Why You Should Get a Sapphire Engagement Ring

Women are ditching the trademark diamond engagement ring in favor of stones much more colorful. As gemstones increase in popularity amongst soon-to-be-brides, a question remains unanswered as to which gem can face diamonds head to head when it comes to making a stunning engagement ring. Whether it be emerald or topaz, all gemstones are precious in their own way. However, by far the gemstone with the greatest diversity, sapphire is the gem best suited for the role of engagement ring.

Sapphires come in a variety of colors including blue, pink, maroon, yellow, gold, white, and many others. They also come in rarer colors like lavender, purple, violet, and padparadscha. This makes them ideal for a range of soon-to-be-brides who want their engagement ring to be a unique color. Sapphires are also the second hardest gem on the planet, diamonds being the only gem that is harder.

When picking out a sapphire engagement ring it’s important to choose one that’s untreated. Sapphires in their untreated state are the rarest form of gem on the market. It’s also one of the most valuable. Sapphires are considered untreated if they haven’t been through processes such as color diffusion, glass filing, or heat treatment.

Look out for synthetic sapphire gems trying to disguise themselves as natural and untreated. A natural gem is one that has been made by the natural processes of earth. Whereas a synthetic gem was made in a laboratory by a scientist. Although both may appear identical in terms of quality, the natural gem is far more valuable.

There are a handful of sapphire gems that are sold as natural just because they weren’t produced in a laboratory. However, these sapphires have been treated with various processes to alter their appearance. Therefore, they are not considered natural gems.

To take the guess work out of trying to find a reputable sapphire dealer, shop at The Natural Sapphire Company. Here they only sell sapphire gems that are 100% natural and untreated. They also refrain from putting their gems through processes such as color diffusion.

The Natural Sapphire Company has over 75 year’s worth of experience. Their team is extremely capable and is comprised of skilled and certified jewelers, craftsmen, and gemologists.

With more women choosing sapphire engagement rings over diamonds, sapphire will become increasingly more desirable due to its exclusivity and wide color range. However, to ensure you’re purchasing a sapphire high in value, it’s crucial to seek out ones that are untreated and natural. The Natural Sapphire Company makes it simple when trying to look for sapphire engagement rings because they only offer gems of the highest quality.