Recent News on Parenting Trends in Central New Jersey

New Jersey is the top State in America with the highest number of millennial aged18 to 24 still living at home with their parents. The figure stands at 47 % of all the young adults in the state as at 2015. Only a third of this group could comfortably live independently of their relatives whereas the majority would prefer to live with their parents than their spouses.

Reasons given

So many explanations have been given explaining this trend, the leading one being that young people marry late in their lives due to their pursuit of a university degree. Census data reveals that New Jersey dragged behind in wage growth, a strong indication as to the cause of the highest number of millennial preferring to stay at home. With unemployment rates according to the Bureau of Statistics in the country standing at 4.8 %, the figure in New Jersey stood at 5 %. The data suggest more youth will opt to stay at home due to harsh economic conditions. Most of the recent college graduates are strapped with debts, the average debt load as at 2014 for a single graduate standing at $28,000. The data is a generation of the Institute for College Access and Success.

Gender divides at work places

The gender imbalance at work places played a crucial role in exacerbating this situation of parenting in states like New Jersey. Pew Research Center showed that women are more likely to live with a spouse or a partner. More senior citizens were found to live alone since their relatives had passed away or had moved to nursing homes. Counties that joined the list as having the most dependent millennial included Hunterdon, Passaic and Sussex, each standing at 55 %. The situation would not be very encouraging, in the economic sense, since most of them will not have the capability of buying homes and starting new families.

Parenting Trends Of 2017

Trends are always changing, and parenting trends are no exception. More people will have wood-themed nurseries. Gender neutral nurseries are also growing in popularity. Family dinners will also make a comeback. However, because many families do not have a lot of time to prepare meals, more people will be opting to use instant pots. These pots are designed to speed up cooking time by anywhere from two to 10 minutes.


More parents are also getting educated about the dangers of sugar consumption. Many researchers have stated that this current generation may have a shorter lifespan than their parents. This is due to factors such as poor diet and sedentary living.


Cutting out the sugar is one of the things that parents and children can do to make themselves healthier. Sugar is linked to obesity, diabetes as well as many other chronic health conditions. It can be hard to eliminate sugar because it is hidden in many foods, such as deli meat, sauces and dressing. That is why it is important for parents to read the food labels before buying anything.


Many kids today are spending too much time in front of the screen. Schools are also overscheduling children. However, old-fashioned play will likely make a comeback this year. Many experts believe that playing is children’s most important job. It helps children develop problem-solving and self-regulating skills. There are many indoor and outdoor activities that children can enjoy.


Furthermore, names that start with a L will likely be popular this year. This includes names like Liam, Lucas and Luna.