Huckabee Bows Out of Iowa Straw Poll

Nobody can accuse Mike Huckabee of repeating his strategy from 2008 with what he is trying to do for 2016. Already polling third in a deeply divided Republican Party he knows that other candidates will raise more money and outspend him. Therefore he will choose not to participate in the Iowa Straw Poll which he believes would cost more than he would gain from its participation. He used the same poll in 2008 to propel him into winning the Iowa Caucasus. However, he ended up dropping out of that race because of a lack of funds. The team supporting Boraie Development know that funds are crucial to any successful campaign.

Now with the party split in at least ten different directions when it comes to presidential candidates it will not only come down to who has the most money to get their message out to the voters but who will be the most electable candidate when it comes to the general election. The largest fractions of the party belong to conservatives, libertarians, and the TEA party. First, there is the largest part of the party which will be the self-proclaimed conservatives which are the most hardened in Christian beliefs and in fiscal responsibility of government. The libertarians just want government to stay out of the people’s business both personal and professional. Finally, the TEA party…They want to do away with the tax code and limit the footprint of government. For a candidate to make it past the primary he or she will have to show elements of all three and hope not to alienate the rest of the voters.