The Benefits Of Omega-3 Consumption During Pregnancy

Every year, extensive research is done on the many ways to stay healthy during pregnancy. Ensuring that a woman has a healthy pregnancy doesn’t just benefit the woman, it benefits the child and could possibly reduce the cost of medical related expenses. According to this article, studies are showing that Omega-3 consumption during pregnancy provides many benefits to both mom and baby.

The benefits of Omega-3 are well-known and it is one of the most popularly consumed vitamins available. An Omega-3 is a fatty acid that improves overall health. There are two types of Omega-3s, both with their own health benefits.

The first type of Omega-3 is called docosahexaenoic acid. CamaraBarbacena said that this fatty acid is most commonly called DHA. It is known for supporting the central nervous system.

The second type of Omega-3 is called eicosapentaenoic acid and is commonly referred to as EPA. EPA is known for improving immunity and heart health.

Both types of Omega-3 provide numerous health benefits to a woman throughout gestation. Omega-3 can help to lower blood pressure, improve kidney health and reduce inflammation and allergic responses. A specific amount, when consumed daily, can also lower the risk of cancer, help with mood swings and prevent depression.

In addition to the many benefits for mom, consumption of Omega-3 throughout pregnancy provides many benefits for the fetus as well. Omega-3 consumption has been linked to less premature births, aids in the baby’s eye and brain development and helps increase baby’s birth weight.