Equities First Gets The Best Review In The French Tribune

The French Tribune is a place where companies are reviewed every day, and Equities First Holdings has been given a very good review by this company. They have shown that this company is working hard to give all European customers better service, and they are proving time and again that they offer the best loans for anyone who really needs them. This is all part of what the people can do when they go to the Equities First offices, and they get that nice service that only this company can offer.

They have pockets like a big company, but they offer loans that would help everyone from someone who needs cash flow to a small company. This company knows that their stock based loans are very unique, and they hope to help people be sure that they can have more financial options when they take out these loans through them.


Equities First Holdings – Offering Alternative Financing Solutions to Individuals and Businesses

Equities First Holdings is one of the well-known companies in the world of alternative finance and has footprint globally with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia. The company understands the finance needs of the small to medium sized business that are aspirational and wish to grow at a consistent rate. Availability of liquidity in the business is essential to ensure that various business activities and expansion measures can be implemented without any hassles, and it is where the non-purpose loans offered by Equities First Holdings come into the picture.

Equities First Holdings offers loans against the stocks that are traded in various global markets. It offers the small to medium sized businesses to keep their investments while getting the cash they need for the business. The company also offers non-purpose loans to the high net worth individuals. Equities First Holdings has offices in three major cities of Australia, namely in Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney. However, the company recently shifted its Melbourne office to a much better and central district of the city, which would make the office more accessible. The company hopes that moving to a bigger and better office would be of great help for the employees as well as the customers, and would also help in running efficiently and adding revenue to the company. Click here to know more.

Getting conventional loans can be hectic as the process is long and tiring, and there is endless paperwork needed. However, Equities First Holdings offers loans with flexible terms and easy processing. It makes it easier for the individuals as well as the businesses to get the loan they need with ease much quickly. Alternative financing solutions have become a reliable tool for the businesses these days as it helps with fuelling the business with liquidity as and when they need it without hassles.


How To Succeed Financially After Brexit

A lot of people are concerned about the sudden exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union. The ongoing trend for globalization which is currently popular was rudely interrupted by the British voters. Many, particularly in Europe, but also elsewhere, are wondering how to financially succeed given this traumatic event.

Thankfully, we have advice from some of the best investors in the world to guide us. U.S. Billionaire Warren Buffett summarized his life philosophy as avoiding what others crave, and craving what others avoid. While other investors are looking warily at Britain, a shrewd thinker would realize that this event is temporary, and the excellent UK economy is likely to rebound. Now, while markets are hurt, is a time to consider investing in the UK. Buying low and selling high may be common sense, but it is often neglected by those who are greedy to follow the crowds. When a quality market is depressed, that is when the smartest pile in. Many people like to buy when markets are soaring, but this puts you at a disadvantage. The only direction markets can go after a jump is down.

Buffett’s mantra, craving what others avoid, can be applied simply. Make a list of the fears that other people have, particularly those who are in your field, as these are your competitors. General fears common to most individuals are: public speaking, death, risk, uncertainty, loss, ugly, dirty, minorities, failure, commitment, innovations, change, religion, etc. Pick a few of these fears from this list (or make your own). Practice them in your investment behavior. As an example, consider China’s huge push into Africa. While Westerners shy away from pouring money into what they perceive as dark, dingy, and undeveloped territory, China is making millions from investing in the valuable natural resources that Africa provides. You too can apply the simple method of pursuing what others avoid to make large profit margins.

The reverse is also true. What are your competitors greedily pursuing? Common things that most people greedily pursue include: easy, gain, profit, safety, familiar, group, practical, white race, beauty, debt, etc. Be cautious about pursuing those variables, because there will be a lot of competition for things associated with what is popular. A lot competition means a high entry price, which saps into your margin.

Equities First Holdings is a premium London based capital lending firm. We offer quality advice to quality investors. Do not expect cheap stuff from us.

Equities First Holdings prides itself in delivering what clients need when they need it. If you want to learn more about us, be sure to check out our LinkedIn page. We can answer any questions or concerns that you have in person as well.