Dherbs.com: Sheryl Underwood Tries A Vegan Herbal Cleanse

On a click on the above YouTube video, it was obvious from Sheryl Underwood’s laughter and hearty lively talk on Steve Harvey morning show that she embraced Dherbs.com as a potent remedy for her weight loss program. She started the cleanse detox regiment on Sunday in addition to her daily workout with her trainer, drinking water, and eating better she had lost 5lbs in a few days. Her testimony is one out of many who used the product.


According to Mr. A.D. Dolphin, the founder, and CEO of Dherbs.com it is a full body inside out cleanse for the blood, heart, liver, lungs, kidney and colon. It has 28 cleanse detox composites that consist of 7 formulas that cleanse the body. Mr. Dolphin prescribes taking Dherbs with vegetables and fruits only and guaranteed 20-day cleanse after Dherbs regiment to have desired results.


Eating junk food, ice creams, working desk-bound jobs and lifestyles with less or no activity or exercises are common places in America that create prevalence of weight gains for so many people. Weight gain is the result of eating diets with meat loaded with antibiotics, fats, trans fat, chemical preservatives or additives and alternate sugar. For these reasons, it is an excellent choice to seek remedies by using all natural cleanse program such as Dherbs.com aimed to assist one prepare for healthy, practical weight loss. By cleansing, the body eliminates waste and toxins to achieve optimal complete health. In this regard, Dherb.com is recommended for anyone to use.  Find out more about Dherbs.com from their Pinterest page, and the official Tumblr.

Airport Food Revolution

Trips to the airport are daunting; back-tracking how much time you need to make it through the snaking lines and overcrowded terminals. The one thing you always forget is to eat. Now you have to decide what kind of mid-level food you’re going to subject yourself to before you board a flight. Well, at least one part of that process is changing, and surprisingly it’s the food.

New York-based OTG Management has been changing what you see in Airports. If you haven’t been to one of the 10 of 30 major airports they dominate, they are responsible for putting IPads on tables. This process expedites your orders so you can make your flight and eat a delicious well-prepared meal. They have recently set their sites on Newark Liberty International Airport in Central New Jersey. A 120 million dollar investment has given two restaurants set on changing what you eat: Daily and Little Purse. Little Purse is a small dumpling and noodle restaurant while Daily has a new menu to enjoy every day.

Both require full-time chefs and menus to help the traveler get a break from the hustle and bustle and relax. This new concept is giving the Newark Airport a fresh new taste for its customers, and OTG hopes to expand as soon as possible.

So if you’re ready to eat a good meal at Newark Liberty International Airport, make sure to check out Daily and Little Purse.

Eating Healthy in Bright Lights

If you’ve ever been in a restaurant with bright lights, then you might have considered getting something a little healthier on the menu. There is a study that has revealed that if the lights are brighter in restaurants, then people tend to order the healthy options instead of those that are higher in calories and carbohydrates. When you’re in a dark environment, you don’t want everyone to know what you’re eating and you probably don’t care what you eat, so you can go ahead and order the large steak and baked potato. When there are bright lights everywhere, then others can see the food on your table. You want to have a presentation that is healthy, such as a salad or a sandwich. This is a method of getting people to eat healthy that restaurants are starting to do a little more of instead of dimming the lights while people are inside. Natural lighting also works, such as skylights on the ceiling or large picture windows. A bright environment can make people feel better by putting them in a better mood, which can also lead to making healthier food choices. As long as people are eating healthy and making healthy choices for the body, then restaurants should be able to have the environment that they desire regardless of what others think about the interior design.