A Husband’s Fashion Tips


Hannah Weil McKinley in PopSugar reported the results of her experiment of allowing her husband to dress her for a week.

McKinley’s husband is from a fashionable family, so she wasn’t too worried about the class level of her outfits. The sexiness level on-the-other-hand was a concern since he had vocalized that as his preference in the past. Turns out, when in charge of fashion, his choices were much more modest.

Husband Fashion Tips
1. Replace a motorcycle jacket for a blazer if you have a meeting.
2. Add a pop of color with a pair of red heels.
3. If your shoes and purse match in color, they go together.
4. A leather fit-and-flare dress can go from work to gallery openings when paired with a nice black leather purse, a metal cuff, and heels.
5. Casual Friday is when you take a reprieve from heels with wedged sneakers, sweatshirt, and tight jeans.

McKinley didn’t quite feel like herself in your own clothes during the week, but she did see her closet in a new light. She remembered how much she really loved items that she hadn’t thought about in a long time. Next week she will dress herself again, but enjoyed seeing herself in a different way.

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