Greg Secker — Financial Innovator

Greg Secker is a finance master on the frontier of technology. His goods are nothing short of radical, disruptive, earth shattering, and life changing. How many professional traders may claim to have devised the very first online trading platform?

Greg Secker devised SmartCharts and Capital Index. It’s amazing because of its usefulness for both beginner and seasoned traders alike. It reveals Greg’s devotion to innovation in trading technologies. SmartCharts presents dealers using elevated levels of performance and ease. Simply point and click and you’re going to get the day’s real-time quotes of stocks that you choose. User friendliness such as this was hidden in the marketplace until Greg devised it. He frequently describes the program when students are participating in his Learn to Trade program. New traders find it rather helpful. Throughout Greg’s lifetime, SmartCharts has garnered a lot of recognition and admiration. Just as traders can retrieves quotations for your trading day, they can subsequently place a transaction. The full procedure is put in the broker’s hands using a little click. This high degree of accessibility to information is the thing that enables traders to attain their aim of financial freedom. Greg Secker has attained a fantastic thing for humankind by inventing this unique platform.

Greg Secker is your famed creator of Learn to Trade. Through this base, he’s educated thousands of people throughout the world. He discusses at symposiums and massive ceremonious occasions. In 2015 he won the illustrious award Best Forex Trader Training. So much fame is evidence of the man’s effectiveness. While talking, Greg Secker concentrates on the easy facets of trading first of all. He teaches individuals how to change their own lives and enable themselves through fiscal freedom. In the United Kingdom and around Europe, he’s come to be called the ideal dealer – he has the best all-around qualities. Since he truly cares about the men and women who take out time to attend his occasions, Greg was given number 17 among the record of Philanthropic 30 Most Caring businesses in the United Kingdom. Surely, Greg Secker will be remembered as one of the greatest financiers of all time.

Mark McKenna, Entrepreneurial Doctor

Dr. Mark McKenna is a doctor licensed in surgery and medicine of medical examiners. He’s a dedicated community servant and a patient that is fervent advocate. Dr. McKenna graduated from the illustrious Tulane University Medical School. After finishing his medical school, he started to practice medicine while launching McKenna Venture Investments. Through the years, McKenna achieved the great feat of purchasing Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc. His portfolio grew to include real estate and other entrepreneurial projects.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina ripped through New Orleans. Many of McKenna’s business pursuits were deterred. Times were difficult for everyone. He prevailed by participating in the mass rebuilding effort after the storm. In November of 2007 McKenna relocated to Atlanta, GA and Launched ShapeMed, which was sold to Life Time Fitness Inc. in 2014.

Dr. McKenna is a dedicated community servant and a patient advocate of health. He began to practice medicine with his dad while simultaneously establishing a real estate development firm. The firm grew to over 50 employees and offered real estate closing services, financing, and turnkey designing. His tenacity shows by the development of his portfolio throughout his amazing career. His excellent entrepreneurial spirit knows no bounds.

In July 2017 Dr. McKenna proudly founded OVME a customer-centric, technology based, medical cosmetic firm that is reinventing elective health care. He remains the CEO today. Dr. McKenna is wed to Gianine McKenna and their daughter’s name is Milana Elle. He has previously served as a board member of the New Orleans Jazz Festival and the New Orleans Industrial Development Board.

His inspiration for OVME originated in his many years spent in the medical field. His clinic climbed to be one of the largest in the America and he ultimately sold it to a publicly traded business. By all accounts, Dr. McKenna is a regular guy. He rises at 630, preps his daughter for school, his wife wakes and makes breakfast, and the family eats together. He showers around 8am and heads to work. When he gets home to end his day, he has dinner with his family and enjoys their company.

Betsy DeVos Contributes to Better Education Systems amidst the United States Presidential Elections

For years, Betsy DeVos has been the lead campaigner of quality education systems in the United States of America. Through her family foundation, she has capitalized on developing an education system that features what would be termed as the American dream. Betsy has been a significant participant in programs like the ED, in the department of United States.

ED Program

The mission of ED is to promote student achievement by enhancing preparation for incubating educational excellence. The program focuses on providing equal access to education to all students. It was created in 1980 through the combination of various federal offices. ED has an employee base of 4, 400 having been constructed at a budget of $68 billion. The program’s mission cannot be ignored. Its core objective is to:

  • Generate policies based on federal financial help for education programs. Additionally, it distributes the funds to schools and monitors their use to ensure proper distribution and utilization.
  • Data collection and distribution on research
  • Promoting the concentration of national attention over important educational issues
  • Prohibiting discrimination by promoting equal access to resources to education

Betsy’s relentless commitment to bettering the education system in America saw her appointed the secretary for education in 2017. Since then, students, teachers, and administrators have been elated about the future of education. With her prowess in developing successful programs tailored in advancing education, the juniors and seniors of GBHS were excited because unlike their standard programs, Betsy’s reign was geared towards providing comfort and success. DeVos is aiming to offer education grants to families who have the dream of sending their children to private schools. For most of the low-income earners, the best option for education has been Christian schools. Read more on


Beyond the millions Betsy Devos has contributed in politics, her significant contribution has been to charity organizations. The organization that she co-founded in 1989 has massively dished out millions towards charity. Most of her contributions to charity and Christianity significantly explain her intentions in the chair she currently holds. In 2015, she doled out over $10 million to charity organizations. She additionally pledged $ 3.2 million in the same year of which she oversaw her contribution made by the end of 2015. In 2016, Betsy contributed $ 400,000 towards a loudspeaker media company through her family foundation. The movement was to support the CCN reporter Campbell Brown in launching her education platform. Brown Campbell praised Betsy for her continued support towards education. In 2015, Betsy contributed $ 150, 000 towards Success Charter Schools. She also pledged an additional $ 150, 000 to be approved within the year. Eva Moskowitz founded the group of schools. She was among the nominees for secretary of education post in Trump’s cabinet.

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Philanthropy Is a Big Deal For Betsy DeVos

My research into the life and career of Betsy DeVos threw up a number of aspects of this Michigan based philanthropist and education reformer I was unaware of. Born in Holland, Michigan Betsy made her way to Calvin College to complete her education in Business Administration and Political Science; it was impressive to read accounts from Betsy’s contemporaries of her political and community based activities remaining as important to her as a student as they appear to be to her as an adult. As Betsy DeVos has seen her public profile raised during her nomination for the position of U.S. Secretary of Education I felt it was important to discover more about the beliefs and good causes Betsy DeVos and her husband Dick have look to fund throughout their lives.

The former Chair of the Michigan Republican Party may well be known for the work she achieves in education reform, but she should also be know for the work she has completed as the co-founder of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation is one of the most impressive charitable giving groups in the U.S. and has been operating in a successful way since 1989 when the married couple founded the group in a bid to make sure the donations they made were provided for the causes and charitable groups that reflected the concerns and beliefs of the Grand rapids, Michigan based DeVos family. Betsy is well known as the head of a number of education groups, but I was unaware of her role as a board member of the Kennedy Center for the Arts based DeVos Institute for Arts Management. Although Betsy DeVos believes charitable giving is an important aspect of her life and work, it appears to me she also believes a major change can be made to communities through high quality investments made by herself and her husband; The Windquest group was also founded in 1989 by Dick and Betsy DeVos and has specialized in investments for companies in Michigan and those business opportunities that can have an effect on the future of the entire world. Among the opportunities backed by Betsy DeVos through The Windquest Group are an investment in green energy and the development of a company specializing in boxed water for disaster relief.

Despite the good works Betsy DeVos has done in many different areas she will always be linked to education reform through her work as an advocate for parents playing a major role in the education of their children. Betsy DeVos sits on the board of the Advocates for School Choice and Choices for Children, among other boards and I feel displays a passion we can all share in seeking the best education options for all children to enjoy.

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The Investment Banking Industry as Seen by Martin Lustgarten

Investment banking is a very complex world. There are several terms you have to familiarize yourself with to become a successful investor. If you have extra cash and want to gain interest, then it is important to place the cash in a savings account. You may also want to consider an investment bank in this case. There are experts in the investment bank industry that have spent many years making great investments for the clients. Most of the big investment firms you find today have the highest rate of returns known in any investment.

The challenging part is in choosing an investment firm that can work with you. You can start by looking at the reputation of investment banks in the industry today. An investment bank that has been around for many yours and has no serious legal issues should be the best. You may also want to check on the fees levied by the investment firm. In many cases, the bank is going to charge a particular amount for the profits they give you. The only thing you have to ensure is to work with a bank that charges the best rates.

One of the best investors in the investment banking industry is Martin Lustgarten. He is a highly skilled and professional investment banker known in the world. His story is one of great success. Even though Martin is currently based in Florida, he has had investments in different parts of the world. He is also an international star who has had more than twenty years of experience in the investment banking industry.

One thing is true about Martin; he is a highly creative person. The level of creativity you see in his office ensures that every customer has the best outlet for their investment. The company is not very much interested in stocks. However, when a great business idea that intrigues them comes up, the company seeks these investment choices. Martin has always been wise with his investments and thus has become highly successful. Making money with investment banking may seem like a long-term short. However, it should be taken with utmost care. A company like Martin’s should have the best investment choices for you.