The Youth of Today Help Save Man on Brink of Disaster

Schools are out for summer in many places and teens are able to roam around at will, putting the fear of God into elderly folk out for a stroll as they zoom by on their skateboards. “I blame the parents!” or “In my day…” are regular lines thrown after them in disdain.

Two Northern English teens, Kian and Ellis, have helped redress the balance by talking a man down from a bridge from which he intended to jump to his death.

Alex Brown, the mother of one of the two boys, is quoted as being extremely proud of the pair, but perhaps she should get credit too.

Taking pride in your children is so much easier when they do something good, but this parent has clearly instilled compassion and a sense of right and wrong into her child for a very long time. That sort of automatic reaction doesn’t get built in overnight. Well done, Alex, your hard work just paid off!

If the two boys had done nothing at all, avoided the situation and just walked on home, then no one would have been any the wiser. Likely though, there would be a dead man in the news instead of a pair of heroes.

Doing the right thing as a parent is often hard. Seldom are parents rewarded with such dramatic results and life changing outcomes.

These two have made international news and can say with pride, “We saved a man’s life”.

FreedomPop: A Company Moving Up The Ranks With Incredible Agility

FreedomPop will soon become a household name for wireless and mobile phone service. It’s affordability in Wi-Fi and mobile service supercedes most, if not all, other Wi-Fi providers. It’s Wi-Fi network is owned by a number of various ISPs and popular assemblage. There are many places FreedomPop’s Wi-Fi operates, though providers were not disclosed in an interview by Steveball/Shutterstock from FreedomSpot’s CEO Stephen Stokols. Some of the names of these highly publicized malls and other popular areas are: Starbucks, McDonalds, Panera Bread, Walmart, and Home Depot. Also included are such great names as Google,and AT&T Since FreedomPop is not joining with Boingo, the airports at present, will not have their Wi-Fi.

This FreedomPop review says they have developed an Android device to tie the various networks together. This app will act as a schematic for the ten million Wi-Fi locations. When thse locations are available the app will log device to the access point when they are accessible. This implements reliable links at Wi-Fi locations that utilize encrypted connectivity. When ISP’s acquire newer Wi-Fi technology FreedomPop will be able to move its app to new login automation. Although FreedomPop plans on superceding Sprint in terms of technology, FreedomPop will be engaging the usage of almost any device one has lying about that has a Wi-Fi radio. FreedomPop can connect these old devices that are now defunct from major cellular service. Though FreedomPop is in it’s infancy they are climbing at a swift competitive rate with their Wi-Fi economy. They are producing a low-fee Wi-Fi connection with unlimited use at 10 million WiFi locations. The company reports that 90% of mobile user data is Wi-Fi connected. Their Wi-Fi capabilities can utilize a users’ multiple devices through their Android app. There will soon (within two weeks at the time of the article dated 1/21/15 submitted by Ingrid Lunden) be an iPhone app as well. The company is offering, though somewhat limited usage, 200 minutes of calls, 500 texts, and 500MB data/month. According to Stokels this is a “standalone service” since it becomes a manner of bringing on new users from other providers or possibly from no providers at all. A business plan to attract abandoned phones( a user phone with no connectivity or cellular provider) is underway though, admittedly this particular enterprise does not create too much revenue.

FreedomPop is based in L.A. and is supported by many investors which include Skype’s investment company called Mangrove.

Pastor Gets Early Medical Diagnosis After He Donates a Kidney

Don Herbert was a former wrestler turned gospel singer who wasn’t a member of Pastor Tim Jones’ church, Mercy Independent Baptist Church, in Salisbury, North Carolina.Meeting at a church yard sale, the two men started talking, and Herbert mentioned he was in stage 5 kidney failure and needed a kidney donor as soon as possible. ThepastorThe pastor went to Duke University Medical Center to be tested. He was a perfect match for Herbert. The surgery was scheduled for March 9th. Pastor Tim Jones is at peace knowing that Don Herbert is recovering and has a chance to enjoy his life. Pastor Jones has more to be happy about than doing a good deed for someone. pondered the situation for three days and believes that the Lord helped him decide to donate one of his kidneys to Don Herbert.
Paul Mathieson ( has learned that, while they were in surgery, the doctors noticed that there was an aneurysm in one of the pastor’s arteries leading to the kidney. The pastor believes saving Mr. Herbert’s life was God’s way of saving the pastor. The doctors found the aneurysm before it ruptured. None of the tests showed any problems until the doctors opened the pastor up and began the six hour surgery. The pastor does not want any special awards for saving another person’s life; all he wants is the satisfaction of helping another person.

Keith Mann began his career as the Manager of the Alternative Investments Division of Dynamic Associates in 1995. Co-Founder of Dynamics Search Partners in 2001, Keith Mann previously served as Managing Director of Dynamics Associates.

Dynamics Search Partners helps executives with hedge funds and other opportunities for investing. Keith Mann is presently the CEO of DSP and thus responsible for the everyday management of the company.

Mann has been in this line of work for more than 15 years and started his career serving as Manager of the Alternative Investment Division at Dynamics Associates. In his job with Dynamics Search Partners Mann helped to recruit for worldwide financial service businesses.

 Over 15 Years of Experience Helping to Staff Companies

Mann’s experience has made him an expert in the line of hedge fund payments, as well as their staffing and hiring strategies. During the years Mann has helped to identify markets that are experiencing rapid growth, and he has also worked in the area of the private equity industry.

Mann helps his many clients by helping them to hire staffing in the areas of investments, marketing and internal strategies. He has worked with companies all over the world, including the US, Europe and Asia.

 Involved with Charities, Schools and Police Force

Mann has also helped to raise funds for various organizations like the Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn, New York, which has a goal of closing the achievement gap that affects millions of low income pupils and helps them prepare for and graduate from college. For instance, in an event at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden in 2015, he helped to raise more than $22,000 for this group to be used for student testing.

He has also given his support to the New York Police Department, as his uncle is a Staten Island detective. He has spoken out against attacks on police officers and has done things like sent the whole precinct lunch to show that support. As he said, the officer should be thanked for keeping people safe. He is concerned about rising violence and says that people should help the police instead of criticizing them.

Another group he has helped to collect monies for is the Hope and Heroes, for which he helped to raise $8,000 in 2008, and the Dynamics Search Partners also donated $10,000 to Uncommon Schools in 2013.

All in all, Mann has been instrumental in helping to recruit and fill over 2,000 customer mandates and helped these places to expand their operations and grow their brand.

Brain Foods That Help With ADD According to Daniel Amen

A staggering number of children and adults have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) in The United States in recent years. According the the CDC, 11% of children in the age range from 4 to 11 are suffering from this issues and it’s symptoms on a regular basis. What do these numbers mean to the average individual reading through an article? These statistics are in direct proportion to the growing number of fast food chains and hazardous chemicals being injected into our food.

New studies are now showing that elevated levels of unhealthy fats in a persons diet can lead to developmental problems in areas of the brain. These areas are linked to cognitive skills such as attention control, impulse control, mental focus and clarity. In short, obesity in conjunction with bad diet choices are leading to issues such as ADD and depression at more rapid rates than before. The rate of ADD diagnosis has gone up a whopping 3% every year from 1996 to 2006 and averaged at 5% from 2003 to 2011.Food Choices

Dr. Daniel Amen wants to tackle these issues head on and give us practical solutions to the problems plaguing our lives today.  Whole foods, fresh fruits, organic vegetables and lean meats need to be at the top of our menu. These brain healthy food choices will give us the nutritional framework in which to build our mind back up again!


The brain is 80% water and needs to frequently be re-hydrated in order to perform optimally and efficiently. As a rule of thumb, divide your current body weight by 2 and try to consume that much water on a daily basis. We know, it’s hard! 

Healthy Fats

The matter that makes up the brain is upwards of 60% fat and needs an abundance of healthy minerals in which to grow. Healthy fats from organic nuts, olive oil, coconut oil, and almonds will give you the building blocks in which to create an empowered mind!

Lean Meats

Lean meat contains the protein that our body needs to repair itself. When we give it healthy protein, it’s like sending medics onto the battlefield!

You can read more by Daniel Amen on the Huffington Post or check out one of his many bestselling books.

FreedomPop Is A Great Way To Save

I live on my cell phone, and I also have a tablet, a laptop, and a smart TV. I need the internet in my home constantly, because I’m always on one mobile device or another. It got worse when I purchased a smart TV, because then I wanted to stream movies through my TV, so I could watch them when I got home from work. I am very tech savvy, and I had joined a company that was supposed to give me unlimited internet. Things changed over time, and unlimited internet became only a few hundred gigabytes a month.

I figured that I could live within the means of my limitations, and even with my excessive internet use, I never went over my limit. My problem was, my bill was still pretty high for the internet, and each month the price changed. I never got the same price for any two months, even though I was with the company for one year. I was not very happy about the price changes, and I never could get a straight answer, as to why the price kept fluctuating. I decided it was time for a change, after my contract was up. My company did beg me to stay though.

Even though my company said they would give me different deals, none of them compared to what I found at my new internet company, FreedomPop. I absolutely love FreedomPop, because they have lowered my internet bill significantly, and I’m able to enjoy internet at home, as well as while I’m on the road with their Photon mobile hotspot. FreedomPop offered several different hotspots that I could take with me, so I would have Wi-Fi to use on my mobile devices.

I can even allow others that are on the road with me, to connect to my hotspot, so we all can share the internet. I chose to switch my phone over to FreedomPop as well, in order to save even more money. I save so much money now, I’ve put the difference in a savings account, and it’s really stacking up over time. I can’t explain everything that FreedomPop has done for me, but I can definitely say that I’ve saved a lot of money.