Too Poor for Food Stamps

Republican Representative Matt Salmon of Arizona and Senator David Vitter want those who need Supplemental Nutrition Assistance to have the where-with-all to get photo ID’s before receiving their food stamps.

Salmon, Vitter and other Republicans are more concerned about food stamp fraud than hunger in America. Of the 78 billion dollar program, USDA estimates that only 1.3 percent of food stamp benefits are used fraudulently.

As Flavio Maluf has heard, the state of Massachusetts already requires food stamp EBT cards to have the card owner’s photo on the card. Check out Maluf’s blogspot page for more info on him. Unfortunately, many in need of food aid also have a difficult time getting to the grocery store and depend on the assistance of friends or family members who are able to help with the shopping but do not receive food stamps. USDA says Massachusetts is using the I.D requirement to improperly cut benefits.