How to Apply Lime Crime Eyeshadow

Lime Crime Eyeshadow Basics
The most important concept to understand about any eyeshadow layout is to shade and form a well-blended progression of light to dark colors together. Here are three incredibly crucial points to keep in mind when applying eye shadow:

-Light shades emphasize areas of the eyelid that are shallow.
-Dark colors minimize or reduce the appearance of larger areas.
-Simply add a subtle amount of color to your eyeshadow brush, as it is much simpler to add more eyeshadow than it is to wash it away.

When is the Best Time to Apply Lime Crime Eyeshadow
-It is better to do your eye makeup first then add your concealer or foundation to the remainder of the face afterward. Doing this makes it very simple to remove any eyeshadow they may have fallen during its application.
-First, prepare the area around your eyes with foundation or concealer and set with a dusting of powder.

Allow me to explore with you the best possible way to implement a two color eyeshadow layout. Just as an aside, it is always a smart idea to apply Lime Crime mascara and eyeliner whenever using Lime Crime eyeshadow for more complete look.

Multi-Colored Blended Eyeshadow
The purpose of the classic layout would be to apply an eyeshadow colour that is lighter to the eyelid area and a deeper color along the top of the eye while blending the colors beginning from of the lighter part of the eyelid and working up to darker part of the eyelid. Applying the colour that is lighter to the entire eyelid will make your eyelid appear larger and more brilliant thus creating a brighter, youthful appearance. You can also do the opposite to create a dusky, sensual nighttime look.

-Using a big eyeshadow brush, apply your lighter color of Lime Crime eyeshadow, starting from the lashes and working all the way up to the eyebrow.
-Next, use a crease defining brush to apply your darker shade into the crease right below the eyebrow, continue blending this darker color up and out toward the corner of the eye.
-Keep your deeper-colored eyeshadow underneath the crease and never above the bone below your brow line, to create a very natural appearing highlight beneath the brow.
-For a softer, dreamier appearance, after your darker Lime Crime shade has been applied, use a brush without any eyeshadow to blend the colors using gentle, circular motions.

Vital Eyeshadow Tips

-Unless you are using only one eyeshadow color, please make sure that you use at least two eyeshadow brushes for application. This ensures a smooth, even application and will also counterbalance any natural red and blue tint of your eyelid.
-Take the time to only add a very small amount of eyeshadow to your brush and if you over apply, make sure that you dust it off brush before applying, this prevents over- application and any flakiness that could fall on your face.

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