How to Get Your Child to Be Excited About Oral Health

If you live in central New Jersey and you’re a parent, probably already know how difficult it can be to make sure that your child stays healthy. One of the most important things that you need to monitor in your child’s health is their oral hygiene and overall oral health. For everyone, oral health is absolutely essential to overall health. With each passing year, researchers and health specialists find more reasons why taking care of your teeth and gums is essential to things like cardiovascular health and even brain health.


How to help your child improve their oral health


As, you know, it’s difficult to get your child excited about taking care of their teeth. It can be a struggle each and every night to get your child to brush their teeth, and many kids are completely against flossing. But there are things you can do at home to help your child get more excited about taking care of their oral health.


First, having fun utensils to use when it’s time to brush their teeth at night can motivate children to get more excited about brushing. Remember that children should be brushing their teeth at night and in the morning. They should also be flossing if they have multiple teeth in a row. In other words, they should be flossing if they have at least two teeth that touch. Getting them a fun toothbrush and floss and a tasty toothpaste can help make this experience more exciting.


Likewise, you can also play games with your child to make brushing more fun. Sing a song so that you know when brushing can be finished. You might even keep a calendar in the bathroom and give your child a sticker for every day that they brush and floss two times.


Depending on how old your child is, it may be time to take them to the dentist as well. As a general rule, it’s a good idea to take your child to the dentist as soon as you see their first tooth pop up. As a final note, make sure that you choose a dentist that is good with kids so that your child isn’t afraid of the dentist the first time they go.