Dallas Bank Represented At Texas Bankers Meeting

The Texas Bankers Association hosted their fifth annual Strategic Opportunities and Mergers and Acquisitions Conference at the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. One of the financial institutions represented at the event was Dallas based financial institution, Nexbank. The ambassador to the event of Nexbank was chief executive officer and board president, John Holt.


Mr. Holt of Nexbank, was a key speaker at the panel called Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation at the Texas Bankers Association conference. The Strategic Opportunities and Mergers and Acquisitions Conference was held on November 7th and included many representatives from Texas’ financial institutions, both big and small like Nexbank. This conference is a major venue for Texas based bankers to come together and discuss banking trends, strategies and issues facing them today.


A Closer Look At Dallas Bank, Nexbank


Nexbank is a Dallas based Bank, that was originally created in 1922. The bank continues to serve primarily the North Texas region where it is based in. Nexbank’s main office is located at 2515 McKinney Avenue, Suite #1100 Dallas, Texas 75201. This is in the heart of Dallas.


Nexbank offers mortgage banking and lending for both residential and commercial purposes. This means that the bank will loan out money to people who are looking to buy homes as well as businessmen who are looking to buy factories or warehouse space for their business. Investment banking is another service offered by Nexbank. The investment banking services offered by Nexbank include aiding through mergers and acquisitions, helping firms raise capital through the issuance and selling of stock and corporate restructuring.


Regular online banking services is also offered by Nexbank. You can open up a checking account with Nexbank. Savings accounts such as certificates of deposit are also available through Nexbank. The bank is well known for its above average returns on CDs when compared to typical market rate returns on CDs right now