Skincare 101: Makari De Suisse

The skin is the body’s largest organ. Any and everything that’s put onto the skin is absorbed into the body. If your skin products have dangerous ingredients then you’re providing your body these exact chemicals. Did you know that many of the top, high profile skincare brands use these dangerous chemicals? These very products may give you the results you seek, but to what expense of your health are you willing to go? People color make up a huge percentage of skincare’s profit margins. Many individuals just aren’t happy with their skin complexion in-general. There are products on the market that can be used to brighten complexions, but wouldn’t you rather use something much more safer to achieve the results?

Makari De Suisse or Makari is a luxurious line of skincare and skin brightening products. From it’s genesis of only seven products, Makari has grown into one of the leaders in the field and currently hosts up to 60 different products to date. though the company/brand has numerous skincare, make-up, haircare, and fragrance items; itspecializes in skin lightening. One of it’sbest known ingredients is carrot oilbecause this oil delivers and has a long resume of results. Makari has numerous products that feature this innovative, yet traditional ingredient such as:

Extreme Carrot & Argon Soap
Extreme Carrot Gel
Carrot & Argon Cream
Extreme Carrot Skin Kit
Extreme Serum with Carror Oil
And many more

Men and women alike can use the products for a more natural and safer approach to skincare. Many people of color tend to suffer from the embarrassment of stretch marks, dark circles under the eye, and even dark marks, which tend to show prominently depending on the hue. Makari nourishes the body with healthy ingredients, which in terms rid the blemishes.

It’s as easy as that. Makari has people of color in mind and is delivering the best products now days. Either settle for harsh chemicals and their side effects or choose natural ingredients with no side effects.

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