A Bloodline Separated: South Korean Orphans Reunite After Forty Years

Family is everything, so one could imagine that being robbed of that important foundation undoubtedly has detrimental side effects. However, some tragic stories have more than happy endings; sisters separated as children in Pusan, South Korea who reunited surprisingly four decades later define that very ending to a story.

In the 1970’s, half sisters, Meagan Hughes and Holly Hoyle O’Brien, were taken away from their addict father and placed in a South Korean orphanage until they were later adopted to separate couples in separate portions of the United States. Though they had fortunate childhoods after their adoptions, surely they longed for blood family.

Upon completing school for a nursing degree, Hughes began working at a Florida hospital on the fourth floor. Four months later, the staff welcomed a new member, named Holly O’Brien. Due to their heritage and similar personalities, the women quickly became friends. Something was far too special, though, and the intelligent women began drawing conclusions.

The similarities of their upbringings could no longer be ignored, so the pair began conducting their own research. When the truth finally surfaced and the two realized that they are, in fact, sisters, they were finally able to revel in that family, blood bond that they had been deprived of for too long.

Stories like these are too perfect to believe, but Hughes and O’Brien are living proof that what is meant to be will always find its way. Once the goosebumps and tears subside, consider reading more about stories such as these–they happen fairly frequently!