Pearl Harbor Lone Sailor Statue by US Money Reserve and US Navy Memorial Foundation.


The lone sailor is an important icon to the United States; it marks an important phenomenon that happened on December 7th, 1941 when American soldiers won the war. The 75th anniversary according to a, comes in handy with a bronze lone sailor statue that the U.S money Reserve and the US Navy Memorial Foundation shall raise. According to Yahoo, the statue shall be installed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, the event commemorates and recognize the selfless effort of the soldiers and the whole maritime fraternity that ensures security for the nations. In support, the US money reserves use the campaign Pearl Harbor gold and silver coins to collect funds to support the design and building of the figure; located in Austin, Texas, it is one of the largest private gold, silver and platinum distributor in the world. Many Americans are advised on twitter to make a diversification of their investment with precious metals. It has one of the most experienced trained employees that are well equipped with the market knowledge to would give the best advice concerning market trends and their attractiveness regarding profits. For every coin for the 75th anniversary, five dollars will go to funding the US Navy Memorial Foundation for design and installation of the statue.
The lone sailor standing 7feet tall is developed and built by Stanley Bleifeld, the U.S. Navy Memorial’s sculptor. The figure is an icon of appreciation of men and women of the sea service globally for their relentless effort to ensure the security of the nation. Maritime security contributes significantly to not only national but also global safety and prosperity. The US Navy Memorial Foundation is meant to be an educational center on top of being an interaction site for the Navy. It is lace for the Navy people to celebrate their success and store their memories on top of getting connected to each other via the Navy log therein.