New Jersey Leads County in One Dubious Distinction

The Garden State is located in the center of all the action. A few miles to the west you have all that is New York City, to the south Atlantic City, and to the west the beauty of historic Philadelphia. This is part of the reason millions flock to Mew Jersey to start a family. The trouble for these residents is that exploding property taxes and one of the highest cost of living rates in the country is causing many to lose that dream of owning a home in the state. New Jersey leads the country in foreclosures, and this is in contrast to the rest of the country seeing a decrease across the board.


The Woes of New Jersey

Part of the reason the foreclosure rate is exploding in New Jersey is people can not afford to live in the state any longer. It isn’t all to blame on property axes, there are other factors in play that have ballooned the foreclosure rate in New Jersey. Manufacturing jobs leaving the state, toll roads increasing fees annually, some of the highest auto insurance rates in the country, and cost of living among the highest, all contribute to a family being unable to make payments on their homes any longer. The national average rate for foreclosure is currently at .006, but according to RealtyTrac, New Jersey is tops at .16 and growing. Although New Jersey did see a 7% drop in foreclosure rates in the last year, the national average dropped by more than double that at 17% last year.


The Numbers Don’t Lie

Take a closer look at the foreclosure problem and the numbers are concerning, with over 5,900 foreclosures just last month. That equates to one foreclosure in every 598 homes in New Jersey. Of all the counties in New Jersey, Salem County had the highest rate of foreclosure in the country. A whopping .35, which equals one foreclosure in every 287 homes. According to the data, Trenton and Atlantic City had the biggest foreclosure rates with populations of more than 200,000 residents. Currently there is no legislation on the books to further help New Jersey residents to keep their homes.


The foreclosure numbers for New Jersey only reflect the actual houses that are currently listed in the court system for foreclosed properties. This does not account for the growing number of houses in default or the pre-forclosure process.


Tarallucci e Vino In NYC

Recently, a list of restaurants has been published on as part of their city guide. Two restaurants should be known for being among the best: Charlie Bird and The Spotted Pig. Both feature a great atmosphere – the distinguishing mark between Charlie Bird and The Spotted Pig is that Charlie Bird is more of an Italian restaurant while The Spotted Pig is a New York Restaurant with some of the best french fries and brunch. It’s one of the more popular restaurants in the city, especially with the eclectic West End crowd that it attracts. Charlie Bird has plenty of great pasta dishes which you can try for both lunch and dinner – such as Tagliatelle, or Farro Salad.

Taralluci e Vino is a private event space in NYC. Because it’s a private space, the chefs on staff will have the opportunity to create traditionally-inspired Italian fare at the request of the patrons. This approach is designed to be perfect for any occasion that you might be interested in. The idea is that this space is easily transformed for the needs of any type of event – Birthday Party, Business Meeting, Wedding Reception, or anything else you can conceive. This is the perfect opportunity for you to get together with other people that you know and have a great time.

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Whatever your needs are, Taralucci e Vino is one of the best places to eat or host an event in NYC. It’s got plenty of room for your events, no matter how large or small they are. They even sell picnic boxes if you would like to have your own outdoor picnic with their food. These picnic baskets are delicious and healthy – salami, honey, nuts, focaccia, cheese, fruit, and dessert. People love the delicious focaccia bread which is used to make the sandwiches that comes with the picnic basket. They even host cocktails which means that you’re able to experience some of the best that NYC has to offer.

Finding a Great Attorney in NY

There are so many different types of attorneys in NY. Hiring an attorney can seem like a daunting experience especially if a person’s freedom is on the line. It can be quite scary to be put in a position where finding a good attorney can save a person from facing jail time or losing a large sum of money.

For the majority of people who have managed to stay out of legal trouble for most of their lives, finding and hiring an attorney can seem like finding a needle in a haystack, especially in a state as populated as NY. The first step to finding an attorney would be to network with people, say friends, that have actually had experiences where an attorney was required. Word of mouth and personal recommendations oftentimes are the best way to find a good and affordable attorney.

The next way to find an attorney in NY would be to do a quick and simple internet search from a phone or computer. By reading the online reviews about an attorney it is possible to get an idea of what accomplishments and acknowledgments they have received in the community, as well as client’s feedback on their representation.

Take attorney Ross Abelow for example. Doing a simple internet search for NY attorneys will show that he is a highly sought after lawyer who practices in the realm of divorce and entertainment law. Combing through his information, one can see that Ross Abelow is highly acclaimed and works at a top-notch law firm in NY. There are several magazine articles about this attorney that give potential clients a great insight to who he is and how he operates.

Ross Abelow is such a successful attorney that he is often called on to give advice to new lawyers just starting out. Finding work as a new attorney in NY is a dog-eat-dog experience and Ross offers tips for those just getting started. He offers great advice on what law firms are looking for when interviewing new candidates. The competition in the job market in New York is always an obstacle and it seems this applies to attorneys as well.

There are so many attorneys in NY that researching and networking provide a way to weed out the best for individual circumstances. For those looking for a high-end law firm to represent their needs, all one has to do is look for the most widely acclaimed attorneys in that particular area of law. Most firms have attorneys representing most every branch of law.

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