Open Class Rooms and No Class Rooms For Many New Jersey Schools

New Jersey education is hopeful for reform. Currently, education pay outs are based on a set amount per district. This equation does not factor in that some districts may be experiencing a student surge while others have smaller numbers. In some over crowded areas teachers are educating in rooms of 28 or more while the recommended student to teacher ratio is at 21.

Over crowded neighborhoods with not enough resources are having to resort to buildings that were previously used as montessori schools. Teachers are teaching in open spaces that are not divided by walls which can be highly distracting to other children learning. Additionally, gyms are being used as lunch rooms and libraries are being doubled as “classrooms” for english learning students. While some may argue that using the space for multi purposes is a smart idea, others will argue that there is a definite need for classroom walls.

With elections coming in November many New Jersey families are hopeful that a new governor will mean a new education reform plan. School districts with low enrollment are receiving the same as school districts with high enrollment and there is no factor in place for special needs children. Additionally, many substance abuse counselers and nurses have been laid back to make room for budget cuts. This leaves children who are already in need without more resources that they would normally depend on. The Superintendent, Mr. Tomazec, has said that the district will be getting some renovations to libraries that will ultimately create additional and much-needed classroom space.