The World is a Better Place with Avaaz

Avaaz is an online activist network, based in the US, whose role is to sensitize the public on issues that affect them, such as, human and animal rights, poverty, corruption, climate change and conflict. Avaaz was founded in 2007 by Res Publica, and Service Employees International Union. Res Publica is a group of public sector professionals who promote civic virtue, good governance and deliberate democracy. is a public policy advocacy group.

Ricken Patel, president of Avaaz, studied politics, philosophy and economics at the Balliol College, Oxford University and proceeded to do his Masters in Public Policy at Harvard University. He acquired skills such as election monitoring, restoring public faith and using online activism tools while working at International Crisis Groups and

Initially, Avaaz was funded by various organizations but since 2009, it relies solely on donations from individual members. Campaigns are conducted by campaigners who are stationed in over 30 countries including UK, Brazil, Lebanon and India. Campaign suggestions come from their members, with the support of teams of specialists. Their campaign tactics include tools such as public petitions, email-your-leader and videos. They sometimes use advertisements, rallies, friendly stunts and phone-ins.

Avaaz’s mission is to bridge the gap between the world that most people desire and the world we live in today. Avaaz supports progressive causes, such as, challenging Monsanto, building global support for refugees and calling on global mass action on issues that affect the society. In 2011 military intervention in Libya was made possible because of Avaaz’s efforts of establishing a no-fly zone over her.

In 2016, Avaaz was actively involved in the US elections as they were strongly campaigning against President Trump with the slogan “Defeat Donald Trump”. They even went an extra mile and created a software which assisted in overseas voter registration. This goes to show just how Avaaz are dedicated to their mission.

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The Indefatigable Thor Halvorssen

North Korea and its people have suffered under the brutal communist regime of the Kim family for over 70 years. It’s one of the poorest places in the world, and the difference between North and South Korea is stark. South Korea has grown prosperous as North Korea has languished. Indeed, millions of North Koreans reportedly died in a famine that swept the country in the 1990s.

Thor Halvorssen, though, doesn’t fear the North Korean regime. He’s dedicated his life to bringing freedom to the North Korean people.

Along with his 12-person organization, the Human Rights Foundation, he organizes groups that launch hot-air balloons from South Korea. The balloons carry Hollywood movies and other western media that are banned in North Korea. The balloons have timers that are set to drop the media in North Korean territory so that oppressed North Koreans can find them.

Halvorssen also goes on South Korean TV shows to foster action against the Kim regime. When he’s not doing that, he organizes Hackathons, in which computer experts try to hack the North Korean regime.

Halvorssen’s veins course with Human Rights. He was born in Venezuela to a prominent family of activists. His dad was once a high-level government official who was thrown in prison when he exposed corruption. His mom was once shot and wounded as she marched in a protest against Hugo Chavez’s strongman regime. His grandfather, furthermore, was a Norwegian diplomat who found himself stranded in Venezuela on the brink of World War II, and once beat up a Nazi official in a fistfight.

Halvorssen’s NGO organizes an annual Human Rights meeting, called The Human Rights Forum, in Oslo, Norway, which observers have called the Davos of the Human Rights field. The Forum aims to invite dissidents from the developing world to speak to rooms filled with moneyed philanthropists. Often, dissidents walk away from the forum with backing from wealthy and influential people who can do wonders for their cause.

Halvorssen might have one passion aside from Human Rights: health. He’s constantly thinking about ways to stay young. He takes dozens of pills to give him youthful bursts of energy.

Humanitarian George Soros Is Not What Glenn Beck Said He Is

News reporters can be cruel and unethical. The 2016 campaign for president has proven that point. The world now sees the news media as a biased group of self-promoters on Twitter that want to fuel their own agendas at the expense of the reputations of others. Not all media people are callous and self-absorbed. But those people don’t sit in the seats that count on the major networks and behind the desks of the influential newspapers that want to control the democracy of the country.

People like Glenn Beck, the political pundit, and alleged reputation destroyer, is one of the people that does have an audience, and he uses that audience to spread his beliefs. His beliefs are jaded, however. A good example of how jaded they are is Beck’s description of George Soros a few years ago. Beck painted Soros as a manipulator and puppet master that is anti-Jewish and against Israel. Beck also said Soros tries to influence elections, and he likes to control governments as well as destroy them. All of those allegations are false. George Soros is a philanthropist, humanitarian, economists and one of the most successful investors in the financial industry.

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George Soros didn’t inherit his wealth. George was born in Hungary 86 years ago. His family was Jewish, but being Jewish in Hungary in the 1930s was dangerous. The Nazis controlled Hungary during that time. George’s father decided to protect his family by changing the family’s name and getting phony passports made. That strategy worked for George. Soros managed to leave Hungary, and he traveled to London on his own. His family managed to join him much later, so in order to support himself, he worked as a waiter. George was accepted by the London School of Economics, and he earned a degree in philosophy and a strong interest in finance and economics. In 1956, Soros moved to New York. Soros was offered a job on Wall Street, and that was the start of his incredible investment career.

The rest of the George Soros story has been written and talked about for the last 40 years. Soros is currently listed on the Forbes List as the 32nd richest person on the planet. Soros donates billions of dollars to worthy causes around the world. Soros donated more than $8 million to help Hillary Clinton and other Democrats win the election, and he has pledged $500 million to refugees that start their own businesses. George is constantly attending world summits, and he is interviewed more than any other hedge fund investor. Soros believes in freedom of expression, religious unity, open borders, and democracy.

But Glenn Beck ignored all of Soros accomplishments. Beck believes Soros has no scruples. Beck false claims may raise his rating, but when the facts are checked Beck fails big time. Soros is a man with principles, character, and a sense of caring. George shook off Beck’s Fox News Show. Soros said it was a Rupert Murdock ploy to discredit him.

The Human Rights Foundation Continues The Fight For The Oppressed

The issue of human rights has recently been pushed forward as Inrternet access allows us all to look at just how a specific nation treats its people, and those voicing political or social opposition. In 2005, the Human Rights Foundation was founded by Thor Halvorssen in a bid to develop a charitable organization fighting independently to secure the rights of the individual under any oppressive regime. The work of the Human Rights Foundation has also looked to the entertainment world in a bid to educate the younger people of the world; amongst those who have been criticized for appearing with dictators or alleged criminal activities are rapper Nicki Minaj and soccer icon Lionel Messi.

Thor Halvorssen may not be the archetypal human rights campaigner with his position as a Hollywood film producer, but he has worked for many different human rights charities throughout his adult life. Halvorssen has looked to develop a foundation that plays an important role in the lives of people, particularly those who are interested in popular culture. Halvorssen has personally written open letters to major entertainment figures he feels have undermined their position in society by taking a payment to perform, or appear with dictators in countries across the globe.

The interest taken in human rights by Thor Halvorssen was prompted by members of his own family facing problems with their own human rights being taken away in their native Venezuela. Perhaps the most influential event occurred with the imprisonment and torture of Halvorssen’s own father after he showed open opposition to the government of Venezuela. Since becoming a major figure in the fight for human rights, Thor Halvorssen has sought to expand the knowledge of the issue by inspiring events like the Oslo Freedom Forum.

One of the most impressive aspects of the work of the Human Rights Foundation is the constant need for political independence, which has led to donors being informed they no right to expect the charity to work on specific issues in exchange for a donation. To make sure the Human Rights Foundation remains independent a board of former political prisoners, activists, and politicians has been assembled by Thor Halvorssen from around the world to act as the board of the New York based charity.

Thor Halvorssen has a long track record of fighting against injustice, and he wants to be sure that people are going to have a voice in their homelands. There are a lot of tyrannical governments around the world that are not getting enough attention because the news cycle is so fast. Thor Halvorssen talks to the media a lot, and he makes sure that people are going to remember that these governments are out there.

Thor Halvorssen has offices of the Human Rights Foundation open around the world where they can help refugees, and they also have a lot of options for people who are going to try to escape tyranny. They want to have a place where they know that they can get help, and that is why Thor Halvorssen provides. This is very important as part of his mission, and he is even the child of international parents who have had to fight against tyranny themselves.

There is something very important about what Thor Halvorssen does because he also breaks down stereotypes about how people are being persecuted. It is very easy for him to go to the media to talk about things that are current in society, and he believes that he will get the best results from telling the people what the truth is. He has spoken to the world about candidates in American elections, and he has spoken about governments that a lot of people have forgotten. He has spoken out about North Korea, Angola and problems in South America. He wants to make sure the world has an understanding of what is going on, and he believes that the world will become a better place when the population is educated.

The crusading that Thor Halvorssen does is all a part of his Human Rights Foundation, and he wants to help as many people as he can. He is trying to reach out to world leaders, and he also wants to make sure the public is educated. His mission is to stop oppression around the world, and he will do so with his bravery in the face of many problems around the world.

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