Thousands Of Visitors Start Their Annual Visit To The Central New Jersey Farm

Every Fall, thousands of families from New Jersey and the tri-state area of Metropolitan New York flock to the annual ritual of fruit picking in Central New Jersey. As waves of visitors continue to visit various farms in New Jersey, the Evergreen Farm in Hamilton Township remains the focus of attraction for nearly every Asian-American of Korean and Chinese origins. Busloads of guests and groups visit Evergreen farm to pluck the giant yellow-colored Korean Pear. According to visitors who come to Evergreen just to taste the pear, it is one of the juiciest produce in America. Perhaps, there is nothing like it anywhere in the United States.


According to the farm owner, Chong Il Kim, he moved to New York City doing menial jobs until he decided that he also wanted to grow his native Korean pear in the United States. Accordingly, he bought a 10-acre tract of land to grow pears, but the harvest continued to fail. The first failure did not dampen his spirits because he knew that he would be able to cultivate Korean pears under perfect conditions. Luckily, his research proved accurate as he started cultivating Korean pears in Hamilton Township, where the soil is perfect for growing these large juicy peers. He also claims that it may be impossible to grow these pears anywhere in the vicinity because these native Korean variety demands specific environment. In the Supermarket, pears from the Evergreen farms sell for $6 a pound; however, visitors can eat as many as they like and buy it at a half price to the supermarket.


Besides the pear, Evergreen farm also grows a variety of other produce including Korean grapes, chestnuts, dates and Fuji apples. In fact, the farm is also popular for its purple-colored Korean grapes, which are just as juicy as the pear. Heather Menzel, a visitor at the farm suggested that these are some of the best grapes in the world. She uses it to make delicious grape fruits for her family and her guests. As suggested, Menzel is not alone in appreciating the fresh produce of the farm. To acknowledge visitors, the Latino workforce prepare Mexican style barbecued chicken for picnicking customers, on Sunday. For ethnic food fans, there is nothing better than visiting the farm on Sunday and enjoy both the barbecue and fresh fruits.