Where Brian Torchin’s Career Has Gone From Here

Brian Torchin is no doubt a notable name in the healthcare industry. He is a managing partner at HCRC, a healthcare, staffing solutions firm. The firm is involved in marketing towards employment opportunities in the healthcare industry as well as other forms involved in the sector. Through his company, Brian Torchin offers search services for employment seekers as well as careers consultation for those interested in applying their skill in the healthcare industry. Due to his efforts, he is considered one of the most experienced professionals in the growth of healthcare recruitment counselors.

Clients and colleagues have described Torchin as the most reliable resource person when it comes to the provision of comprehensive solutions. He is also known to be consistent in churning out a qualified pool of candidates to companies seeking the help. Torchin is a detail oriented individual with a positive outlook in business and life in general. He has slowly built a mantra of ascertaining and building long term relationships with those he comes into contact with. He works hand in hand with his clients and while at the same time being respectful of their wishes. This is what has set him apart from the rest.

Brian Torchin has a client base of over 200 based in Canada, United States, Asia and Australia he’s said on Google +. He thrives by collaborating with various groups, enterprises and organizations that are involved in healthcare. Since the inception of the private firm, Torchin has been known to be a team player and applies methods of consultation, expedience and direction. Despite the busy schedule in his life, About.me shows throughout his career that he still gets time to publish articles on the firm’s blog. His topics are diverse and touch on various topics that range from online marketing, hiring nurse practitioners, physician assistants and tips on how to get the best employees.

Brian Torchin has dedicated his time to ensuring that other medical practitioners get access to a useful service by finding new opportunities. At the moment, HCRC has its operations outside their main headquarters in Philadelphia. Although Torchin still practices Medicine as a chiropractor, he has a background in physical therapy and sports medicine. With these, he has managed to improve the lives of others through his selfless service to his clients, colleagues and the community as a whole. The health industry looks up to the services and intellect of people like Torchin in order to improve even more.