not qualify for the normal loans based on credit. Al, Christy Jr. is the CEO and Founder of the company. He says that loans that are collateralized by stocks are an alternative in innovative borrowing for those who are looking for working capital. Such types of loans have a higher ratio of loan-to-value compared to margin loans. They have a fixed interest rate. This enables them to offer certainty all through the transaction.

Christy says that the borrower can maintain the proceeds of the initial loan and still have no additional litigation to the loan lender. He adds that there are certain risks involved like all other forms of financial transaction. He says that Equities First Holding is built on a code of transparency and integrity. They rely on regulatory, top legal, and trading institutions for advice. The company aims to offer a maximum benefit with very low risk to enable their clients to achieve their professional and personal financial goals.

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