Mexican Girl Reunited With Family After a Case of Mistaken Identity.

A Recent video has been released showing an angry and frightened young girl being forcibly removed from her middle school in Guanajuato Mexico on April 16th. The young girl was the victim of mistaken identity. It began eight years ago when Dortea Garcia’s daughter was taken to Mexico by her father and never returned.

Ms. Garcia has been searching for her daughter for the whole eight years when she saw a picture of Alondra Luna Nunez on Facebook. The girl looked very much like an age progression photo she had done. She contacted the US authorities. The case was sent to Judge Cinthia Mercado who sided with Garcia despite testimony and a birth certificate from the child’s parents. An order was issued to bring the girl to the US.Click here for full story.

Luna was brought to the US by force all the while screaming that Ms. Garcia was not her mother. She managed to get a video on YouTube telling her parents she was well and where she was according to sources from AnastasiaDate at Amazon. The Mexican Consulate demanded that a DNA test be done. The test proved Luna was not the daughter of Ms. Garcia. Luna has been reunited with her very happy parents. Questions remain about what happened, and why the child was brought to the US without any testing.