Avaaz Provides a Platform For Average Citizen to Fight Back Against the Powerful

We live in an era where large international corporations with enormous amount of money and vast political power are running rough shod over the rights of average people across the globe and more information click here.

So often, these corporate entities are up to no good – destroying the environment, fostering wars to make profits, and leaving millions of people behind to lead lives of low wages and poverty and Avaaz’s lacrosse camp.

But can the “average citizen” do anything to fight back? The answer is clearly “Yes!” thanks to organizations such as Avaaz, an innovative, Internet-based group that has developed a way to empower people in multiple countries across the planet.

Avvaz is among the world’s largest and most successful social advocacy groups. It was founded in 2007 by a partnership between Res Publica and Moveon.org, along with leading entrepreneurs from six countries. Another early key founder of Avaaz was the Service Employees International Union.

Avaaz uses the Internet as a central organizing platform which anyone can join to immediately start participating in a cause of their choice. One can choose to fight climate change, deal with issues of poverty or make their voice heard on political issues. People can also fight back against the power-grabbing moves of major corporations as they seek to gain more control over world resources for their own selfish benefit and follow its Twitter.

Avaaz is a grassroots organization that raises money only by accepting small donations from tens of thousands of concerned citizens. The average contribution to Avaaz is just $35, yet the organization has been able to raise millions of dollars to fight back against gigantic, money-rich interests. Avaaz accepts no donation larger than $5,000 and learn more about Avaaz.

The name Avaaz means “voice” or “song” in a variety of world languages, and appropriate name since it is giving voice to millions of people who otherwise might never be heard and https://www.avaaz.org/en/media.php.

Tips on How to Target Your SEO Keywords in a Precise Manner as Provided by White Shark Media

In any SEO strategy and search engine marketing campaign, keywords are quite imperative. Their use varies from classifying a business, dictating the content of a website to ensuring that the intended audience is reached. Today, the use of keywords has changed. With this change in mind, it is important to know how to use them in the right way. This is because search engines only present the best results.
Although keyword staffing is commonly used, it is no longer the effective method. It can trick search engines. Users looking for such information end up finding information that is not valuable. Therefore, to avoid making mistakes when using the keywords, the following are best methods of doing it. To begin, you should use the keyword on the target page but with a focus on the users that will be searching your page. You can easily achieve this target without too much keyword repetition by organically positioning them for easy search.
It is good to tell the users and the search engine regarding the contents of your page. The best way to do achieve this objective is by having your keyword mentioned in the title page besides making it appear in the headline and not forgetting the Meta description. It is also important to use them in the images and repeating them twice to thrice within the content page. The other important factor to consider is how to target your SEO keywords. Targeting can be done by doing keyword research correctly, grouping the keywords into categories, and turning them into real headlines.
You can also target keywords by including synonyms and not the keywords. That is done by getting the keywords that are relevant and splitting them after the search intent. The search engines are capable of understanding the synonyms as long as the intent remains the same. The main aim of that is to focus on the search query because it is the best in solving any intent.
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Your Online Reputation Matters

Online Reputation Managers play a much bigger role than the average person might think. In fact, the fact that many people have not heard of such a title means that they are doing their jobs correctly. An Online Reputation Manager’s role is to influence a company’s or an individual’s online reputation and protect them against any possible negative reviews from unhappy customers.

When many people get bad reviews or comments, their first instinct may be to just ignore it, or hope that it goes away. Unfortunately, deleting it can invite more unsavory comments and ignoring it can do the same. Online word travels quickly and one bad review can catch on fast. Many online businesses are small and the owners can become defensive over ill words. This can be even more dangerous because responses are often more emotional than they need to be. The problem has now become two-fold and it is harder to get under control.

All businesses have to deal with anonymous and named reviews and all companies have to deal with these comments in some way or another. Smaller businesses are advised to cultivate responses across a number of review sites that way the impact of a negative review is significantly smaller. The bigger the business the harder it is to manage the online presence. This is where an Online Reputation Manager can come in handy.

Crisis Expert Darius Fisher is president of Status Labs which expertly fixes online presences and offers second chances to those who deserve them. While Darius usually assists high level clients, his advice can help people across the board. He advises to be proactive in business by building a fortress around one’s profile. Take personal information offline and change your password often. Any social media should be made private and cleaned up. The cleaning should include future maintenance where any questionable content should not be posted. Darius specializes in reserving bad media, but the best method is to stop it from happening in the first place.

There is no doubt that bad things are going to happen. A negative review will come through no matter how hard you try to please everyone and no matter the size of the business. With advice or personal assistance from people like Darius Fisher, there is always a fighting chance. Online Reputation Managers are a valuable asset to any business in today’s world. Your reputation is important and one upset person shouldn’t ruin it.