Where fore art thou, Hillary….the press lacks drama.

Hillary is dodging questions, so says the press. The truth is that Hillary has fielded hundreds of questions at multiple roundtables and conversations that are geared toward engaging voters. The press has their feelings hurt because Hillary will not engage their dramatics. The press is no longer an impartial judge. This has occurred in two ways. The first way is their penchant for allowing talking heads to simply say anything without any scrutiny from the press. Their second problem is that their lack of scrutiny causes them to take any piece of information no matter how fallible and report it as if it is truthful news.

This is not a problem for a political organization like Fox News, but other outlets that people expect to represent facts and not opinion are suffering from low ratings as a result of their reluctance to report with due diligence. This dereliction of duty is an extreme disservice to the thinking public. Because of this, the public has no loyalty invested in these entertainment news sources. This transgression also means that Hillary does not need to engage them to get her message out at the dismay of “news people”. However, according to the polls, she obviously does not have to.

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