The Indefatigable Thor Halvorssen

North Korea and its people have suffered under the brutal communist regime of the Kim family for over 70 years. It’s one of the poorest places in the world, and the difference between North and South Korea is stark. South Korea has grown prosperous as North Korea has languished. Indeed, millions of North Koreans reportedly died in a famine that swept the country in the 1990s.

Thor Halvorssen, though, doesn’t fear the North Korean regime. He’s dedicated his life to bringing freedom to the North Korean people.

Along with his 12-person organization, the Human Rights Foundation, he organizes groups that launch hot-air balloons from South Korea. The balloons carry Hollywood movies and other western media that are banned in North Korea. The balloons have timers that are set to drop the media in North Korean territory so that oppressed North Koreans can find them.

Halvorssen also goes on South Korean TV shows to foster action against the Kim regime. When he’s not doing that, he organizes Hackathons, in which computer experts try to hack the North Korean regime.

Halvorssen’s veins course with Human Rights. He was born in Venezuela to a prominent family of activists. His dad was once a high-level government official who was thrown in prison when he exposed corruption. His mom was once shot and wounded as she marched in a protest against Hugo Chavez’s strongman regime. His grandfather, furthermore, was a Norwegian diplomat who found himself stranded in Venezuela on the brink of World War II, and once beat up a Nazi official in a fistfight.

Halvorssen’s NGO organizes an annual Human Rights meeting, called The Human Rights Forum, in Oslo, Norway, which observers have called the Davos of the Human Rights field. The Forum aims to invite dissidents from the developing world to speak to rooms filled with moneyed philanthropists. Often, dissidents walk away from the forum with backing from wealthy and influential people who can do wonders for their cause.

Halvorssen might have one passion aside from Human Rights: health. He’s constantly thinking about ways to stay young. He takes dozens of pills to give him youthful bursts of energy.

How Cone Marshall Limited Has Excelled In the Area of Commercial and Tax Litigation

Cone Marshall is an established law firm in Auckland, New Zealand. The company deals with foreign advisors and families and helps them by creating business partnerships and providing international wealth planning services and advice. The company has an enormous client base, and since its formation in 1999 it has built loyalty and trust in the market. Cone Marshall Limited handles attorneys, trustees, family advisers, private banks, and other institutions within and outside New Zealand. The company provides clients with excellent planning services.


The company provides a full range of tax, administrative, structuring advice, and trust services in New Zealand. All the company’s dealings are transparent and maintain top-level confidentiality for all inquiries the clients make. Businesses in and around New Zealand can get a tax advantage thanks to the help they get from Cone Marshall Limited. The company has many associate companies that also provide professional services to the clients in the areas where they operate.


Other Noteworthy Achievements

The owners of Cone Marshall Limited are Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall. The two are experts in foreign trust matters in Auckland. They have set the trend in New Zealand’s Trustee Companies Association which combines four trust companies. The companies were responsible for the successful lobbying to stop the trust law review. Both Karen and Geoff have over a thousand company directorships on NZ register. At the moment, not all these firms play an active role, but the majority of them are walking in the footsteps of the founder Geoffrey Cone who has since relocated to Uruguay. Nonetheless, they are still registering more companies to serve a larger market.


Karen Marshall’s Role at The Company

Cone Marshall Limited prides in its top leadership team led by Geoffrey and Karen. Karen is one of the co-principles at the company having worked here since November 2005. Her role and experience at the firm include working as the Trustee and Trust Company director. She has continued to show exemplary leadership all through the years at the company.


Before Karen Marshall joined this company, she had worked for other firms in the commercial litigation units for some years. At one point, Karen was the adviser to two statutory trustee companies under acting capacity. She advised and represented Trustees of Charitable Touts on claims by beneficiaries. As she serves at the top-level management at Cone Marshall Limited, Karen ensures transparent settlement of all their clients and makes sure all processes at the firm run smoothly to meet its core objectives.



Cone Marshall Applauded For New Efficient System And Achievements

Unlike many law firms across New Zealand, Cone Marshall has come up with a unique approach that is supporting the resolution process to allow clients to access solutions to problems more easily. Cone Marshall has for more than one decade invested in streamlining their service delivery system so clients from different areas can access solutions to pressing challenges involving commercial litigation. They have specialized in tax and estate litigation for a long period and its is just recently that the firm started working on trust cases.


Through the years, Cone Marshall has gradually implemented its vision and plans to become a successful law firm both in the local market and in overseas locations. They have seen this dream actualize with an increase in the number of clients from overseas locations, who are confident Cone Marshall is the right choice to handle their problems. This confidence comes from the success the firm has recorded in past cases.


Re-designing the service delivery process is one of the best decisions Cone Marshall made because getting cases resolved now takes less time. Many clients come with emergency issues that should be resolved within few days, so having a seamless system that can deliver within few days or hours motivated more clients to order for their services.


Surprisingly, most of the clients who order from other jurisdictions are lawyers and professionals who want to find solutions to complex trust, estate and tax problems presented by their clients. This just shows how prepared and reliable Cone Marshall has become.


Most importantly, Cone Marshall has been utilizing modern technology in the management of orders presented by clients. They have an online access system where clients can upload their information and track the progress of the case from their remote locations.


More about the leaders

All the great achievements that have come along are due to the leadership the professionals behind the management of the firm have offered. Cone Marshall is steered by experienced lawyers like Karen Marshall, a commercial litigation expert who has been working at a leadership position at the firm since 2006.


Karen is a talented lawyer and she derives passion in working on complex tax and trust cases. She has worked as a lawyer for over 20 years and her presence at Cone Marshall is an invaluable addition. She partners with George Cone to draft vital strategies that can help the firm to perform better.

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Attorney Geoffrey Cone Responds to Foreign Trusts’ Feature Last Week

A simple look at the way the media has covered the foreign trusts in New Zealand makes it seem like a thriller entailing wealthy people, complex deals and exotic deals. The truth however, is more mundane to matters related to tax. New Zealand cannot be described to as a tax haven and will not feature amongst the known tax heavens. Tax havens have various distinct characteristics like imposing none or just nominal taxes, lacking in transparency and there being procedures and laws that prohibit exchanging of information with various other governments. New Zealand does not qualify on any of these grounds at all.

New Zealand was among the very first countries that were placed on the white list of OECD model agreement for the exchange of information related to tax matters. New Zealand has shown its leadership mantle on the tax transparency requirements placed on sharing of information with other governments. Resident trustees in New Zealand of any foreign trust are expected by the IRD to make a submission of the Foreign Trust Disclosure Form (IR607). They are also expected to keep other records and financial related records for purposes of New Zealand tax. The records are supposed to be in English and done in New Zealand, failure to which stiff and heavy penalties will result. The world standard money laundering legislation enactment brought about all these powers back in 2011. (Read More)

About Cone Marshall

Cone Marshall is a law office that operates in conjunction with various international families and advisors. The firm assists by establishing New Zealand companies, partnerships, trusts and offering international wealth planning opinion. This firm offers its services to family advisors, private banks, attorneys, private banks and other places outside New Zealand that require planning on behalf of their clients. Cone Marshall limited provides advice based on New Zealand trust, tax, succession, structuring and administrative services.

Karen Marshall is one of the advocates working at the Cone Marshall firm. She graduated from New Zealand’s University of Otago with an LLB. She had stayed in London for a period of about 10 years prior to joining the firm. In London, she was based in a large law firm based in the city and was attached to the firm’s Commercial Litigation department. She joined Cone Marshall back in November 2005 and became a Principal from April 2006. Karen has in her career advised two legislative trustee corporations on trustee’s powers and liability to get into compromises and offer security to third parties. This is in reference particularly to borrowing for investment purposes.

Sam Tabar Looking to Give Back

Sam Tabar works as a lawyer and financial analysts in New York. With his connections, he has been able to make a desirable living for himself. However, he understands it is not just about himself, which is why he tries to do whatever he can in his power to help others out who are less fortunate. This is especially the case regarding women in third world countries. He realizes that women in poorer nations are often some of the worst treated people on the planet, even though they need to often do more to maintain a home. In order to help make life at least a fraction easier for these women, Sam Tabar has assisted with the fundraising of several different start up groups and companies, most of which aim to improve these lives in different ways.

One of the most recent startup companies Sam Tabar has invested in and worked with is the group THINX. Around the world, women are often forced to not only maintain the household but go to school, work and take care of chores. However, during their menstruation period, they are unable to care for themselves with hygiene products as women in more industrialized nations. Because they are unable to afford these basic items such as pads and tampons, the women must remain home from school and from work. This is valuable time out of school and money out of their pockets simply because they are unable to purchase disposable items such as these hygiene products. That is where THINX comes into play.

What THINX does is produce washable garments that can be used by women during menstruation. The items can absorb everything that is necessary and then can be washed. This way, the women do not need to toss anything out and can reuse the cloth clothing additions for the foreseeable future. By receiving several of these items, women around the world, such as poor African nations, are able to go to school and to work without running into problems of not being able to stay on top of their education or of the money they bring into the household. Sam Tabar understands that while it might not seem like much to some, the ability for a woman to stay in school and continually go to work is often the difference between moving on with their lives and being forced to remain in their current way of life.